I am away at my Master Practitioner Training in NLP Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy but there is still lots going on in Barrie.

My friend and collegue Linda Babulic has put these seminars together

For women who want more ZEST,   Zero-in... Excite... Soar...Transcend!

ZEST your Life! is for women like you, who are ready to move forward with the small actions that will change your life. Now is the time to take your life up a notch or two, from what it is now to what it could be - so much more.

The last ZEST your Life! sessions were a huge success - even surpassing our wildest expectations! We sold out!  But don't just take my word for it....

 Just came back with my Board Certification of NLP / Hypnosis & TimeLine Therapy. First time ever that I spent 9 days away from my family! Huge step for this single mom. And I must say one of the most powerful and transformational weeks I have ever spent.

I know, I say that after every training, because I experience so much self growth, but its true we must work on ourselves and remove our baggage so we can change our neurology so we can be better parents, practitioners, people! And boy have I picked up some profound new tools to help you in your transformation too!

As soon as I came back I had to speak at the Body Mind Soul of Women in Business Conference. When my turn came to take the stage I detoured and walked thru the crowd with big stuffed garbage bags tied on my ankles and one slung over my shoulder to signify hidden emotional baggage (I love drama!).  muttering all the way about how afraid , angry, pressed for time, inconvenienced I was, then when I got to the stage I feigned fear of heights and fear of crowds and one by one I took members of the audience up onto stage who wanted to play and dissolve their own fears! So much fun, thank you ladies for playing.

But surprisingly I used my new tools not just Body Talk, EFT, or Access Consciousness as I had previously planned.

That took me completely by surprise. Why?

Suffering from Allergies? How do you spell RELIEF?
Who do you know that is suffering from Allergies?
Give them a New Spelling for RELIEF: it's spelled "J E S S Y".

Seriously, I am not kidding. If the methods you've used for years are not working to give you relief, then why are you still using them? It's time to use something new and proven to work! Have you considered asking your body? Use BODYTALK for that.

 What are we talking about?

Look good because you have participated in a fundraiser and SEE BETTER becasue you participated in this informal case study.

Is it really inevitable that our eyes deteriorate as we age? Can we repair our vision without depending on glassses?

Is this possible?

What if you could correct your vision naturally? What if you could heal your vision and delete the judgments & beliefs you have about aging and vision, and about what is or is not possible to change with your eyes and vision and your health?

Are your ears itchy, congested, plugged or sore?

Are People complaining that you are not listening or hearing them correctly?

I received an email asking a simple question. Not realizing I stress so many new techniques that some of you do not know the simple things I still do, or how I can help. Here is the question...

"Hi Jessy,
How are you? Just wanted to say I am feeling much better after the treatment. I definitely need to do it every other month or so. Thanks.
I have a question for you, my youngest daughter keeps having ear blockages, I read on your website you do ear candling as well. Is that helpful? She has done it once before and it seemed to give her only temporary relief but the wax built up again pretty quick. Any help in this area would be helpful... Thanks for your help.,Corina P"

Hmm ... Good question. Thanks for asking. If your daughter is having excessive wax build up there is an allergy to be addressed. Allergy meaning a response to something irritating and inflaming her immune system.

The Fountain of Youth is right at your fingertips, or rather mine, while I work on you, and your face and body.

One thing that is always amazing to me about the people who come regularly for Energy Healing (Reiki, BodyTalk, Access Consciousness, The Bars, EFT, etc) -- and in 16 years of business I've worked on many of them  -- is that they don't get any older-looking as they get chronologically older. I may be three years away from 60 but I feel younger now than I did at 25, and I am so much healthier and energetic too. It’s certainly not because I pamper myself more – truly I pamper myself less, I’m raising two kids on my own and taking care of my elderly mother, “ very much a part of the sandwich generation” AND … I am selfemployed – 24/7 , but oh I am having so much fun!

I have so much more energy now than in my twenties. I am healthier and ... well, nature is kind, I don't see my own wrinkles and I do not yet have any grey hair. Ya I am bragging a bit - but only to make a point. Energy healing works! We all were born with energy; but we were not taught how to replenish that energy. I can show you how.

Who else can say they play with bodies all day long and get to witness miracles daily?    I love energy work, and so do my clients. Especially now that we realize energy work is a Fountain of Youthfulness, making the shift from cell degeneration to cell regeneration.

You see, the more we are willing to be who we really are, the more

Who says You are NOT psychic?

What an interesting point of view. How is it we know Dolphins communicate to each other without words?  Whales too. We know that a pack of Wolves communicates and encircles its prey and pounces. Ever watched when  a Horse in a herd notices a predator, its not just that one Horse starts running and the herd follows; they all start at once! Deer are the same. And what about Lemmings - their entire community, en mass,  migrates and dives over a cliff to swim across bodies of arctic water.

So, what makes us think we are the only mammal who doesn’t have this ability to communicate without words? Eh?

 What if your body is your compass, or your escort to the secrets, mysteries and magic of living?

Why do we ignore our body? Why do we try to silence its wisdom with Tylenol? Your body speaks to you daily, constantly. So you know what it is saying to you? This workshop demonstrates some verbal keys and hands on bodywork that unlock the tension, resistance, and dis-ease of the body.
What if we could unlock the cells from a point of view in which they’ve been stuck so that they can go back to doing what they're supposed to be doing.
Clients who have learned these body signals have reported dramatic shifts and changes with body size/shape, an overall relief from chronic and acute pain, and their relationship to everything.


(And Resistant, impervious, protected, untouchable, and unaffected too!)

Big Claim isn’t it? I can back it up, and teach you how to listen to your body. Really.

We live in a changing world. By the looks of things the world seems to be getting more unsure every passing year. Do you agree?

Your life is never going to be 100% certain. Never. Nobody ever really knows what's just around the corner.

There is ONE thing everyone on the planet could be certain of though. Change.

I can teach you how to find Peace of Mind whatever is happening around you.

 Happy Canada Weekend, the weather was exquisite wasn’t it, eh!

So for you did that mean… TOO MUCH SUN?
                                                         … an -OUCH- Sports Injury?
                                                         … or TOO MUCH BBQ?
                                                         Or worse …. Poison Ivy?

 If you were outdoors more than your skin could handle and got a sunburn or overheated and got sunstroke or a headache then BodyTalk is a perfect way to restore your health. Come on in. You can keep putting on Aloe Vera too  to cool the skin, and continue to drink lots of refreshing water but find the time to do your "Cortices" tapping and then come in and tune up your entire “intergumentary system” to regenerate and rehydrate adequately thereby avoid overexposing these burns so you do not develop skin cancer. While we are at it we’ll calm the pressure in your head too. Your body really knows how to heal, but sometimes it needs you to give it the time and space to tune-up with a pair of healing hands to really soothe it. Access to Jessy’s calendar here

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