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Yes. It is still the New Year

Are you an "OMG  January is almost over, I've blown my resolutions" type of person? 


 Are  you more of a "It's only 4 weeks into the New Year, this is awesome. I've had a great start. It's only just begun, this is going to be such a fantastic year." type of person? 

Please take a deep breath and  Check in now....

Are you Team "A"? If so STOP IT! Right now and book in for a tune-up ASAP   to help you calm down, get out of overwhelm, become centered and clear headed, and start your year off in a higher energy frequency of optimism and joy and enthusiasm. What were you doing over the holidays, catering to everyone elses needs?

goldfish jumping


Or are you are Team "B"?  Then you are more like me, ready to leap into the new year already grounded and in alignment with your purpose and your energy.


What an incredible journey it has been these past few weeks already. I am so committed to showing you how to receive more   ~ more health, more energy, more joy, more passion, more abundance, more fun, more love, more success … more of everything you’ve been asking for! The tools and techniques that I will share with you here this year (and I have a lot in store for you) are all designed to support you in creating the awesome healthy life that you desire and deserve. Tired of doing the same old - same old and getting the same lackluster results?  This year choose to do something different!


So, What's New?

passportI have developed a Passport  system just for you, to help you discover  your new journey to your Optimal Health, and uncover your own energetic gifts. Using your Body as your compass identifying where your Mind and Spirit are at odds and currently derailing you from your path, your health and your happiness.

key treasure map

This is your key to the new territory of energetic balance. Getting  congruent and opening up communication between your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit.

Up until now you have a familiar map that you have been using to navigate your life. But your mind and body and spirit have not been following the same map, nor have they been working with the same agenda, or even steering together as a team. The map is not the entire territory, there is more, and with the right guide you can uncover your true source energy ... Everything is energy, when we have a clear channel to it we feel vibrant and healthy, when we dont we are exhausted, feel  frustrated and depleated. You are energy but but no one has taught you to replenish that energy. Come with me ...I am that guide.


“When your life is on course with its purpose, you are your most powerful.

You may stumble, but you will not fall.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


PASSPORT TO HEALING: 3 Tour Packages to choose from

lady suitacaseNote: No luggage required. Just bring yourself.


 read more here









Reiki Workshops 2014  Find Schedule here

Mar 05, 2014  Fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health Assoc & Women With Vision Expo – Jessy speaking Register here

WWV pre ticket sales wwvexpo poster

I have a Special Special Request for you. Can you help? 

Many of you are familiar with the Seasons Center for Grieving Children, some of you are not. They are my Charity of choice, and they need our help to better meet the needs of our community and raise much needed funds and awareness of the center. Please take a moment to answer this survey, link here  By the way you have a chance to win a gift $100 certificate to The Keg. Thanks.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing this with your contacts so they can gather as much community feedback as possible.  It's a fact, the more you share through email, social media, etc. the better data they receive.Here's the link again.

If you are determined to stay healthy, or regain your health Jessy will open doors to a new understanding of how our body operates and improve your effectiveness in looking after your own well-being. Email or phone me with questions.


May  2014 be Your Most Extraordinary Year Yet !

If the Frenzy of Christmas shopping and whirlwind visiting has left you tired instead of recharged let me Thank you again for the opportunity to contribute to you and serve you.  You are a blessing in my life.  I would not be who I am without you! 



So here is my GIFT FOR YOU!

Sale Sale Sale. Do not miss this End of Season Awesome Deal

Blessed is the season

which engages the whole world 

in a conspiracy of love!"    




From my Table to Yours. Thank you very much for being a part of my life in 2013.  I have enjoyed our interaction in ALL its forms and look forward to sharing even more with you in 2014.

I hope that your Holidays (Holy-Days) have been restorative, reflective, connecting, peaceful, joyful, fun and fulfilling.


My family does not buy into the rushing and gift buying frenzy so I got to enjoy my family, fill up with the Great-fullness of Peace and Love. Enjoy good food, do crafts: My daughter and I made a Personalized Recipe Book for my son of all  his favorite recipes since childhood (including child hood photos of him helping in the kitchen) … Now he can’t claim to not-cook…hehehehe. I mean hohohoho! We now have witnesses and an arsenal of photos to jog his memory.


My Intention for You this Holiday Season is that you have also...


I just found out that the author of “Meals That Heal Inflammation”, Julie Daniluk is coming to Barrie this Thursday night!


I am so excited ... Julie shows you how to enhance and alter our immune response through diet.


Why do I promote this? If you are coming to me for BodyTalk or energy healing you already understand why. If you haven’t been in to see me recently you may not know that my entire family has been gluten free for over 16 years, that and energy work is how we cleared conditions like allergies, skin disorders, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, ADD, fatigue and more! But gluten isn’t the only culprit to inflammation and pain. Some of you saw me speak at the Monsanto rally at city hall this year, I said we have to help ourselves, and can only change a system from the inside. Educate ourselves, eat the right foods...attend Julies lecture ...


Inflammation is on the rise. - All conditions ending in "itis" have inflammatory components. People need to drink more water and hydrate their cells, they need to eat foods good for them (and that varies for each of us), Body Talk helps our body balance reactions to GMO foods and other inflammation causing substances, but it works faster better and deeper if you are already helping yourself by eating foods that help heal your body. Julie’s lecture is a step in that direction to understanding and helping yourself.


Embrace healthy living and eliminate pain one meal at a time! Thursday Nov 14 at 7 pm Barrie Southshore Community Center only $5.00 per person. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Southshore Community Center or at Nutrition Plus Health Food Store on Maple St. (All proceeds go to YMCA Strong Kids Campaign).


See you there!!


By the way, you know this Christmas Season is going to put your needs on the back burner, but dont burn yourself out! Book in now for  a tune up to help you avoid inflaming those allergies, skin disorders, asthma attacks, heart issues, arthritis pain, ADD moments, and fatigue or any other conditions ending in "itis". I'm here to help.

Tell your friends, they'll be glad you did.

(P.S.  I rely on your referrals).



It's that time of year again...

Looking for an alternative to the flu shot?

Consider the FREE Homeopathic Flu Clinic being offered by Sylvia Collins here in Barrie throughout November 2013

The annual Homeopathic Flu Clinic is offered to the residents of Barrie,  and surrounding area,  by Sylvia Collins Homeopathic Practitioner. The clinic provides a safe, effective, non-toxic, (no chemicals, formaldehyde or thimerosal) alternative immunization. There is no needle involved,  you simply take the Homeopathic pellets under the tongue and let them dissolve. Easy and safe! The clinic is available to children, adults and the elderly.  

My family and I have used this method for over 7 years now with great results, along with BodyTalk, Reiki, and doing our Cortices daily.   If you have any questions, Sylvia can be reached at her office, 705-431-1161.  Sylvia Collins Homeopathic Practitioner is providing this clinic as a safe and effective alternative to the conventional flu vaccinations.     

Clinic Locations:

  1. - Bayfield community Room   Nov 5, 19, & 26, from 5-7; Nov 12 from 6-8
  2. - Big Bay Point Community Room Nov 7, 14, 21, 28, from 4-6

 Picture of Health Health Food store Saturday Nov 16, from 12-3pm (5-190 Minet's Point Rd, Barrie, ON L4N 4C3)

Nutrition Plus Health Food Store on Maple St Saturday Nov 9 & 23, from 11-2


BUT.... sniffle sniffle cough cough...Have you ever noticed the kids get sick right after Halloween?

       ... If you've already got a sniffle or cough book in now for BodyTalk session or two to recalibrate your immune system.  It isn't the weather, it was all that sugar. Sugar depresses the immune system for over 24 hours after ingesting. Bring 'em in now for a tune up and get their health back on track. You know the kids love and respond well to Body Talk. Let's get 'em healthy for Xmas. xoxo

Remember I've moved to a new location, one with a window!!! Read last weeks spooky newsletter if you missed the news, and for info on the Christmas Specials.

Let me help open doors to a new understanding of how your body works and help you improve your effectiveness in looking after your self and your family. Do not take your health for granted. Email or phone me with questions, and please keep tapping your cortices!


Reserve these two dates:

Monday night Nov 25th at  6:30 - 8:30 pm My dear freind Jan Freethy will be introducing you to the Human Potential Life Map. $20 is an excellent introduction to a system that shows you how to incoprporte balance and a newfound understanding in the energetics of your Body, Mind and Soul. Especially before the hectic Christmas Season throws us out of balance. Contact Jan 705-718-0995

Sunday Brunch Fundraiser:  Sunday Dec. 1 from 11am - 2pm  Proceeds for "Pink Ribbons, not Red Tape" Trisha Cuthbertson Board Certified Trainer of Hypnosis & NLP is sponsoring this seminar to help you recharge your batteries and stay relaxed in time for the crazyness of the Christmas rush. With fun and laughter to keep you feeling safe and warm. Feel the feelings, hear the sounds, picture yourself relaxed, renewed, ready to go.

$10/ADULT, $5 for under 10's at the Masonic Temple, 99 Morrow Road, Barrie 

Contact Trish 705-730-2093

P.S. Who do you know in OwenSound who you'd like to introduce to BodyTalk or Jessy? I am speaking and doing a demonstration of "Your Body Talks~ Answers you are Aching to knwo "at the Woman with Vision Luncheon on NOv 27th. Call for more details.

Halloween and Lunar Eclipses – Ripe for Change


October always brings change, the leaves are jumping off the trees, the air crackles with chill, but this year we knew that this October with its two full moons, blue moon and lunar eclipse particularly promised to be a time of powerful transformation, encouraging us to grow in a new direction. But how did that show up for you?

Every full moon always allows us to “let go”, but Lunar Eclipses are powerful full moons that help to shine a light on areas of your life that is ripe for a change.  It can be a time to let go of outmoded ways of being, and open yourself to new thoughts and ideas.

It is also time to identify what you do not want and prepare yourself to release whatever that is on the material, mental and emotional plane. Even the Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to transform our thoughts and perceptions and change our life, willingly or reluctantly.


  • Letting go of old resentments, anger and frustration and bringing in love and ease.
  • Releasing judgment and embracing acceptance.
  • Freeing sadness to make room for joy.
  • Liberating limitation and restriction and allowing your life to flow.
  • De-cluttering your home or office and allowing energy to circulate.


I expected that, but little did realize how ...

This weekend I just finished my last Reiki Workshop for the year. As my daughter is preparing her Halloween costumes and I sit down to write the series of newsletters for my new Reiki Apprentices I have to chuckle because my imagination is working overtime. Every time I say ‘Reiki Apprentices’ I think of the Mickey Mouse movie Fantasia, with Mickey in the wizard’s hat waving his wand attempting to use magic to make his chores easier ... To me REIKI and BodyTalk are magic, they have improved my health and  put the joy and wonder back in my life, my living, my understanding and perception of every thing around me.

Yes, it does make my life easier, but not because I am trying to manipulate it or intending it so, but because it has brought me back to my true spirit, my right to love unconditionally, to BE in the flow.


My father used to say "don't feel that, think this way". As a child I interpreted that to mean "turnoff your awareness”. Did you ever notice how as soon as our parents gave us a label for something we no longer noticed it nor really looked at that item again? The label took the fascination with energy away. Notice a tree - green leaves and brown trunk, we say. Really, when did we stop looking at the shades of green and brown ... are all trunks really brown? Not really, many are greyish, white with speckles, nearly black, etc. Thank goodness for autumn colours to bring back the awe and interest in noticing the true shades of the energy.


In a Reiki Class we teach you to feel the energy. We develop an awareness that lies dormant. or if it hasnt lain quiet we help you to understand and begin to articulate it. Play with me for a moment. Take a look at the  Window nearest to you – is it just inanimate glass and a frame? Really, look again, and now really notice it. Does it have blinds or curtains? How many panes? What texture? Dirty or Clean? Does it squeak when you clean it? Does that mean you are tickling it? Is the window happy that you are cleaning it? Just wondering ... What would you feel if you were a window?  What would you see, eh? Can a window feel the sun, absorb the sun, benefit from rain, enjoy a cloudy day? How do you know?


If everything is energy, and energy is alive and flowing then doesn't that stand to reason that

Is Thanksgiving and Christmas pushing old buttons like …

Embarrassment, Hurt, Shame, or Guilt?

Happy Thanksgiving, or is it?    For years I was grateful I had a really small family. Why? Because I kept hearing from friends that family reunions aren’t always like a Norman Rockwell painting.

We hope it will be all love and happiness and joyful reminiscing and catching up on new times, but all too often forgotten triggers are pushed and old wounds get raw, and spoil what should be a grand old time.

Have you ever found yourself dreading or feeling ashamed even when you’ve done nothing wrong?

One of my clients called today with a shaming issue that many of you might also know, all too well - the rush of warm blood to the neck and face that makes you want to run and hide. She wanted this embarrassing reaction to stop. She didn’t care that I thought blushing was cute, or that I believed it is a natural physiological reaction. She didn't care that she inherited this tendancy from her father, who also blushed.

To her, it was a mortifying incident, 25 on of a scale of 10, and it was making her want to avoid the dreaded family gathering. This was causing her such great distress and anxiety because everyone was going to tease her about it. Well meaning teasing or not, it was utterly humiliating to her. She felt exposed and more than vulnerable.

Using BodyTalk we tracked it to a tangled brillo pad of old buried emotions. Too bad buried emotions never die.  It wasn’t anger or sadness … An old deep shame had a way of sneaking up into any situation in which she could possibly be exposed or judged as being “less than” or “not good enough”. Does this feel or sound familiar?

She called me to move beyond some of these buttons and trigger points, so she could get to NEUTRAL and could show up in a different way and finally enjoy her family reunions!

What did we find out?

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I did!

Testimonial: “When I took the course 7 years ago I had pneumonia, and drove for 4 hours to Walkerton because I just felt that this day would be life altering. I came out a totally different person and without my cough or fever. I witnessed a lot of miracles that day. Since then my entire family has learned BodyTalk Access™ and we use it daily” Jessy M


David Huff CBP has consented to teach the one day BodyTalk Access™ Workshop here at the Finding Health Clinic. BodyTalk Access™ ISMiraculous FAST AID”.In fact we used it for 6 hours straight this August as we ambulated my mother to hospital. But that is another story...


You will learn and USE 5 profound techniques that improve brain function – improve posture - are stress busters – pain chasers – heal viruses faster –  improve immunity - and your enhance your mood.


Reserve this date: Saturday Nov 2, 2013 ~ From 9:15AM to 4:30PM Bring a friend
For only $175 you learn how to put more fun and vitality back into your life. Just in time for the winter season!

Register here

P.S. Still accepting reservations for Reiki 1& 2 in October  Register here for Reiki workshops or call 705-241-8680

When ‘I’ is replaced by “we

… even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.

Reiki originally was not about a holistic “treatment system” for professionals or paraprofessionals to use on others at all, although that is a pleasant side-effect. 

Reiki is about a more comprehensive way of connecting with ourselves and then with those we interact with. Reiki is calming, soothing, and peacefully inspiring. It is a natural connection to the Divine flow of energy. When we are at peace, then those in our quantum field are also experiencing peacefulness. We call this entrainment and this then allows our body and psyche to heal.

When we have a treatment with a Reiki practitioner their energy increases ours in resonance and elevates us to a higher vibration.

Come learn more, or rather ‘experience’ more … Oct 15, 2016 for Reiki Level 2,

or Nov 19, 2016 for Level 2 if you are ready for the next step.

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