2015 A New Year of witnessing Miracles… coma and cancer

Happy New Year!!!

And what a year of miracles 2015 is turning out to be!

Miracle #1:

I had the privilege over Christmas to work several sessions on a man in a Maleria coma. Did BodyTalk (of course) and some Soul Genesis. I wasn’t sure I could help him, although we are taught that cortises can take one out of coma, so I told his wife to only pay me if he came out of it! By new years eve doctor’s wanted to take him off life support, they believed he would be brain damaged if he did survive. I gave it one last shot and many prayers and he took himself off his tubes etc. He needs dialisis daily as his kidneys have been compromized but so far Paul is doing well! Yes I got paid!!! 

Thank you God for allowing me to help those that need me, and giving me the skills to do so!

Miracle #2:

A dear client of mine of many years had been diagnosed with needing a radical mastectomy. she was disheartened and very fearful. Working on disolving the fear the last few months and stepping out of the energy of cancer we asked her to get a second opinion. She did and now is scheduled for only  a lumpectomy next week! Hurray!! Congratulations and Good luck dear Bette, you have done a beautiful job of becoming more congruent with your energies and leaving the past behind.

Thank you God for blessing me with the gifts you have given me, the knowledge to help others as you ask, and the honour of observing their triumphs and victories, and growth. Amen

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