A blending of Body, Soul & Mind

Jessy’s “toolbox” includes reading Akashic Records to profile your Soul’s Genesis,  Karmic clearings to clear miasms and other sabotages, QCP, BodyTalk™ (the Language of Health), the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Reiki, EFT™ Emotional Freedom Technique , Ho’oponopono™,  The Healing Codes™, the Emotional Code™, Metamorphosis™, as well as using Psych-K™,  “Refreshing Beliefs”, Hypnosis, and her training in NLP, Timeline Therapy and more.

With all of these insights into Quantum Biology and Physics Jessy empowers you to:

  • consciously and actively “reprogram” your body to reduce pain, refresh your mind and connect to your souls truth to fulfill your legacy
  • release the emotional trauma that gets trapped in your tissues and cellular memory
  • find natural ways to help your body re-balance itself.

Why does Jessy do what she does? How’d she get here?

Jessy was called back to the Epiphanies TV show in 2018 as their favorite guest

She talks about her “bible”, the self help book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman published in 1991. Read this it will change your life.

What books influenced her Awakening?

Here’s an interview Jessy did on the Epiphanies TV show 2017, talking about how she first re-awakened to energy work and started following the flow of energy that lead her on the journey to the healing work she does now.

Are you a Sidekick or a SuperHero?

Here’s an interview from The SideKick Revolution in September 2015 demonstrating a few tools you can use immediately to begin aligning yourself with your Higher Self and Authentic Truth.

Jessy Loves sharing her wisdom to help you be your own most powerful Healer!!

Seminar Presenter:

Through her energizing, informative seminars, Jessy Morrison teaches you to listen to how your body speaks to you. As you interpret and use what your body is saying, you learn to optimize:

  •  increased energy
  •  improved health
  •  living Life’s full potential
  • CHOOSING a LIFE you LOVE instead of “fixing problems”. Stop looking for what is wrong with you, instead rest your attention on what is RIGHT ABOUT YOU <YOU ARE ENOUGH> AND YOU CAN BE MORE THAN ENOUGH!


Really it is a simple as knowing how your yawns optimize your CNS, or asking your pain how it thinks its helping you, or speaking with your unconscious mind to find awareness. All 80Trillion of your cells hold memory, are sentient and have jobs to do. Paying attention to your magnificent body and using it as your own GPS is an incredible tool to find improved health, peace of mind, and enlightenment!

 Find out more about TIME FOR A TUNE-UP WITH JESSY Here Are you attracting PAIN or Health & $ucce$$?

Who am I?

I like to think I’m just Littl’ol’me. But I keep being told I am unconventional and refreshing. I have come to realize my every day normal is not everyone else’s normal. But it should be. Human beings (whether we are Empaths or starseeds or not) are miraculous creating BEINGS!!!!

Coming from a European family we always did things naturally, in those days I was considered “unconventional” or “flakey” for drinking herbal teas instead instead of pop or cola, and for taking echinacea  instead of cough medicine because bottled medicines made me gag and break out in hives. I was always anemic, sleeping ’round the clock, allergic to everything, all grasses, animals, pollens, but mostly my dads smoking. (They did not know about the impact of second hand smoke back then), and I was also Gluten intolerant but I didn’t find that out until I was in my late 30’s. If you do not know how it feels to be healthy you have no way of comparing and realizing this doesn’t have to be normal.

I learned that the common perceptions about health are not necessarily the only options nor the correct ones for each individuals well-being, so I was always drawn to finding alternative more natural healing arts to please my body.

I had wanted to be a physician until I was a young adult, but further investigation revealed that it did not completely fit how I imagined myself administering to or interacting in this world. I was looking for something I could not completely explain nor fully comprehend. Working in pharmaceutical related fields helped me feel like I was contributing to society in a big way, but it was not enough, it did not inspire my soul to feel valuable or appreciated (especially since my body always reacted badly to pharmaceuticals).

I just knew in the depth of my core that I was supposed to be doing something more natural, less invasive and more harmonious with the integrity of the body, my mind, and my spirit.

In 1996, after my 20 year marriage dissolved, my search began in earnest, because now my little daughter was very sick, and medicine was not giving us any answers for preserving or improving her health. Reiki then found us and my journey into Energy Medicine began. It felt right, and since my daughter responded astoundingly well,  we were on our way.

Not long after our discovery of Reiki, both my children and their grandmother were also attuned to Reiki. (By the way, at that time I had been told by my family physician “to get my head out of the sand and face reality, Oma wasn’t going to make it through the year”). Ha, she fooled them! 21 years later she is still here, healthy and vibrant, without arthritis, with no traces of angina, and taking no medications, and SHE IS 92 years old!

A few years later we were introduced to EFT and we worked on limiting beliefs, and my fascination with Chinese acupuncture and meridians inspired curiosity.

In 2006 when new health issues challenged my family, I discovered BodyTalk. I was truly excited!!! Here was a modality that consulted “My Innate Wisdom”, and not just the “Agenda of the Practitioner”, in order to do a session.

It asked my body (not the practitioners wallet) when my next “session”, “tune-up” and “check-in” needed to be. Since then I have not looked back! I immediately enrolled in the courses and I became a practitioner to continue my own and my family’s healing journey, and to share this amazing opportunity with others!

I had finally found what I had been seeking – a modality that is non-invasive, client-driven, harmonious with the client’s intelligent system and effective for body, mind and spirit!

I am so lucky to be like Nancy Drew, playing detective yet witnessing miracles every day! I wake up every morning asking God “who do I get to work on today?” “How can it get any better than this?” “What else is possible?” Every client is fascinating, and so unique. Every Body has a story. Our Biography is our Biology. There is no such thing as one size fits all. And in sessions your BodyTalk’s with Jessy Morrison, and each visit is tailored to each person’s specific priority – with permission from their Body Mind and Spirit!

And does it end there? Not at all,  I keep learning.. I have 26 levels of Body Talk under my belt, and am certified in over 30 modalities. Why? I follow the energy, this is my journey, to educate and introduce others to their own healing journey and infinite possibilites.

A professional:

Jessy has been a  Reiki Master since 1997, a BodyTalk™ Practitioner since 2006, and has been using  Emotional Freedom Technique since 2001. Metamorphosis was introduced to her in 2007. In 2010 she started training with The Bars and Access Consciousness, and in 2012 began a five year exploration into NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnosis. In 2013 she furthered her knowledge with Psych-K…. and the journey continues.

Television’s Daytime and Woman to Woman have dubbed her the Body Whisperer. Her passion is to bring all these healing modalities into the hands of the lay person as the Family Too kit of empowerment and true health and healing. This truly is “Health Care Designed by Your Body”! 

Private sessions, Group Healings, Seminars and Workshops are the may ways she is leaving her legacy and fulfilling her mission to heal the world.

What do people say about Jessy’s Seminars and Workshops?

“Her presence fills the room with her contagious love for life and an expression of her gift of wellness to others. When she speaks, she brings joy and wonder to a field that many of us find foreign. I always leave knowing more about my own health and how to manage it.”

   – Barb Struhlemmer, BLITZ Business Success


 Jess, I wanted to thank you again for sharing your talent for speaking with the crowd at the BERN awards in 2012. You have an amazing style. So many motivational speakers are like espresso – a shot of energy and caffeine – followed by a crash when the audience cannot implement the changes being discussed. But you, I think are more than that, kinda like steeped tea I guess. I left your talk feeling like I have been infused with your quiet strength. I was ready to take on the world, and I still had the energy an tools left to do it!”     

    – Lauren Pibworth, www.pibworthps.com

 Jessy’s professional and insightful presentation takes the audience on a journey, one that transforms the subconscious mind to the immediate reality of how we can all master our own thought patterns to change the outcome of our daily decisions and the lives we want to live.  Conscious awareness…a health mind body and soul is the result of Body Talk. 

   – Lorraine Leslie, Founder/Publisher,  www.womenwithvision.ca

 I had the opportunity to hear Jessy give a talk about her work and passion.  What first impressed me was her incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for her work.  She explained how the cells in our bodies have memory which can be current or from generations past. She took us through some simple exercises with breathing deeply and just letting go of all the stress we hold in our bodies. She had the audience laughing and listening intently to what she had to say. As a result of hearing her speak and then a one on one demonstration of body talk I felt led to start seeing her as a client.  And I’m glad I did.

  – Deborah Bourne,  Georgian College

Jessy and I have done several seminars together. Jessy has an incredible way of including the audience, making them feel involved and also educating at the same time. She truly cares about what she is talking about and that is evident in her delivery to the audience. The audience is always captivated by her stories and how it relates to Reiki and body talk.
Speaking from personal experience I am also a client of Jessy’s and she worked wonders on me, giving me the tools to release stress and tap out the negative that was holding me back from being a completely happy and healthy individual.
    – Courtney Proudfoot  Financial Advisor, Sun Life Financial

 I didn’t want Jessy to be a ‘secret’ in our community so I invited her to speak and participate in an event I held for women business owners in our community.   ‘All About You’ was an interactive evening where we featured service companies that were of interest to women. 

Jessy was the ‘Hit of the Evening’ and everyone really enjoyed her presentation.  Jessy was engaging and brought a fairly complex topic to everyone’s level by relating it to everyday issues. 

 – Jackie Ramler, CFP, FMA, MBA | Financial Advisor  Raymond James     www.divorcechoices.com

Read more testimonials here

If you would like to have Jessy speak to your office, or organization so they too can receive practical methods and tap into the healing power of energy,  facilitate their own self-healing and healing for those they love, then call Jess to reduce your stress! For a list of  Seminar and Workshop topics  click on contact page and make your request and dates of your event.

Jessy Morrison Seminars, Workshops, Lunch and Learns, book clubs, moms groups, and more

  • “Stressed” is Just “Desserts” spelled backwards”, deciphering the Language of Health, 5 tips to de-stress in under 5 minutes. Got 5 minutes?
  • Your Body Speaks your mind. Using audience members Jessy demonstrates what happens when your body say” I am talking …but you are not listening!” See how your emotions affect your health, your allergies, and pain management. This demo is actually a group healing.
  • Are you Attracting Pain, or Health and Success? (needs audience volunteers, ready to play?)
  • What is muscle testing or the sway test? Listening to your body talk.
  • Releasing Fears and Phobias with EFT, Body Talk and Hypnosis
  • “Relaxing Reiki” Level 1,2 & 3 Mastery (one and two day hands on workshops, meditations and attunements)
  • Insomnia Epidemic – Brain Waves and the “Flight/Fight/Freeze” Response or How are frogs and humans alike?
  • What is Energy Healing and the Future of Medicine?
  • Transformational Tuesdays Series- Finding Peace Balance and Freedom from judgment and limitation
  • Immune system enhancers – Beyond “Emotional” Freedom  – all natural
  • “Your Body’s many Cries for Water” based on the book by Dr. F. Batamanghelidj. WHAT IF ALL YOU NEED  to cure dis-ease (arthritis, asthma, and pain) was water? How could it get any better than that?

How enhancing your Energy and Intuition helps you in Life and in Business

Listen to Jessy Guesting Interview with Barb Stuhlemmer of BLITZ Business Success

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