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Welcome Home!!

My name is Jessy Morrison. And I will be your Guide. 

My clients call me “The Body Whisperer”, but really I am a Soul “Listener” and we use your miraculously expressive Body as your GPS to do that. When the Mind and Soul are not on the same path, the Body suffers.

All we have to do is listen, and help them realize they are on the same tack, find out where communication has broken down.

It’s my mission to help you Feel At Home In Your Own Body, show you how you can do that with & without me too.

If you have been referred here by a caring friend, or found your way here, then its probably because you are suffering in something… with PAIN, with Allergies, battling Anxiety … self sabotage… depression… being too sensitive … fearful… fatigue … or something else.

“You just dont feel like yourself” but doctor’s tests say you are “normal”. 

Well its not your previous normal, but let me reframe that for you; What if all these symptoms and sensations are bringing into your attention the awareness that you are now ready to make a change, now ready to have a new way of be-ing in the world, a new way of perceiving your reality,  and are now ready to add invaluable skills to your life – your Health – Your Relationships with yourself and others, and even your finances?

You are on a journey of BE-ing. The life you were living is no longer enough, nor satisfying, you are ready for the next step but dont know what’s holding you back or even where to start.

There are no coincidenses,  you’re at the right place. Your body talks, and it has answers you’re aching to know. My program is unlike any Life Coaching programs available. I do not even consider myself a coach or a healer, although I have been called both. I am an energy communicator and together we work with bringing your energy field, vibrations, frequencies into balance, which shifts your physical being into alignment with you Authenitc Soul (as much or as little as you like).

All PAIN, all struggle, all resistance is on a metaphysical, cognative, emotional and physical level all at the same time. I call this New Awareness “Healing from Soul to Cell”. You are doing it already anyway, however you may not know it or be able to wrap your hands around it, and so feel stuck, sabotaged, out fo control, and the mind worries and frets over this exaserbating the “probem”.

Truth,if you are feeling any pain or disease, depression or anxiety, allergies and stesss, then you are really in resistance energetically, and your mind cannot figure this out for you.

Together our journey is enlightening, fun, easy, transformational, refreshing, gives you new tools, and shows you how to go directly to the root of any issue through your connection to Higher Guidance, and rapport with your unconscious mind. We teach you how to listen to your body’s cues and signals as your own personal compass or GPS “Personal Guidance System”.

WARNING! There are side effects: feeling healthier, lighter, more inspired, more energetic, smiling too much, humming to oneself, sleeping better, and plain not stressing. Ha! It’s so amusing when sometimes I get stressed thinking I should be stressed. Stress isn’t bad, it stretches us to grow, when we allow it. Let me show you how to navigate the process in ease, joy and glorious flow.

Step 1: Let your mind rest … and your BodyTalk either in person,  remotely through zoom , at a distance, or in a group setting Workshop.

Step 2: reach out you dont have to know what I do, we have to know what your presenting issue is and that determines how we help you. Each session is tailor made and designed by your body and soul!!

Aches, pains, tension, restricted breath—your body uses this language to tell you what it needs from you.

“Too many of us live counter-intuitively to our body’s physiological stress response. We hold fast to limiting or repressed emotions and beliefs that prevent us from excelling in our personal or working life. And we don’t even realize it.” says Jessy Morrison

Consider these thoughts and questions:

1) The power that made the body heals the body!

2) What if you ARE NOT a body, but you HAVE a body?

3) How much of your body’s power have you given away to societies insanities, delusions, conclusions, expectations,  judgements, and outside manipulations?

4) What if by using your BODY as your COMPASS, your an energetic communication BRIDGE between your conscious Mind and your Soul, Jessy can help you to Find, Maintain, and Optimize your Health by reconnecting YOU to Your Body’s Own Innate Awareness and Wisdom of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual balance and true wellness.

5) Shouldn’t you already be able to do this by yourself? Hardly…
That is such a good  question. The answer is “We can’t … that is like asking an electrical wall outlet to repair the main fuse box. Most of us have been taught to suppress and deny this aspect of being aware of our body and the language it uses to communicate with us. Taking pain killers, antidepressants, Tylenol is like turning on the car stereo so you don’t hear/see the engine light bell come on. It is precisely because of this patterning that it is hard to clear things by yourself. If you are not aware of it you cannot clear it, and the funny thing is what your mind says it is, it usually ain’t . The unconscious mind must be consulted and your body is the key to unlocking that secret.

Have you ever tried to give yourself a massage?  It maybe felt okay, a bit of relief …right. However, it is so much more effective, and feels so much more deeply relaxing when someone else does it. Isn’t that true? Same thing for clearing our energy, it is just simply more dynamic to work with someone else who can hold space for you to rise up.

Have you ever tried tickling yourself, it’s not the same as when someone else tickles you –  you can only be tickled when someone adds their energy awareness to the mix. So work with me and let’s clear your pain, your doubts and fears, and all that unconscious stuff holding you back. Your body is talking to you, you just need an interpreter to helo you learn its dialect again. Then you can tune in yourself more and more. It is a process.”

Intrigued? Then book in for your Initial Discovery Appointment  with the red button at the top of the page. In 90 minutes we will learn more about what your body is trying to tell you, and have a full session to begin sorting it out. Your body will tell us what you are aching to know.

Does what I am telling you making sense to you?

Do you doubt the reality of these questions?

Dubbed the Body Whisperer by Daytime and Woman to Woman TV, Jessy Morrison uses BodyTalk™, Reiki, EFT™ Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, The Bars, Soul Profiling & Karmic Clearing, QCP (Quantum Change Process), as well as other natural methods to help her clients.


Jessy body talk session on Laurie

By using your own body to design its own health care according to its own dictated priority, Jessy has helped hundreds of clients to:

  • de-stress, rejuvenate, and re-energize

  • find relief

  • look past symptoms to tackle their illness and dis-ease at its root cause
  • find alternative solutions that work with, and enhance traditional medicine

  • address emotional roadblocks to wellness, pain relief or emotional satisfaction

  • improve immune system and regenerative abilities

  • help you easily implement the successes and possibilities that teachers like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Joe Vitale, Bruce Lipton, Candice Pert, Depak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, and other quantum physicists say you can

  • Reclaim their body, refresh their mind and renew their spirit!
  • tune into Absolute BE-ing Clairty

Jessy uses BodyTalk™, Reiki, EFT™ and other energetic healing modalities to help you develop your own intuition and insight to assist you in “de-STORYing” the root cause of your issues and improve your Health.

This growing phenomena is based on a simple truth—just as your body knows instinctively how to repair a cut finger, your body has the “innate wisdom” to know what it needs to heal itself of any illness. Through BodyTalk™, I simply tap into that innate wisdom and listen while your body tells me what it needs. Then I use the many natural and non-invasive modalities available to help it back on its journey to healing.”

~Jessy Morrison

“BodyTalk™ is a scientifically proven, non-invasive approach that’s been used successfully by traditional and naturopathic doctors and practitioners around the world.

This growing phenomena is based on a simple truth—just as your body knows instinctively how to repair a cut finger, your body has the “innate wisdom” to know what it needs to heal itself of any illness. Through BodyTalk™, I simply tap into that innate wisdom and listen while your body tells me what it needs. Then I use the many natural and non-invasive modalities available to help it back on its journey to healing.”

~Jessy Morrison

Opening Barrie, Ontario’s first BodyTalk™ and Reiki Clinic was the realization of a life-time dream for me. Closing the clinic and moving into my home practice was a huge wake up call. Why was I trying to create a corporate atmosphere for what I do? In order for me to hold space for clients I need to be in balance. Now I take time to walk my talk again, going skating or swimming at lunch hour,  walking 5 K with my kids every other day, enjoying my 92 year old Mum’s company, and working on myself are again my priorities. Even a healer needs a wake up call to go to the next level and follow their truth. We are all “a work in progress. And our progress is determined by listen to our body talk. When we don’t take time to listen we forget our selves”!

“Your body is not just a collection of physical and chemical events. Like all living systems it is a unified collection of energy fields.

When we positively take action to alter the quality of those fields, we can change the way your body functions for ill of good.”


Jessy door welcomeAre you looking for an alternative health care system that respects and operates in cooperation with your body’s priorities and needs, and has the power to transform your health? Then Jessy’s BodyTalk is for you!

Are you someone who knows that being pro-active with your own health care is not just a good idea but a necessity, then Jessy is the practitioner you have been looking for.

Are you currently having health challenges? Have you tried everything else out there, and it’s not working? You are not broken! Jessy will open doors to a new understanding of how your body wants to function and open an energetic dialogue that helps you & your body begin to perform in optimal health.

Are you are presently healthy and determined to stay that way? Working with your body will improve your effectiveness in looking after your own well-being, optimizing your health relationships and more.

Are you a sensitive soul? Highly intuitive and know there is more out there? Do you want to find out what has been missing in your life, and bring it in, align with it?

Are you a Coach, a Leader, an Activist, a Teacher, a Healer, a “Change Maker”, a Caregiver, a Nurse? This is what you have been looking for to take you to the next level.

Are you a Warrior, Soldier, Police Officer, an Enforcer feeling burned out, exhausted or disillusioned. Come here and find peace, balance and recharge!

Are you a misfit? Are you sure, or is that just a label someone gave you because you didn’t conform, and your spirit speaks loudly? Lets find out who you truly BE when your Mind – Body – & Soul speak as one: in harmony and in a way others hearts and resonance can hear /see/feel your truth.

Are you the kind of person who is excited about breaking through old patterns so you can feel and function better? Then you will find this not only intriguing but extremely satisfying. Book your 90 minute Initial Discovery Session here.

energy cannot be destroyed

Your body is a miracle! Never doubt that. It may not feel like it right now, but that is temporary, that is just a thought …an idea/a story you are engaged in, and thoughts can be changed.

Have you ever noticed that when you cut a finger or twist your ankle, (or grow a baby), your body automatically does what it needs to do to begin the healing process.

This automatic self-healing is part of your body’s natural intelligence. It is your body’s “innate wisdom”. Jessy’s healings strongly endorse the principle that your body is capable of healing itself at all levels. And she empowers you to know how!

The fascinating thing is you don’t have to know what modality to sign up for, there is only The Initial intake if we have not yet ever met, or the BodyTalk followup. Two choices…real easy. Your body decides the rest!

Did you know Your Body and all its cells are psychic! You read Jessy and with your psychic awareness and her talent combine this into a healing for you, at your own pace, and build a new perfect blueprint and neurology to sustain it. You are a miracle.

key treasure map

“As a BodyTalk practitioner I tap into that innate wisdom and let your body tell me what it needs to begin its own healing process.

Using the Body Talk Protocol as a GPS or map I help you navigate the root cause of the disease , stress, injury, or poor health. Then I help your body fast-track its path to repair, re-energize and recover.

This truly is Health Care designed by your body!” ~ Jessy Morrison


How can we recover our health and well-being?

Pharmaceutical would have us believe that we need one pill for every single symptom.

Not so! When the body heals anything it heals everything. Your body does not say I will cure your high blood pressure but leave you with diabetes.

Your body nurtures, nourishes, hydrates , oxygenates, regenerates, energizes and repairs 50 Trillion cells on a daily basis. It probably does a lot more but science hasn’t figured it all out yet.

listen to your body

Energy and Consciousness Healing works within your energy field to help to re-establish efficient communication and de-stress any energetic circuits within the body & mind quickly, gently and effectively. Very much like checking to see which fuses or breaker panels have blown in your home, this beautiful and miraculous “body” that houses your soul.

Once restored, this healed communication allows your body to very quickly recover and catch up in the healing process. This is witnessed in how quickly many symptoms disappear, function returns, thoughts can focus, head is clear and mood elevates even after just one session. Of course the more sessions you have the more results you feel, because each session is cumulative and builds on the last, so more issues resolve themselves.

Jessy utilizes and teaches you to use a form of neuromuscular biofeedback, by which we ask your body “yes-or-no” questions and receive responses/answers directly. Jessy relies on the guidance of your body’s innate wisdom to locate the weakened or broken lines of communication and ascertain how to re-connect them. Then, your body initiates the proper order in which the contact and transmission is being restored. Your body is infinitely wise, it knows what it needs to heal, and you learn to respond in kind as you develop this intuitive dialogue within.

Your body never wants to hurt or betray you, its prime directive is to ensure you succeed in your purpose and legacy. Unfortunately PAIN is the language it uses to get your attention, when you are not giving sufficient awareness. PAIN itself is not the disease, nor is PAIN the real problem. Pain means Pay Attention Inwards Now! Pain and illness go away when we address the true cause of the symptom.

Does this sound interesting? to me it is fascinating! Every day I feel like Nancy Drew unraveling mysteries and I am so lucky to witness miracles daily! Allow me to help you uncover your mystery and discover what a miracle you truly are. You will never take your body for granted again.

If you are the kind of person who is excited about breaking through old patterns and feeling and functioning better then you will find this intriguing and extremely satisfying. Book your 90 minute Initial Discovery Consultation here

You’ll be glad you did, and you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, without a lot of old baggage, and with new energetic hygiene tools to manage life anew.

Find out more about our Services:

In-office and remote sessions available for:



Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Access Consciousness, The Bars

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Soul Genesis™ Soul Journey Profiles and Karmic Clearings

and more…

compass -in hand


ALL SESSIONS are custom coordinated for you by Jessy, working WITH your unconscious mind allowing your miraculous body to be your GPS.

Each and every session is tailor made according to the priorities established by your body to resolve the issue you are struggling with at that moment. Your body knows how to heal you, it just hasn’t been given the time nor tools yet.

Jessy has the tools to hold the energic space to lift you into the vibration of health and wholeness. Refreshing your mind, Reclaiming your body, and Renewing your spirit bringing you to Complete BE-ing Clarity. 

This truly is Health Care Designed by your body as the GPS for your Soul. That’s why it works so quickly and permanently.  Book Your Initial Discovery session today. You can relieve yourself of PAIN, Allergies, Anxiety, Depression…. all symptoms are telling you where you are incongruent with your own truth, your body and soul never lie. End the cycle of dis-ease here.

Training’s & workshops for:

  • Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, 2 Advanced and Reiki Level 3 Mastery
  • Are you Mindful or Mindful?
  • Dare to be YOU! Eliminate the labels that bind you, and set yourself free.
  • Navigate the Secret GPS of your Body. (Your BodyTalks ~Answers you’re Aching to know)
  • Reboot your Body. 5 tips to de-stress in under 5 minutes
  • Clear yourself of allergies and other intolerance’s naturally
  • Other workshops listed at the bottom of the “About” page or the side bar for specific upcoming dates, or book a date yourself

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