Pauline McGuire

pauline Mcguire

I began working with Jessy in July of 2020. I am MNLP and Akashic Records trained and have a strong meditation practice, however I needed support without knowing what it was I needed, I booked a session with Jessy as my starting point. Jessy’s training in 27 modalities, her strong connection and intuition guided me to the situations and places, on a human and soul level, that needed resolution, healing and clearing. She knew what questions to ask, seamlessly pulling all her education and wisdom in to navigate me to and through what we uncovered. The work I have done with Jessy has been life changing! Her method of talking to my body and allowing it to release what no longer serves me is next level from anything I have experienced before, it is poetry in motion.
Not only did Jessy support me in personal sessions, I then went on to do Reiki Level 1 & 2 training with her in order to support and enhance the gifts that were showing up for me. The course itself was magical and the support Jessy provides to her students after the training is exceptional.

Alfredo Torres Mortgage Broker

alfredo resized

Hey Jessy, hope you’re doing fantastic. It’s me Alfredo, obviously just coming from my Facebook anyways, I’m feeling pretty good.

Like: my ankles, the day after we did our session my ankles stopped hurting, my feet stopped hurting, my shoulder has better range.

It’s kind of incredible how fast that changed, and I keep checking on my ankles!  I keep folding them sideways, because I didn’t have that flexibility before, but now I can crack them again which is fantastic. They don’t hurt, the feet don’t hurt. The shoulder is definitely a bit tender but not like it was, I think that’s just lack of motion and muscles trying to get back into shape. So, our next appointment, oh yes, I feel like we should still do it.  I think we should still stick to that date. I’m sure there’s more coming up. Thank you.

dagwood sandwich

Paula Hansen

“Close your eyes. Imagine you’re a really good Dagwood sandwich, filled with lots of delicious, yummy ingredients. Mmmm.

But wait a minute, what’s this? Tucked away amidst all the good stuff, there’s this one ingredient that you’ve never really been particularly fond of. Has it been there all along, unnoticed until now? Have you been living as a merely good sandwich, when you could have been a culinary masterpiece all this time?

Her name is Jessy Morrison. Using techniques such as Body Talk, Reiki, EFT and more Jessy can help you peel back the bread and remove those offending ingredients.

One Dagwood sandwich coming up, hold the fear, anger, sadness etc.

Life is tasting better already.

Working with your subconscious mind Jess can uncover the root cause sabotaging your innate healing ability.

Your body talks – it has all the answers you need to know.

Jessy Listens! and will create the changes you are looking for.

sholina J

 Sholina Jivraj

“That was so good! I had no idea I’d be able to work on my health issues during a Group “Tune-Up” session. I was surprised that what I’ve been carrying for so long isn’t even mine. Thank you, Jessy, for opening up the possibilities for me ????.”

danielle reaume

Danielle Reaume

Jessy is a leader in the world of all things energetics, healing body and mind tools and has been an incredible guide to me on my spiritual journey with the self. So grateful for all of the knowledge gained in her group programs and sessions! I highly recommend Jessy and all of her services if you are looking for help in any or all of the services noted above ???

wende fahey
I have worked with Jessy on more than one occasion. I attended a Transformational Tuesday and had a huge shift in my thinking. In March 2020, I contracted symptoms of covid. Jessy reached out and suggested a Body Talk session. I was an emotional mess at the time of our appointment. Jessy got me settled, worked with me and checked in with me over the next few days. My symptoms started to decrease the next day. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Jessy and her wonderful healing modalities. She has moved me forward considerably in my journey every time I interact with her. Thank you Jessy. You are truly gifted.



Reiki 1 Amanda Embree
Jessy is truly a gifted healer and Body Talk practitioner. Initially, I was taking clients to see Jessy, all of whom came back with incredibly profound experiences. I knew I had to experience it for myself! Sure enough, I was totally mind blown from my session and amazed at what Jessy helped me uncover. I resonated deeply with everything that came up. I left the session with a sense of awe, feeling hopeful for my future.
Go see Jessy!




margie Metzger

Margie M. Oct 2020


After several sessions to relieve chronic lower back pain, my massage therapist said, “You may want to consider working with Jessy Morrison”. I had explored many different modalities but I knew I was given a recommendation I could trust. Jessy helped me to clear energy, listen to my body and uncover the skills that were waiting to be developed. Today I am pain free and loving life. Thank you, Jessy! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

joel bentley

Joel Bentley Oct 2020


Recently completed Jessy’s 5 day program – Secrets of the Empowered Empath – the rainbow, and it’s explanation (if you have been in her office, or seen a pic on FB) and how it all relates and ties into our “be-ing” was revealed by Jessy in her most passionate, charismatic, knowledge based way… Truly the frequency & vibration of Jessy’s knowledge was centre stage for all of us 🙂 Indeed, for me – it was right time, right place to receive the wisdom… Namaste my friend, namaste 🙂

Lori JM

Lori Jane MacDee Oct 2020


Jessy is an absolutely wonderful energy healer! Although she isn’t keen on that word “healer” Jessy actually helps you empower you to heal yourself! I honestly can not say enough about how much she helped me with overcoming many many issues in such a short time! I am eternally grateful to her! ♡Thank you Jessy♡ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
?UPDATE? I just finished Jessy’s “Empath r’Evolution” course on Facebook & it was very enlightening finding out more about myself my triggers & how to overcome them! How to take myself up the rainbow emotional scale one feeling at a time. I liked reading comments from the others. I found that was helpful too. Nice to know I can go back to revisit the videos & continue to work on things myself.
Thanks Jessy for helping me navigate the sometimes overwheling feelings I have! Makes it much easier for me to cope while I keep learning to embrace & make this badass empathic superpower of mine work FOR me! xo

EldoRa Melchizedek



I feel even more incredible than before since my session with you last week. Body pain severely reduced. No soul level sadness. Only extreme excitement ☺️ Easier to access 5D templates that Siman Ra asks to integrate in me. You work so fast and at such a high level. I cannot wait to see you again in 3 weeks ? I love you Jessy ❤️


Daniela Chase “Recently, I was having a very turbulent dark day. The kind where you’re so stuck in some of your stuff that you don’t even remember you have tools to handle that stuff.
My thinking was so clouded by all the feels, it was all I could do to reach out to Jessy. I knew I needed help even though I couldn’t get to her office to see her.
Two hours later, I realized the darkness had completely lifted and clarity had been restored and I knew Jessy had been working her magic on my behalf from afar.
Jessy, since meeting you early last Spring, I’ve undergone such amazing healing and growth. Thank you being such a beacon of Light on my path! I’m excited about paying it forward as I move forward in my Power and Live my Purpose. Namaste.
Susan Eves “If you need to relax, hear for the first time what your body is trying to scream at you then I would recommend Body Talk with Jessy Morrison. She is an expert in her field and helps you look at everything from a different perspective which in turn unravels disease.” Thank you Jessy



I had an appointment with Jessy 3 weeks ago… It was one of the best experiences of my life. I truly believe we (our bodies) hold all the keys to healing ourselves. When my family doctor perscribed antidepressents something inside me SCREAMED NO, I knew this was NOT the answer. I left there feeling cheated and ignored!


I kid you not, that evening I came accross BodyTalk… a “sign”?… I have no doubt in my mind! I had found my answer to my “issues” and it was NOT antidepressents. Amoung other techniques I learned to do Cortices, I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing Cortices! Anytime I feel the dreaded stress headache coming on I whip out the cortices And for someone who had to take a tylenol every other day, I am happy to say I have not taken one in 3 weeks. This technique is genius, it wakes you up, and can bring you down from a stressful situtation. My 2 year old son is now doing them too!

My Sincere thanks to you Jessy, for showing me this little Treasure!

rich grof

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Rich Rich Grof

In my work as a performance mentor I find that few people understand how I bring out the best performance, but Jessy does. I have personally experienced the expertise that Jessy has first hand. Her ability and knowledge set her far above the crowd. She has an understanding of how a person’s body works and communicates with our mind and help a business person relax, ultimately reducing stress.

If you’re struggling with high stress, this is a science and methodology that will help you have a better health and quality of life.

Jessy has a gift and desire to help. You owe it to yourself to experience how your “Body Talks”; It will change the way you look at wellness and health!

JoyfulRelationshipCoach Jessy has helped me to realize how the beliefs that we have that are either negative or self sabotaging can manifest in our bodies as pain. Working with Jessy has allowed me to release a lot of pain and suffering over the years that I have known her. She is a wealth of knowledge about the human body and is familiar with several modalities to help you get back on the road to wellness.



KarenCollacutt Before I worked with Jessy, I knew some of what was going on in my head was showing up in my body, but I didn’t know how to tap into it and change it. Working with Jessy is a wonder as she gathers data from my body about what is going on and clears old junk – emotional, psychological and physical.

Since working with Jessy, I have felt more clear minded, and have a better understanding of what was blocking me. I confidently refer Jessy to my clients and friends. If you are considering working with Jessy, I say go for it with confidence!

______________________________________________________________________________________________Mr. Bob Cassels, M.C.Inst.M., DTM

There are times in your life when everything seems to be out of sorts, imbalanced and not working. It’s like being a car not running on all cylinders. Jessy has that magical touch that gets you tuned in and tuned up. Book one session and you will see your performance increase, release stresses – peace of mind and your body working at it’s optimum.

___________________________________________________________________________________________JulieFlippin Working with Jessy was an amazing experience. The depth she was able to go within for me to shift old patterns of beliefs and habits has changed my life immensely. I would not have believed how powerful our body talks to us and how profound the work Jessy does with her scope of experience.

She can literally look at me by having me do a few simple things can shift my energy. If you have not had an opportunity to do a session with Jessy, it would be very worthwhile.
I would recommend Jessy to anyone wanting to have a shift in their life so they can step into a more joyful experience.

dana  Jessy is one of the most talented energy healers that I have met, and I have met a lot in my life.

She is my go to gal for anything stuck in my body that will not move with traditional methods. I also go see her when I need to get my head out of my ass so to speak.

Her approach is different than what you have likely experienced; but then, that might be just what you need. Book in with her, you will not regret it!




patti smith

Patti Smith

Jessy is a truly gifted practitioner who has the ability to lead you out of confusion or pain and into vastly improved health.

Her humour, intuition and genuine caring for her clients ensures that every encounter with her creates a positive transformation.

If you think you’ve tried everything and don’t know where to turn – call Jessy!


laurel zoe
July 2017 Laurel Zoe
“I saw Jessy a year ago when she helped me recover from a severe allergic reaction to mosquito bites, complicated by a prescription to prednezone.
I went to see her again on Tuesday to reduce my allergic sensitivities. Guess what! In the next few days I’ve been moving dusty boxes in the basement and have not even had a single sneeze! My immune system is a lot stronger than before!
What we did is called Quantum Change, a totally different experience from Bodytalk. It has a lot more interactions and help with stress releasing. We went through family and friends to locate where the problems are and it pulls out the reasons and emotions that I wouldn’t even have thought of expressing.
Now my body feels a lot “cleaner” and “lighter”. Can’t wait to get rid of the allergy and hugging cats and dogs. ??”
emilie ficket
Hi Jessy, so amazing …right after having sessions with you I always feel a lot better, but it’s more … 1 or 2 months after that I really see differences in my behaviour and peoples reactions around me. I think to myself that I feel such a big progression in certain things and then I remember that they are the exact things you worked on a couple months back! So cool.
Thank you, Emilie F. Dec 2016
Jessy Morrison has been highly recommended by another practitioner within the healing arts, who is also a close friend of mine. I am so grateful for the referral! I have had a chance to work with Jessy both in person as well as remotely with astounding results. She uses a multitude of modalities and BodyTalk, as done by Jessy, is truly groundbreaking.
I highly recommend Jessy not just for one session but for a monthly package, if that’s what your body needs, because what she is able to do will delve deeply into you and will impact not only your health but will also have a positive ripple effect into other realms of your life. I do not need to know exactly how the ancient and modern modalities that Jessy uses work. I just look at the results – that’s all.
pat murray 2
As an individual, Jessy is a warm, compassionate, and giving individual and truly wants to help you. Jessy thank you for everything!”


Aug 7, 2016


Patricia Murray

I met Jessy in March of 2015
I was a mess both physically and mentally
Jessy and I worked together and I am so much better
I was in an accident and had been taking pain meds for 5 yrs
As of April 2015 I take no more pain medication
The mental stress I had buried was finally released
I could write a book about the benefits of going to see Jessy
I will say Just go and see this amazing lady

July 29 , 2015  “Jessy, thank you so much for the session today. I’m already feeling lighter and relief from releasing an old energy from the past that wasn’t mine! The techniques you taught me are very  valuable, and I look forward to continuing to do them so that I’m more balanced and not drained from the external energy that isn’t mine. Thanks again!”

You are so welcome Mina. Keep expanding out, it is only when we contract that we get drained. In fact most people think that by shielding themselves they avoid burnout, yet the opposite is true because it takes a lot of energy to stay in contraction. Can’t wait o knock out the other emotions running the hidden DOS program/booby traps under all your positive awareness’; and keep tapping those cortices!!


tammy valliers

Tammy Valliers I  had a wonderful and amazing ‘one on one’ treatment session with Jessy. Even incredible care and support, prior to my appointment. A fabulous experience . Thank you ___________________________________________________________________________________________


July 10, 2015


Patricia Murray “Jessy from the moment I met you
You have inspired me and done so much for me and continue to
Thank you for all that you do”.


July 2, 2015


I would like to take this moment to say thank you Jessy.

I recently attended an Small Business Connect meeting where Jessy Morrison was the keynote speaker.  Like most business owners that day, I was rushing from a meeting to see if I could squeeze in that hour and half of Networking before my lunch.

Jessy was like a breath of fresh air.  She had the entire audience participating in stress release exercises, and encouraged us to take those deep cleansing breaths that are vital for us to make it through the day.

Jessy is a joy to watch present. She is engaging, provides valuable information and is clearly driven by passion and the desire to help people to help themselves.

Thank you Jessy for a very memorable morning.

Sincerely, Sinda Simpson


June 2015

I feel amazing. Light and like I was able to finally see through all the fog in my life. I also slept like a baby the next two nights. No waking up every hour as my sleep usually is. 

I am completely picking up on other’s emotions now. It’s amazing. After our appointment I did not feel impatient and sad or depressed. 

I would love to do another session. 

TJ Adams



Hi Jessy,
I wanted to write you a note and tell you about how wonderful it was to re-attune for Reiki 2 again.
When I took the course the first time, I loved it, but didn’t feel the power all of the time. Because I wasn’t sure it was “working” all of the time, I used it less and less.
After the second Level 2 Attunement, I feel like I can’t turn it off!! I heard music that moved me and my hands tingled, I treated my Mom and she felt heat in the wrist that was broken 30 years ago….
Yes, the more I use it, the more it works!
For me I really, really needed the class the second time around, sometimes I need to hear things more than once! It might have been where my brain was the first time I took the class, or how much I have evolved since that first class, who knows. All I now know is that I am having so much fun with my new “powers”.
Thank you again,
Jan Freethy



Just speaking with Jessy for a minute you can feel how passionate she is about the work she does. I had a session with her to see what exactly Body Talk was. I was very interested in learning about this and healing with alternative therapies. The session was amazing and gave me some very interesting insight into what was currently going on with my body and the causes behind it. She also taught me a few things to help me be more in tune with my body. I felt amazing after the session and will be back again. Thanks, Sam T


Just the beginning


I have had one session with Jessy and experienced many aha moments. But what I also found incredible is how motivated she is to see you succeed. I have booked another appointment and will be interested as to where my body decides it wants to go. Karen S


I am a regular client


 Life happens. Therefore there are challenges that you need to process. Body Talk makes it all work. Jessy’s appointments are as important as any other check-ups. Teeth cleaning, eye checks, medical doctor’s check ups. A mind-body check up is powerful. Keep the healing progress!

Jan F



jessie brandon



Jessie B. says: I went to visit Jessy to learn about what she does and I have to say, I was blown away! She told me things that resonated with me, she knew things I didn’t think showed, and she taught me things that will help me to feel better. Loved it. Can’t wait to be able to book a five session package!





Shane S. of WSI says: Wow so enlightening! I highly recommend Jessy Morrison. Her services is relaxing, insightful and energizing. It is amazing what we are programmed with and lugging around. Jessy really knows how to lighten the load! Thank you Jessy!


helen martin
I came with a question “Why am I sabotaging my own business?”
Jessy helped me to get to the bottom of my self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours. I cannot thank you enough and I am now on a better path of self-awareness and aligned with what I should be doing in life. Jessy connects body, mind, and soul for true self-healing. I will be back …. Thank you Helen M.
My session with Jessy was amazing.  She was able to bring to the surface and release some old, old stuff which had not been released with other healing work I’ve done.  Thank you Jessy, feeling much better now and will see you soon.




Wow is all I can say
Shelley B. says: Jessy – I understand only slightly how you do what you do but I do understand how happy and relieved (and sometimes tired 🙂 ) I feel after our sessions. In only 2 sessions, the relief has been amazing and I can’t wait for our next appointment!
Brad W. says: Wow! I feel so good Thank you!
jessica valiant
I just had to tell you: my neck feels so much better today– I haven’t had this much relief with chiro! Thank you.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________   Oct 2013
ray romard
WOW!! Words are insufficient to describe the experience of a body talk session adequately. They would, in fact, minimize the depth and breadth of time and space transcended in so short a time. Jessy is the perfect catalyst to help body and soul come into greater harmony, and resonate with a purer frequency as well. Those who have experienced this will understand, those who have not, need to.
Ray R.


Sept 2, 2013 Internal problems eased

Thanks for the body talk, when I came in I was in pain, very uncomfortable, my ovaries ached, had esophacal pain, one hour later I left feeling great, 3 days later still feeling great can’t wait for the next appointment. Thanks Jessy
Susan A.


Your work is exactly what I was looking for. I DO feel calmer, but more energized at the same time. It just feels so right. Maybe that’s what empowerment feels like!

I love it. Thank you, you have given me ME back.

Maria L.


alison w
Aug 2013
I have seen Jessy a few times now and while I can’t explain it I get it…… I just release my body to her guiding hands and gentle voice and trust her completely. After every single session I come away with a new found feeling of energy and understanding. Jessy is amazing and the energy around her hugs you.
Alison W.
Had the absolute pleasure of receiving my Reiki 1 Certification with Jessy! Jessy is knowledgeable, comforting and so extremely gifted!! She quickly became someone that will hold my respect and admiration forever!! Jess is just brilliant!! Thank you Jess for being part of my journey!! xox Karen B. June 8, 2013

Hope you’re well Jessy. Just wanted to share the news of our healthy baby girl born on Thursday.
Her name is Claire and she was 8.8 pounds. We were home from the hospital a few hours later
and are both doing great. I had a fabulous natural birth with 4 hours of labor as I had hoped. The Reiki and hypnosis worked The worry and fear were gone,
I was relaxed ! Thank you so much.
Take Care,
Cara & Baby Claire
June 2013

karen c
Great experience

Jessy’s breadth of knowledge and resources is amazing. She is warm and open, excellent at holding the space to allow for transformation. Jessy helped me release anger, sadness and blame that I didn’t realize was there and wasn’t even mine. I now feel very centered and connected to source allowing me to bring my very best to my work and life. She taught me how to listen to my body for the answers. Thanks Jessy. Looking forward to our next session. Karen Collacutt



Thank you for your session the other day. Truly remarkable that gift you have to play Nancy Drew! As you remember my issue was sleeping through my alarm and how it was impacting my business productivity. I slept well that night and awoke calmly to my alarm. Got up right away (thanks to you) and was about to go shower … then instead went for a quick jog (while I work out several days a week, jogging isn’t something I’ve done in eons).

Also I am feeling more neck mobility and while vision focus seems the same, I am noticing more light/brightness in things. Funny, you mentioned I might see spots – I did two days ago, though not since yesterday.

While I did/still have lots to do today (including this note to you), it was such a nice day (and we’re expecting rain for the rest of the week), so I enjoyed it outside.   Hmmmmm…  So is that deliberate delay, procrastination or best use of a beautiful day?

Looking forward to our followup sessions.

Paul L


 What an amazing gift!

I really had no idea what to expect when I arrived for my appointment. I wasn’t even sure you would be able to help me with the digestive problems that have plagued me for months. But as soon as we started talking, I knew I was in good hands. Your knowledge is astounding, your manner is warm and caring, and your results are incredible. After barely being able to eat for the past week or so, I left your office and had pulled pork and beer for lunch!!! What a tremendous gift you have — thank you for sharing it so generously! I can’t wait for my next session!
Sandra K    5/23/2013
I love going to see Jessy!
Whether it’s a severe concussion or feeling overwhelmed in work and life. Jessy can root out the underlying cause of the pain or emotions and change and repair harmful beliefs to produce a happier and healthier you. 5/22/2013

Jessy is an absolute wiz at helping people to find out and release the body’s allergic response.

Tuning up yourself and getting high performance results
Dana P. 5/5/2013
 Jessy is like a high performance auto mechanic at a formula one race. She uses all her skills to get you running at peak. Just running is not good enough to win the race. In life, we only have one life to be the best of the best. Jessy has transformed me into an into a finely tuned engine. All my organs are working in cink and each organ and energy field are performing at their best. I now know when I am out of balance. Thank you Jessy for my tune ups.
I feel better!
Mr. Bob C.  4/22/2013
Body Talk Round 1
 I feel calmer. Last night my kids were screaming and acting out. I stood in the kitchen and tapped and tapped. Today I see my husband as the handsome guy I fell in love with. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I need to be conscious of what my body is telling me and asking myself yes or no.
Stacey C.   5/3/2013


Thank Jessy, for helping with that horrible cough and cold I had! I used the Body Talk and followed the suggestions you made at home and Wow! what a difference!

Trisha  C


  April 19.2013

Jessy, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to become more calm, focused and positive.

Not to mention that with the few Bodytalk techniques you have shared with me helped me become more aware of what my body is telling me. I now know how it can help itself and my life. Your compassion and professionalism are exceptional.

The vivid description infused a new life and helped keep me focused on my business. Opportunities occurred from sources never previously considered, when all I had to do was pay attention, ask the universe and trust myself.

Thank you for helping me come back to the realm of energy available to everyone who walks the planet and making me aware that I can live it daily. I look forward to learning more at my next session and living my best life possible!

Sincerely, Paula Drew

CC Bistro  Quality Catering & Panini Genies

Hi Jessy

When I saw you last, you cleared an energy block in my hip.  My hip has bothered me in varying degrees for over ten years.  Recently the pain was something I would be aware of most of the time, and it would flare up quite often.  You asked me to let you know how it was doing.  Since my session with you it has been fine.  There are small echoes of pain from time to time, but after all these years it is almost completely gone.  It is quite remarkable!  The work you do fascinates me.  I really enjoy our sessions and I am very pleased with how they are helping me to regain my health.

I look forward to our next visit,

xo Barb M Jan 2013

Thanks again for seeing me the other day. I found our session quite helpful and my stress reaction “anxiety” at work seems to have subsided quite a bit. I will continue putting the techniques you shared with me into practice and hopefully it will continue to subside even more. I do feel a lot more relaxed and happy. Last night – my wife commented that I was smiling more while we were chatting over skype (she is still at our home in Arizona while I am  back here in Canada for this project)

Our session has definitely sparked my interest to find out more about BodyTalk.

The Body Talk system is new to me but I find it quite fascinating how it works. I was really amazed on my car ride back to my Mississauga hotel at the number of deep yawns I found myself taking. I must have yawned 100 times at least.  
It also hit me on the car ride back as I was thinking about our session that I did have a traumatic event when I was around 8 years old (grade 2 or 3 I believe). I had received some therapy for it in the past but there must be some lingering resentment or pain as you/we were able to pinpoint that age as a significant emotional event in my past. Perhaps we can discuss more next time I am back in Canada in the meantime I will check out the two BodyTalk Practitioners in Arizona as you suggested.

  Kind Regards,
 Alan M Jan 2013

Wow! I can’t believe what happened in the Hypnosis Breakthrough session!

Jessy did an amazing job, within hours, my anger, my guilt was completely gone.

My sadness which has been suppressed for 7 years was released and gone too!

I’m quite a guarded person, but Jessy won my trust right away. The goal setting process is super cool, my future went from blurry to clear. I could see the support and resources I need to achieve my success realign themselves along the way. Jessy helped to assign tasks for short term, mid term and long term goals. My goal is no longer waving in the air. I now have the tools, the resources and stepping stones to reach it.

All in all our 6 hour Breakthrough session was amazing. It is unbelievably fast and effective. I will definitely highly recommend Jessy to anyone who is looking for motivation and healing. She won’t disappoint you!

Duanyi Wu

Nov 1, 2012

Hi Jessy,
Thank you for always providing your words of wisdom.  It is greatly appreciated.
I do agree about the tapping of the cortices.  It has had a huge impact on my life and I’ve even put it to the test by stopping to do it for a while.  After stopping, I was tired all the time and not feeling the greatest, I started doing it again and last night I slept for maybe 4 hours as my daughter wasn’t feeling well and I still woke up refreshed and was able to concentrate in the SEA program for the full day.
Have a great day!
Angela DG

Several weeks ago I was suffering with right arm, shoulder and back pain. Anti-inflammatory medication and deep tissue massage helped temporarily.

I spoke with Jessy and booked an appointment for BodyTalk/Reiki hoping this would relieve my discomfort.

After the session I felt relaxed and more comfortable. The next day I had NO PAIN. Words cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I feel for Jessy’s help.

Jessy you have an amazing gift, which I am truly thankful for.

I certainly will refer your services to my family, friends and co workers.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,

Joan Kennedy RN

Managing Director for

Seasons Center for Grieving Children

Dear Jessy, One immediate change I noticed was that ever since I left the session, my stomach felt calm, the most calm it had ever been in years. Before I went into for the session, my stomach always felt unbalanced, and active like someone poured soda into it and shook it, and the bubbles kept forming.

But after the session I felt calm and refreshed – your session was a massive relief for me, I told my girlfriend that as we were walking back to my car. I even have had the urge to clean my room more … hahaha. I’ve been practicing the tapping a few times a day and feel more relaxed.

I have felt refreshed the days afterwards, but I did have some stressful times come up but  dissipated much quicker than they usually did before.

I am truly grateful for helping me, you have opened a whole new outlook on handling things for my self!

Thank you so much!!!

-Dean S

I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you,  Jessy. You have an amazing gift, in my eyes!  She has the ability to be able to use her amazing talent of Body Talk to be able to resolve the issues in your body that pharmaceutical drugs can only dream of accomplishing.

I was born with a birth condition called Severe By-Lateral Clubbed Feet.  This condition led me through a series of reconstructive surgeries as a small child and eventually a Double below Knee Amputation (DBKA), as an adult.

 I had met Jessy a few months after my second leg was amputated, and I had gone to her to see if she could help me to eliminate the severe Phantom Pain that I was experiencing as a result of the surgeries.  The phantom pain was so severe at times that I could barley even think, and as a small business owner this was not an acceptable way to spend the day. 

The first visit to Jessy was probably the most affective.  I had no idea what to expect, and all that I knew was that  she was going to “ask” my body a series of questions to figure out why it had not accepted my amputations and why my brain was constantly trying to tell me that there was a problem with my legs (phantom pain).   When I left the office that day I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  The Phantom Pain had lowered to less that 50% of what it was the day before I saw her.  After a couple more visits, Jessy had managed to reduce the phantom pain in my legs and feet to virtually nothing.  And for that I am extremely thankful!!

Jessy you have an amazing talent and I am Truly Grateful to have met you!

Thank You

Rob Dalcourt – Master Franchise Owner of Multi Menu Pet Foods

Hi Jessy,
I wanted to write you a note and tell you about how wonderful it was to re-attune for Reiki 2 again.
When I took the course the first time, I loved it, but didn’t feel the power all of the time. Because I wasn’t sure it was “working” all of the time, I used it less and less.
After the second Level 2 Attunement, I feel like I can’t turn it off!! I heard music that moved me and my hands tingled, I treated my Mom and she felt heat in the wrist that was broken 30 years ago….
Yes, the more I use it, the more it works!
For me I really, really needed the class the second time around, sometimes I need to hear things more than once! It might have been where my brain was the first time I took the class, or how much I have evolved since that first class, who knows. All I now know is that I am having so much fun with my new “powers”.
Thank you again,
Jan Freethy

Jess, I wanted to thank you again for sharing your talent for speaking with the crowd at the BERN Awards in 2012. You have an amazing style. So many motivational speakers are like espresso – a shot of energy and caffeine – followed by a crash when the audience cannot implement the changes being discussed. But you, I think are more than that, kinda like steeped tea I guess. I left your talk feeling like I have been infused with your quiet strength. I was ready to take on the world, and I still had the energy an tools left to do it!”

Lauren Pibworth                                                                                                                                                                                    

I first met Jessy Morrison when she did a presentation at the Barrie Women with Vision Networking Luncheon in 2011.

Since them I have come to know Jessy and her work; most recently through her presentations at the Women with Vision South Simcoe Chapter and then by personally experiencing her Body Talk Technique in her office in Barrie

Jessy’s professional and insightful presentation takes the audience on a journey, one that transforms the subconscious mind to the immediate reality of how we can all master our own thought patterns to change the outcome of our daily decisions and the lives we want to live.  Conscious awareness…a health mind body and soul is the result of Body Talk

Lorraine Leslie


Jessy, Every time I open your emails I remember your warmth and the great help you were when I most needed it.

Let me tell you that my headaches are pretty much gone and I have been fantastic!

I keep tapping and have learned a lot about this technique and have had nothing but good things from it. I also became a Reiki Master just 1 month ago and I love it!

My personality has changed so much that I do enjoy and love my every day life now because I am so confident in GOD and myself.  New people and new opportunities are coming this way now that I opened myself up to this new pathway.

Jessy thank you once again for taking me out of bed, it is not only  that my pain has disappeared,  but also you reminded me what I wanted to be in life and had put it on hold for the last 20 years! I am now working part time as this is giving me the opportunity to experience new changes and implement a great business plan that I want to do from now on to reach my goals and objectives sooner. Not just a smart way to make money but also to help people to be better off and help with their personal growth.

It is what I have been asking for and now that I am more conscious in how to vibrate, I am getting it! This is my mission, as I see is also yours!

  All my love and recognition,  Namaste… Blanca Sepulveda

Two months ago, my daughter was visiting my son when she became violently ill and was experiencing severe stomach cramps. After 7 hours hooked up to IV, with gravol and pain killers, she was told she was fine and could go home. Two weeks ago it happened again! She started getting severe cramping on Saturday night while at a friend’s house, and by the time she arrived home late Sunday, she was very weak and the vomiting happened again. I took her to emerg at 8:00 AM and spent 12 hours with her again hooked up to IV with something stronger than gravol and pain killers. Blood work and a Cat scan indicated that she was “FINE”, and sent home. The next few days she couldn’t eat, and she drank very little for fear of getting sick. She looked and felt terrible … I sent her to see Jessy.

My daughter being a Science Teacher was skeptical but was game for anything at this point! After spending 2 hours with Jessy, I couldn’t believe the difference in her!She had colour in her cheeks, her eyes were clear, and she was energized. She ate, she drank, and while she was exhausted that night, the next day she couldn’t sit still … she now felt GREAT!  In the past, she seldom drank water or juice …just crunched incessantly on ice cubes. Now she has an insatiable thirst and the crunching has stopped. She has now had several sessions with Jessy and I am so impressed with the results.

Jessy thank you for spending extra time with her and appealing to her sense of logic and science which got her into your “cave”. She is enthused with life again and optimism. The changes I see in her in such a short time are impressive.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit Jessy for a truly enriching experience.

Patricia Richardson RBC

 Hi Jessy,

I wanted to thank you for the session on Friday. I was impressed with your methods, and I certainly had more spring in my step on the weekend. I even made some time to “tap”

Best regards,
Stephen Gage  Business Communication Specialist

Hi Jessy
Feeling good – clearly clearer and lighter for sure.


Thanks.  I’ll take a look at the cortices links!

I wanted to let you know that between yesterday and today I have signed 5 new clients plus another person just contact me out of the blue to work with me. I know Body Talk was not the cause of the attraction to me, I market hard for this, but I also know that you have helped me be accepting to receive the payments and be open to really help people. The gifts out = the gifts in. Thank you for spending those few extra moments last week to help me let go of my past poor connection with money.

With your success in mind
Barb Stuhlemmer


Thank you again for another fascinating body talk session. I truly feel like I am becoming myself by letting go of all the junk – thank you. I am experiencing more balance between the chakras and feel more peaceful then ever before. I don’t sweat the small stuff like I used to. I like myself that much more. Ah, it feels so great to let go.

I am reminded of something you said during my last session about bathing the baby in light. I didn’t realize at the time but the mantra I have been saying to myself lately is doing exactly that. Thank you.

My Story

I began my journey with Jessy on the advice of a friend. At the beginning of my journey, I had my first child who – at the time – was about 7 months old. A beautiful little girl who brought all the joy in the world and also forced me to take a really good look at myself. I always felt my daughter was my greatest teacher and she was trying to teach me something that I just couldn’t understand yet. I was feeling as if I needed to grieve for someone or something but could not, simply due to the fact – I had no idea what I needed to cry over. And I was facing some internal tourmoil as well, something just wasn’t right with me – I couldn’t adjust to this new role of being a mother. What was going on? I kept asking myself, and what should I do? Then I called my girlfriend, Tara. I explained that I felt I was having difficulty adjusting to being a mother – Tara was a mother of 2 at the time – what was her secret? I asked. That was when Tara explained what Body Talk was, told me of her experience, and suggested I see Jessy. That was all I needed to know – I knew she was the right person for me to see. My first visit with Jessy blew me away and I released many locked in emotions and situations that I had no idea I was holding on to. What else is hidden in this body of mine that I am not aware of? I thought. Upon Jessy’s (or my body’s – I should say) recommendations I kept going back on a regular basis and continued to discover areas of my previous years ‘stuck’ in my poor body.

Just this past summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to receive the Reiki Attunement Level 1 & 2 from Jessy. I cannot explain the feelings of oneness I felt with all the women I spent the weekend with. It was truly a spiritually uplifting experience for me – one that will remain fresh in my mind for the rest of my days. With the combination of the Reiki Attunement and my visits with Jessy, I continue to release old information that was previously stored in my body; and to date, I have never, ever felt more like myself then now. The success of my spiritual growth with the help of Jessy, has brought more success in all other areas of my life – especially business. I truly believe that the assistance Jessy has provided me has been the best personal development experience of my life. Jessy is very inspirational to me and her presence radiates beauty, health, peace, and love. These are qualities that I aspire to cultivate more of. Thank you Jessy from the depths of my soul.

Kirsten & Rory O’Connor, Success and Wellness Coaches, Kangoo Nation Fitness Instructors


I am the producer and host of Woman to Woman, a weekly talk show that airs live on Rogers Television in Barrie. I had the wonderful opportunity to have Jessy on the show to talk about the benefits of Reiki. I was so impressed with Jessy’s knowledge of Reiki and how treatments can help rejuvenate your body and mind, recharge lost energies and promote self-healing.

In today’s busy world it is comforting to know that we can use a safe and natural therapy to enhance our own well-being. Therapies such as Reiki need to be introduced into the main stream. We all need and deserve to make our own choices when it comes to our health, and with Reiki or Body Talk it gives us that power.

I have actively used Reiki in my life since meeting Jessy and learning a bit about the whole process and it has been amazing! Being a busy Mom and working and just having a crazy schedule-Reiki helps me to take a breath and balance myself and life. When you can do that without drugs….you know you are on the right track!

Deanne McCallum, Producer/Host, Rogers Television


Hello Jessy, well for a girl who had little energy today before I came in to see you, I am feeling so wide awake – I haven’t been up this late in a long time. And not even a short nap today! My husband still doesn’t believe that body talk is real. But I am telling you – I feel amazing since I have seen you. I have more energy today than I have had this entire 12 weeks of this pregnancy and for the first time tonight I didn’t feel so horrible at dinner. My husband did make dinner, but I wasn’t feeling so icky by that point. I hope tomorrow is the same way. Amazing that you helped the nausea pass.

I also had a great day in business after I left you and things just seem in better balance overall. I guess I should get to bed, but not because I feel tired, but because I know I need my sleep for me and the baby and to be awake with my other two tomorrow!

Thanks again! you are truly an amazing woman with your incredible gifts! Your partner in wellness and in success,

Tara Cooper, Business Trainer & Wellness Coach

I had the opportunity to hear Jessy give a talk about her work and passion.  What first impressed me was her incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for her work.  She explained how the cells in our bodies have memory which can be current or from generations past. She took us through some simple exercises with breathing deeply and just letting go of all the stress we hold in our bodies. She had the audience laughing and listening intently to what she had to say. As a result of hearing her speak and then a one on one demonstration of body talk I felt led to start seeing her as a client.  And I’m glad I did.

~Deborah Bourne, Accounting Georgian College

 Jessy and I have done several seminars together. Jessy has an incredible way of including the audience, making them feel involved and also educating at the same time. She truly cares about what she is talking about and that is evident in her delivery to the audience. The audience is always captivated by her stories and how it relates to Reiki and body talk.
Speaking from personal experience I am also a client of Jessy’s and she worked wonders on me, giving me the tools to release stress and tap out the negative that was holding me back from being a completely happy and healthy individual.

~ Courtney Proudfoot  Financial Advisor, Sun Life Financial

Jackie Ramler, CFP, FMA, MBA |

 Branch Manager & Financial Advisor  Raymond James

While going through a very high stress period in my life I decided I needed to do something for myself that would get me through this period.  My Body Talk sessions with Jessy Morrison have made a very positive impact on reducing my stress levels.

I didn’t want Jessy to be a ‘secret’ in our community so I invited her to speak and participate in an event I held for women business owners in our community.   ‘All About You’ was an interactive evening where we featured service companies that were of interest to women. 

Jessy was the ‘Hit of the Evening‘ and everyone really enjoyed her presentation.  Jessy was engaging and brought a fairly complex topic to everyone’s level by relating it to everyday issues.  I know that many of the women attending that evening booked appointments with Jessy and I gave an hour of her services to a business owner going through a challenging time.

I have no hesitation in recommending  Jessy Morrison, and often do.

 Jessy Morrison lives her life in service and in her presence, you know and you feel her authenticity.  I feel blessed to know her. She has spoken at our workshops several times and we always welcome her back.

 – Lori Brant B.A.B Ed. M.Msc. C.L.C.  M.S.L.C.

   Believing in Unlimited Possibilities

Manifest The Connection Meetup Barrie

July 2007

Hi Jessy,
 Since my Reiki treatment I am feeling less burdened with the past, and more enthusiastic about the future.  My son, Cameron, is also interested in trying a session with you and  when he knows his work schedule and can make an appt. on his day off.  Thanks again, you were wonderful and also thank you for easing my mind about religious conflicts; I believe it has even made my faith stronger.  See you soon, I am looking forward to another session in a few weeks. 
Pam Toutant

Sept. 2006

Hi Jess,

“Amazing”. I would definitely say that sums me up!

I really like this follow up stuff. It affirms that your treatments are working.

I have had 2 treatments with you now. Both times felt that I just wanted to rest after and would probably go to sleep. The first time I didn’t sleep but felt quite at ease and peaceful. I did just relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.

On my second visit I was even more tired after the session. I told you how I felt and that I was definitely going home to watch a movie and fall asleep. 15 minutes later I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. I had so much energy. That evening I enjoyed an evening out of entertainment with my husband.

And surprisingly, the next day I was not tired or low in energy as I often am.

To think I was once your biggest skeptic, thanks for introducing me to “energy work”.

Amazing! I have to tell everyone.

Margaret Harlos

Jan.25, 2008

Hi Jessy,

Another great session. Just had to tell you by the way, I was exhausted after Christmas, really burned out and all I wanted was to have a good vacation. After our session I bounced back very quickly on Saturday and spent another lovely evening with my husband. I was no longer tired about 15 minutes after leaving you! Your Reiki treatment did the trick.

P.S. the arthritic pain in my big toe yesterday has gone too. And, so is my “stinkin-thinkin”.  I love this BodyTalk stuff.

Thanks. Margaret H

Aug 14, 2007

Hi Jessy!!

What you are doing is AMAZING!! I am on my path Jessy, so much is happening, I am a different gal from when we met me years ago!!

Without Reiki I would never have changed careers, entered Canadian idol and finally realized my modeling career. God Bless You.

Reiki every year on my Birthday is a must. See you next year!

Thank you, I want to know when the next body talk workshop is being held, I am sooooo interested!!

Talk to you soon

Laura S

Hi there, I’m Margaret Harlos of Living Organized. I am proud to give this testimonial for Jessy 

“Call Jess to relieve your stress” Why would I tell you to do that?

Because I know how I feel, every time I have. I am a personal organizer and home stager … Jessy showed me that by my helping people organize their possessions; I am actually often wading thru their old energy. As I help them release material possessions that no longer serve them; I sometimes – inadvertently – take on their energetic static. As their garages empty, they feel happy, lighter and relieved, but sometimes I leave feeling their previous overwhelm and emotional exhaustion. In other words lousy!

Going to Jess for a Reiki session or a BodyTalk Access treatment relieves that accumulated baggage.

She’s able to wipe off the static or residual energy stuck to my aura, and I leave her place feeling renewed and ready to have a fun night out with my family.

 Before meeting Jess I didn’t understand about energy, now I understand more. She’ opened my eyes and senses to a whole new world that I am only beginning to explore.

So have your friends and clients call Jess, to release their stress.

They will feel better, renewed, and ready to tackle the challenges in their life again.

Jessy gives you Lessons and Sessions in understanding what we can do to improve our energy, our health and wellbeing.

Sept 10, 2008

In May 2008 I had both a physical injury and lots of mental stress.  I had just returned from climbing in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal where I had severely injured my left Achilles tendon so I was dealing with swelling, pain and immobility.   I was also dealing with the mental stress of having the rest of my family still on the mountain trying to summit Mt. Everest.  Jessy came to my home several times and did Body Talk and Reiki on me.  In all the sessions Jessy was the facilitator in helping my body heal and my mind de-stress.  She always came with a positive attitude, a soothing voice and gentle hands.  If I allowed myself to relax the positive energy from either procedure made a difference in how I felt over the next few days by relieving a lot of physical and mental tension.  If I let my mind wander and resisted Jessy I did not receive the same benefit although it was a pleasant experience. I think Jessy helped me the most mentally which in turn helped my healing.  If you believe that the body can heal itself things happen within the body and Jessy does things that aid in the healing process.

You do good work, Jessy.

Hugs Barbara Mallory

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessy.  You are my angel.

When I had my first session of Body Talk with Jessy Morrison I knew that this is what I had been looking for my entire life.  I never understood why I just couldn’t let go of my past and stop thinking about all of the things that happened to me as a child.  I’m a business owner, have a wonderful life, amazing husband, and home but I still could not be happy on the inside.  I was always thinking that I wasn’t good enough to be happy or that I somehow deserved the childhood that I had.  Through Body Talk sessions I was able to address these feelings and memories that I had locked up inside my body my entire life.  My body was ready to let them go so that I could move on and focus on myself for the first time in my life.  Jessy helped me to move forward and learn how to separate emotion from my active memory.  Her non invasive, comfortable techniques of Reiki and BodyTalk is truly amazing.  Your body knows you better than anyone.  I am very thankful that Jessy was there to help me be the best that I can be.  I am living the life of my dreams thanks to Body Talk.

A good referral for Jessy are people you care about who you know are stressed, in pain and overwhelmed. People who cannot afford the money or time for standard talk-therapy. Do them a favour and call Jess to reduce their stress.

Michelle Zorychta

Dear Jessy you are in my thoughts this Happy Thanksgiving. I just wanted to say thank you to you for your work. I am so grateful I was referred to you.

 I’m now going to the bathroom normally. I didn’t think this would ever be possible again. And I can take deep breaths with no problems. Even the depression is lifting. You of course would say this is all connected. I am surprised I feel all this after just one session. I look forward to all 5! You are worth the drive to Barrie . See you in November. – Rosalie

When the body is depleted of energy symptoms arise. Reiki and BodyTalk can allow the body to heal naturally.

Call Jess to reduce your body’s stress and wake up your healing ability. Lauren M

February 2008

Dear Jessy,

I am now hosting a BodyTalk Access Training here in Barrie after having a very positive experience with BodyTalk. I credit BodyTalk with helping me to overcome Hypothyroidism after my medical doctor informed me that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life to support my failing Thyroid.

After working with you as my BodyTalk Practitioner in the fall/winter and re-visiting my doctor for a follow up just a few weeks ago, I was informed that medication was not needed as my condition has improved. Yeah!

Please tell your other clients to feel free to call me to hear more about my experience with you and your sessions of BodyTalk and Reiki.

Ruby Young

Ruby Young
BERN Business Resource Centre Barrie


Amanda C

April 2009

I am feeling wonderful! I have actually even been able to nap in the day time. My anxiety levels have almost been zero! Can’t wait for our second session.

August 16, 2009

Dear Jessy,

I’m back! I wanted to update you on my dreaded vacation…the annual cottage trip. My anxiety was debilitating. The valium and antidepressants did nothing to diminish these feelings.

You managed to break down my BIG Terror into small & manageable revelations.

–   I was afraid of snakes –  I was grossed out by bugs –  Mostly I felt shamed and remorseful that my family resented me, calling me a kill joy, a complainer and a whiner.

After our session I decided to go to the cottage after all, – anxiety free, yet waiting in wonder and with foreboding for the usual times to begin.

I’ve got news! We had a great time! I actually had lots of fun – spiders and bugs didn’t bug me. I unexpectedly swam near a water snake – no big deal.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I wish you could have been here too!

I can’t wait for my next session, I love the new Danielle emerging. This is the real me.

With enthusiasm,

 Danielle Simpson

April 2009

I feel much better after my Body Talk and Reiki sessions thanks to Jessy.

Jessy is a very intelligent and informative individual with a very genuine desire to help others. She is a very kind, non-judgmental lady with many suggestions and solutions. Solutions seem to come very naturally to her while she is helping others.

Before my sessions with Jessy I experienced head aches for years, sometimes lasting up to 3 to 4 days, making me unable to function – needing to take time off work, and time away from family. For the past 2 months (during which Jessy has been giving me weekly sessions) my head aches are minimal and I have not taken any Advil or Aspirin during this time. I’m happy about this because I know how hard and damaging Advil and Aspirin are to my liver. Jessy taught me how to pay attention to the body signals, which I have ignored for years.

Secondly, I work the weekend continental 12 hour shifts, for an auto part manufacturing company, as Quality Inspector, I find this job not only challenging but draining on my body and my mind. After working this job for a year and a half, at 45 years of age, I went to the doctor because my vision went blurry while reading, he sent me to a eye specialist where I was prescribed a prescription for my first pair of eye glasses.

However: after a few sessions with Jessy, my vision is fine and I don’t seem to need my glasses to read any more.

There have been times when I was intimidated by certain people, Jessy’s sessions have helped me restore my courage.

There were times when I worried myself sick over my teenage kids, Jessy has helped me relax and now I feel like a load of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders, because today I’m worry free.

Jessy has helped me walk through stressful minutes, hours and days in my life – while remaining anxiety free now!  Seeing the lesson in each experience.

I feel my inner strength has been restored.

Thank you Jessy your sessions are priceless.

Joanne Whitaker

 Hi Jessy, I have to write to you and tell you how much of an impact you have been in my life! …so thank you, thank you, thank you!  What you do is so very valid – I know this will be a larger part of my life in the future and I have you to thank for that as well. 


April 6, 2009

At the ripe old age of 84, BodyTalk and EFT have been important tools in removing emotional and physical blocks that previously were preventing me from enjoying my quality of life and vitality. I love being healthy!

Mary W

Initially I went to Jessy thinking that she could probably help me figure out if there is something about my past or mindset that was causing me to negatively influence my business success. A few sessions with Jessy helped me surface the thoughts and history that was causing this impact to my business but it also helped me identify relationships challenges that were hurting me physically. When she says that ‘your body speaks your mind, what symptoms is yours using to communicate with you’ … listen up, because it is an amazing truth.  Your symptoms are your body talking to you. Jessy helps you listen and communicate change to allow your body to release the root causes for your symptoms.  The end result could mean the release of disease, mental anxiety/depression and an improved relationship with the ability to achieve what you want out of life!

Stuart Seki

 Well Jessy, after the session I did go for a run.  I was hurried a bit due to the timings to get to the waterfront as I was going with a group.  While running I have not been exerting myself to the fullest yet due to the aches I have been having, but that run was a really peaceful run.  It felt good, good enough that I did another kilometer more than I had originally planned to do.  When would be another good time for a session? 

June 24, 2012

Dear Jessy,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making such a huge difference in my life. The past year has brought a lot of change into my life both emotionally and physically. It’s hard to know sometimes where to turn, who to ask for help and just how to cope in general.

We worked through some really interesting issues last year with multiple sessions of BodyTalk & reiki sessions. They were informative, thought provoking and just down right scratch-your-head interesting. After each session I felt like I was one step closer to healing & being comfortable in my own skin. I truly believe I would not have healed as fast as I did without working with you.

This year I came to you for a fall tune-up! Once again, you astounded me with your discoveries. Most of all, I have been suffering from what I felt was environmental allergies for the past 10 years of my life. I was a regular user of daily antihistamines and decongestant sprays that my doctor advised me to take. After our last BodyTalk session I am happy to report I have not been using either. I never thought the day would come but welcome it with open arms.

I believe everyone needs to find what works for them but in my minds eye, BodyTalk has changed the way I live & think. Thank you Jessy for being such a positive healing person in my life!

Warm Regards, Faye Bubel

Jan 25, 2010

Dear Jessy – I would like to thank you for all your support and understanding during the past couple of years. I have gone through some major changes in my life and I always go running back to you for relief when things just get too much. Now divorced and a single mom I have been very blessed to have you there for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and guidance.

As you know, I was referred to you by my massage therapist what seems like a lifetime ago, and I was very apprehensive. I kept an open mind and found that over the years my outlook on naturopathic and alternative medicine has become more positive and I rely on it to get me back on track and help me cleanse my thoughts. I truly believe now that there is definitely something else pulling us in a direction and it is up to us to figure out how to respond to it so that we make the most of the life we are given. I am just feeling at the tip of understanding Reiki and BodyTalk but have been impressed and astounded by some of the things you have mentioned in your sessions that I had forgotten many years ago, never thought were bothering me and things I never told you about yet you knew. Unexplainable but none the less it happens.

Thanks Jessy for being a friend and “doctor” who has always been there to help me through the bad times. Now more than ever I feel I am relying on your practice to get through the “mud” to a more cleansed and fit emotional and physical me.


Kristina Veenstra

“KV Business Solutions” 

March 15, 2010

Jessy has been my saviour!

In 1988 I gave up smoking.  Since then I have become terribly sensitive to tobacco smoke and to an increasing degree all other scents and chemicals.  I worked in healthcare for 20 years where I was exposed to many chemicals.  Just the  smell of perfumes, dryer sheets, deodorants, hair spray, shampoos, body lotions, cigarette smoke and air fresheners made me very sick.  I have MCS, multiple chemical sensitivities. Traditional medicine and treatments have had no effect on me.  I have also tried a few alternative remedies which have helped relieve some of the panic associated with this disability. 

Then last week I received a BODY TALK session with Jessy Morrison.  To my surprise I feel wonderful. I have actually been trying going around trying to expose myself to offending smells and aromas and to my astonishment, I am now able to walk through the detergent aisles and perfumes aisles in stores without feeling dizzy.  I used to get headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, raw throat, runny nose and felt like I was close to having a seizure in this atmosphere. 

After a second treatment I was able to sit in on a lecture with people wearing scents for 7 hours without feeling ill.  This is an amazing achievement for me.  I credit Jessy’s Body Talk Session 100% for this change in my health and wellbeing today.   Now I am able to move on with the daily business at hand without fear, panic and sickness.  The future seems brighter Jessy and I cannot thank you enough.


Monique Robillard

Hi Jessy,

I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to you for today’s session. 

I had no idea what to expect and I was truly amazed at my body’s response and my emotional reactions.  Feeling at PEACE at the end of the session, I was able to enter my workplace with serenity.  My colleagues actually commented on a “change” for the better.  I know that my energy affects others and today the College had a certain tranquility to it.

Now about my tummy….it’s been “percolating” all day!  Lol!  My body is definitely prepping to get  rid of those parasites. Thanks Jessy for everything!

Nadia McIlveen

 P.S.  I haven’t coughed yet either….well, unless you count the potato chip I choked on when I snacked on a bag of them.  Guess my body was trying to tell me something about my eating habits!

Jan 22, 2010

Thanks so much for the remote BodyTalk and Reiki session Jessy.

Koral’s fever broke last night like you said it would. We’ve all been a bit sneezy – complaining about being indoors so much over the winter and the house if a bit dusty (will do a thorough vacuum and dusting today!). In fact, Korol’s eye lids were a bit red and I thought it might be allergies. I will clean and put her bedding out in the cold as you suggested.

You are so ‘spot on’ it’s awesome! You were right on the money with those links. I  thought she was going through growing pains – complained about her groin area and legs behind the knees were tingly. Her lymph eh.

Our garage smells of gas and may be some other chem as Julian just bought her an ATV and he’s cleaning it, etc. – probably using a degreaser like acetone. You got that right.

Yes at about the time you were doing the Reiki I  went to bed ( 10:45-ish) – I could ‘see’ the negative energy moving (purple) as I fell asleep. I feel great today.

Thanks for the update. I’ll put your cheque in the mail.

Ruby Barrie, On

My massage therapist referred me to Jessy because she was certain Jessy would reduce my stress levels. So I put Jessy to the test with a clutch of minor ailments: stiff back, aching wrist, sore throat – plus an unhealthy surfeit of anger . As I lay on the treatment table and she wiggled my hand and arm, then lightly tapped my head and chest bone, she also held my feet briefly and laid a hand over my middle (she picked up straight away on the anger: my liver meridian apparently needs “balancing” and she knew who I was angry at too).

Is  Jessy a healer? She says ‘No, she’s a listener. BodyTalk is an “energy medicine”, based on scientific principles designed by John Veltheim who uses neuroscience to back his findings, integrating brain responses, western and eastern medicine, chiropractic and many other modalities according to the priorities the body dictates.”

Ah ok… I leave the treatment room calm but still unconvinced. Although Jessy is a dream, her method does seem rather eccentric at first. Unconventional maybe. The tapping feels too much like knocking on wood – I left the first session thinking this is vague optimism rather than hard science. But I keep coming back, it feels strangely good.

Now, one month later, the results of five sessions have shaken my skepticism. All physical complaints disappeared within hours of the first treatment. More surprising has been my change in mood: I feel increasingly clear-headed, lighter – less burdened, optimistic and energetic, as if the white noise of 21st-century urban life has been switched off in my head.

I still don’t know how it works, but then I don’t understand what my computer repair man does either.

Thank you Jessy, you are “a healer” in my books.

Tessa Boase Innisfil


Hi Jessy,
Thank you! I just got back from a wonderful weekend! After all that meditation, I am breathing much more deeply for sure! Also, we went for a long hike in Awenda Park, which helped. The trees are still gorgeous and vibrant, although past their height of colour. My digestive system seems to be improving. I am getting recharged.
Everyone should go for BodyTalk instead of medical doctors. THIS is what we really need. YOU are wonderful!
  ~Carol Ritchie

Aug 2011

 I feel very blessed to have found Jessy and BodyTalk. I had no idea one session could have such a profound effect on my general well being. It is as if a weight has been lifted off my chest, and renewed my faith in God. Jessy removed the sadness, fear, and tension that was stressing my body, and I feel at peace and understand now how my body was reacting to my circumstances. Amazing how Jessy locked into things I wasn’t even consciously aware of, but oh how it resonated and brought up the tears. I’m hooked and so look forward to my next session. It’s easier than cleaning house, its cleaning me.

~Brenda M

June 20, 2011

Jessy!  I just finished reading your article over lunch and I really liked it and did find it interesting.  It seems so weird/strange (good strange) that I’ve been really focusing on myself lately and working on the energy, words, thoughts that I put out into the universe or feed myself and it seems that everyone I have met or talk to is on the same wave length – perhaps it’s me catching up in that realm as I certainly know it’s nothing new, but I do believe the way business operates is changing greatly and energy, treatment of self and others, overall balance seems to be of greater importance now than it has ever been along with being that conqueror of the business world!   We really want it all and it is doable?  Realizing that there is interconnectivity in everything we do allows us to concentrate on areas where we need extra help and flourish naturally into a potential that has never really been tapped into.  I really look forward to our next session and unleashing the potential within!

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow morning at BNI!

Yours truly,

Faye Zevenbergen, President

FBZ Accounting Solutions

May 27, 2011

by Katherine Taylor CBP

I am a BodyTalk practitioner and became one because of the sessions I received as a client. Doing a session every week or two for about a year, my immunity improved and my chronic back pain started to shift and dissipate. But most importantly, I became aware of how my emotions were stuck in my body and how my life was being drained of life.

Studying for my BodyTalk certification I worked with a fellow student and received an amazing session revolving around my birth and my core beliefs. As we all know, the way in which we are birthed into being has a profound impact on our bodies and minds. I was born very premature and had a twin who survived only a day. I remember my birth and the feeling of sharing life with her. But I grew up feeling a major loss, fear for my own security, and a sort of desperate hopelessness that life was meaningless and too short.

Our session focused on my relationship with my twin in utero. I don’t know how to explain what came into the session but it involved: my knowledge that she wasn’t going to live, my clinging to my own loss, her feeling perfectly satisfied with the length of her life (as if the womb and our twinhood was enough), and my idea that life is limited. I left the session with a new idea: that her life had been fulfilled and my feelings of guilt for having survived and not yet fulfilling my destiny or whatever literally vanished.

Our ideas manifest in the physical realm and even my posture changed after that session. Guilt definitely is a contributor to pain but the emotion isn’t bad; it simply needs to be recognized, allowed to move, and released. Working in the realm of the emotions is a fascinating challenge for me and I continue to strive for emotional honesty, integrity, and balance. Thank you to all the BodyTalkers who’ve helped me journey and unburden my heavy heart.

Hello Jessy!

I was outside yesterday, raking and sweeping the front stoop. It was truly lovely outside, save for crazy neighbors and all the sand that had piled up over the winter. I’m afraid I paid the price with a headache today, but nothing like the daily migraines I suffered with every day.  What I have really noticed is that I’ve had more motivation to do things and have been feeling better energy wise. When I returned from our last session, I didn’t sleep properly for two days because I had so much restless energy. Instead of needing to sleep all day  I did do quite a lot of cleaning in my room; it was strange and wonderful at the same time! I’ve started my homeschooled instruction too, and that’s going really well.

I want to thank you again for all your help, and I look forward to seeing you again soon

 🙂 Nadia TerStege

Hi Jessy
Thank you so much for introducing me to the Access Training Dave Huff gives at your location:  I woke up on Monday morning with no ringing in my ears and I’ve been suffering from that for many years!!  The pain in my lower back is also lessening day by day and it feels so GREAT!!!!!  I can handle the stiffness (and suspect that will disappear too), the main thing is getting rid of the pain.  The outside of my right leg just below the knee from the fall on concrete in early May up to now has been numb – is starting to have feeling in the damaged area!!!
I practice the entire Access protocol every morning (15 minutes) a few minutes after getting up and will keep that up for the 3 week challenge – I’ll keep it a regular waking up routine.  I’ve read John Veltheim’s book from cover to cover and if I can help my dear friends from (at least) some of their suffering, I’d love it.
Thanks so much for all the help you have both given me.
Shirley S ~ Schomberg Ontario “Happy Access Fast Aid Trainee”


Anne A. As a lawyer and single mum of two, I was looking for more balance in my hectic life.” The regular release of built up frustration, thoughts and buried feelings through BodyTalk keeps me feeling lightened  and relieved. Better than a day at the spa, Jessy helps me recharge my batteries, and gives my kids their mum back.”

Dear Jessy:

Exploring and practice after attunement Level 1: 

I worked on my son’s head a little Sunday night, hand on forehead and back of head while he was standing up.  It felt like he was pushing straight up through his spine and top of head as if straightening up his posture.  He asked me later what I was doing and he thought I was pushing him a little to straighten up his head.  I wasn’t pushing at all, I just felt him straightening up.

Spent time with Cindy today and worked with her young daughter who wasn’t feeling well.  This child couldn’t stop smiling while we had our hands on her or above her.  It was beautiful.

We gave Reiki energy to a plant of Cindy’s.  We’re hoping for flowering before Christmas…it hasn’t flowered for a long time…felt silly at first but we both felt a pulsing after a minute.

Cindy’s cat who normally stays away from guests not only came over to me when I just put my hands down to her (without petting at all, just hands out). and then spend about half an hour in my lap pushing her head into my hand and snuggling.  Opening up her chest area when I moved my hand down to her chest and exposing herself with all four legs up into the air.  She had a glazed/”doped” look on her face for quite some time and a purr that broke the sound barrier.  She also did a strange thing.  After a while she had her two front paws around my arm in a tight hug and started licking my fingers almost furiously and then gave me a couple of nips (not aggressive but with a little teeth!).  All the while her eyes were glazed.  After she did this I kind of stroked her down her body and “woke her up” ’cause the little biting thing was weird.

I worked on Cindy while in a sitting position in a chair and while I had one hand on her forehead and the other on the back of her head I asked her if she wanted to put her head down on the table in my hand and she said yes.  She stayed there for quite a while, my hand on the table and her head in my palm.  While I had her head in my hands I felt the words “so much to release”.  While I had my hand on her back of neck area I “saw” small little waves/flames on her shoulders and started stroking them off to the shoulders.

Cindy worked on me sitting in a chair for a while and it was very relaxing.  I felt my head swirling a little.

We chatted and the cat came back in and came back into my lap for some more.  Little “Reiki Pig”… absolutely astonishing.

Tonight I worked with my son and my husband for a while.  My 13 year old saw me working on my husband’s head and said “me next”!

Thanks for everything. 

I look forward to the coming discoveries.

Donna Greatrix

Hi Jessy

Some interesting things I have noticed since Sat. is that I have drank 9 bottles a water–may not seem weird to you but I used to hate water and drink 4-5 cups of tea a day and that is it.  Now I can’t get enough water. 

Since her session Kaitlyn my little daughter has been walking around the house swirling her hands around in front of her, as if she is connecting to her Reiki energy. I have not told her to do this, and she seems to be in deep thought when she is doing it. 

I have felt more at peace since Saturdays attunement –a feeling I can’t quite put my finger on.  I feel more trusting.  Sat. night I also tried to practice Reiki  on my very over- worked & exhausted husband, and about 10 mins. into it he was almost asleep then he whispered what are you doing to me–I answered nothing you are doing it–he said he had started tingling from head to toe, that it started at his head and moved over him like a blanket covering him. My husband loved the feeling he said it is like we have been connected in a different way-(everyone says we still act like honeymooners even after 10 years)- now I feel like I can give something back to him. 

I feel like I am here for a reason I cannot yet describe, in a sense I felt lost a lot of the time. Since Sunday, I feel like I have possibly found the beginning to what my life is supposed to be.I’m also suddenly observing everything more, and not necessarily “over thinking”. (Okay now I’m just getting a bit too cheesey and ambarassing.)

Just an aside, you and your daughter have a light around you both, and bring light to any room. Tell her I said thank you for the kind words.

Cindy G.

Hey Jessy,

Thank you so much for holding the BodyTalk Clinic and sending me the attachment on “Corices”. I’m not going to lie I had a hard time believing that this exercise would work but I actually do feel a difference. I don’t know if it’s just a mental thing but I really appreciate it. I find it really works when I am having negative thoughts. I’ll just tap away alternating between my head and my heart and I actually seem to have a better attitude. I tried to use it before my interview this morning, I don’t know if it helped or not but I got the job. I suppose I’ll give some credit to the exercise.

Other than that I don’t know about any changes towards my sleep or energy patterns, but my lower back hasn’t hurt. Its more my upper back but I plan to tap that out with mom sometime soon. As for my breathing I really took what you said seriously about how important it is to regularly take full breathes.

I do appreciate this exercise. I’m grateful for anything that will lead me towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

I’m definitely interested in continuing to keep up with the body talk exercises. Please keep mom and I updated on the teen classes coming up please.

Thanks again Jessy,

Chelsea M 🙂

Mon, 25 Feb 2008

 Hello Jessy,

My goodness that was quite an interesting session.  How fascinating the BodyTalk is.

I didn’t even complain to you about my ears. That it came up that I should have an ear candling treatment, I’m astounded. But I must say my ears are so much better now. Before that I often felt like I wanted to go in and dig something out.  My ears feel great now, no discomfort. I really enjoyed that ear candling, thank you.

As for the shoulders and tract infection they too are all better and does it ever feel great!

By the way, that connection procedure you did [eg. connecting the left shoulder to the right hip, etc.] does that create a rebalancing in the body??  The reason why I am asking is here is what happened:

 Friday night I slept soundly but I knew that the body was doing something, because my left hip was burning and telling me it was there.

 Today I was at the chiropractor again and was surprised that I was finally able to do my balancing exercise on the trampoline without much effort.  It seems that my body is more grounded and my walk is more solid. 

I am glad that you did that procedure.  I always walk away from your treatments with the body having gained another step forward in the path of my health and wellness.

At 60 life isn’t over, it is fun again. You are adding years to my life, and life to my years. Thanks jJessy

See you when I return from Florida.

Eileen L Bookalam

Jessy is my daughters Godmother. We have known each other for 26 years now, and I have seen her in many careers. Each one seems to have lead closer to the path of being a healer nurturer. I can vouch for the effectiveness of Jessy’s Reiki treatments both “in person” and “long distance” as I have had the benefit of both after my recent surgery.  A hands-on treatment was given to me in the hospital which was helpful with both pain relief and relaxation.  Later at home I developed complications which caused me to have severe bladder spasms which completely immobilized me.  I couldn’t get hold of my doctor and called Jessy in desperation.  She was able to send me a distance Reiki which started to relieve the extreme pain within 20 minutes and I was able to move around and function shortly after that.  I finally got hold of my doctor who prescribed medication for this which I did take as these spasms reoccurred periodically but never to the same extent or severity.  The Reiki treatment was amazing in both the speed and effectiveness of relieving my pain and desperation.  I will be forever

grateful to Jessy for sharing her ability to do Reiki and assisting me in my “hours of need”.

Jessy takes her skill very seriously and has been of great benefit to many people, myself included.  She is an inspiration to me and others, and I’m sure that with her positive outlook and helping spirit she will continue to be an asset to any community she is a part of, especially as she dedicates herself to her healing in a professional capacity.

   Sincerely, Aila Ritola Willowdale, ON

I would like to say a few words about Jessica Morrison. I have worked with Jessica Morrison in the corporate and pharmaceutical environment and have also had Reiki treatments with her. As my supervisor, Jessica demonstrated incredible patience, professionalism, and a positive attitude.

 The reason that I am writing is in regards to the Reiki treatments that I had with Jessica. In 2005, I was to have major abdominal surgery. I had never heard of Reiki and was amazed by the benefits. Not only was there an improvement in my attitude but also in my feelings of hopefulness in regards to the surgery.  Through the use of Reiki, Jessica was able to calm me down and help me improve my attitude using visualization techniques and breathing exercises. I noticed that my recovery time was also shortened by the incredible reinforcement that came from Jessica.

With Jessica’s help, I was able to maintain a positive energy after my surgery, which allowed me to recover in less than a month.

Jessica has always had a positive energy force around her and she inspires all who meet her.

I highly recommend Jessica for any endeavor that she may pursue. She will be a valuable asset to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require anything further.


Angela Canale

Hi Jessy,

I would like to thank you once again for giving me a Reiki treatment.  My husband noticed a big difference in me, however, up until you emailed me, I never thought to connect the way I’ve been to the session we had.  I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, or a cause and effect.  I guess I won’t know until I do another session with you.

Aura Laagus

Thanks again for awaking me to energy flow.   I just close my eyes and visualize the energy flowing into my body from yours.   It is like every once in a while I get a battery boost and my engine is clicking again.   I visualize my legs when I go to bed as having cement pulling them down and it helps me sleep better.   My body is just too heavy to lift off the bed (yes I need to lose weight) but because of my visualization I am totally released of negative energy allowing no memories of any dreams.

Thanks again and hopefully those cement legs will not come into play when I am scuba diving next week in Cuba!

Carl R. Miller, MBA

Dear Jessy,

I would just like to thank you for all of your kindness and professional support during my times of need.  It’s so natural for us to resort to our family physicians in times of emotional and physical strain, however, following a few visits with you, I have come to realize that your work goes far beyond what anyone could receive from the traditional form of medical treatment.  Your healing hands and gentle bedside manner began a whole new form of healing for me in my life.  You have taught me to visualize what I need in my life, and more importantly how to let go of what is unnecessary, and only weighs the body down.  I wish to thank you for all your positive energy, love, concern and support. 


Christine Fontaine

I know Jessica not only as a Reiki practitioner but also as a former colleague and friend.  I attended a Reiki Attunement I session back in December of 2005 at her suggestion because of my anxiety and panic attacks.  To this day I continue to practice self-Reiki and have found it to be extremely helpful in relaxing me and allowing me to have a restful night sleep.

As a friend I know she is only an e-mail away and when I had some symptoms that were concerning me after the session, she put my mind at ease and reassured me this was normal and it was only the energy shifting within my being.  She is compassionate and a good listener and I found her to be a very interesting person and we have had many good conversations together.

She has great faith and strongly believes in what she is doing.  It is refreshing to see someone feel such passion in her work.

 I wanted you to know Jessica.  I mean every word of it.

Cristina Da Silva

Hi Jessy

Just wanted to let you know, I slept really well last night, it was the first time that I could sit and watch TV without thinking I should be something productive.  It was almost like my mind gave in for a few hours and let my body rest. It was a very peaceful feeling.  It’s too bad I can’t just feel that way when I know I should rest, instead of getting …one more thing done.

Thanks again it was a great experience.
 Donna Pauze M I P Photography

Hi Jessy,  I wanted to thank you for coming to my school today and helping me to start “healing” again. I was tired, worn out, and now I’m ready to live again. Your Reiki treatment gave me back my energy. I hope you are well, because you look awesome!

You gave me a lot to think about – including myself again and you put things in such neat perspective. I hope I can see you again soon; maybe we can make this a ritual for a while.

I keep wishing away fear and telling the universe that I am ready to receive all good things … in fact, I yelled it in the car as I was driving home, it was liberating.

Your Feng Shui tips too were welcome. I rearranged my room – in fact, it needed a good cleaning and rearranging. As suggested, plants for the classroom as of Monday.

BIG HUGS to you … and you’re right about ‘you know who” … I don’t have very much to lose but a great deal  to gain.

  Thanks again,  Love ya.

  Fortunata Scopelliti  Department Head of English  St. Jean de Brebeuf, YCDSB Woodbridge

Hi Jessy:

My job has always been very high stress and demanding and by the time I get home at night I have already processed hundreds of emails and phone calls…and usually have nothing left at that point.  I wanted you to know though, that since my Reiki Level 1 attunement I have made changes that are lightening up my load, my responses and reactions to things … all positive!

At first, right after attunement, I felt nothing.. I was just waiting for something (anything) to happen. But no significant signs came my way, which truthfully kind of bummed me out a bit. I was so excited for this when we had class, even though you warned us “no leotard and cape” I couldn’t help wishing. So I guess I did go through a lull for a few months…Then slowly, things began to make more sense and I have read every book I could make time for and things started to flow. 

Since taking my Reiki II Attunement I am really feeling the power…taking Reiki inward and over distance and time has helped to calm me immensely. Any blockages I had were blown away… It was very intense and liberating….ever since then, the Reiki flows through me very strongly…And I can’t believe how my intuition has increased (as long as I don’t question it, and leave out my intention or false expectations).

Wanted to let you know what has been happening.

I am really enjoying being around people with positive energy … good God what have you started me on…lol.

Talk to you soon,

Fred Leicht

Dear Jessy,

I never would have believed if I didn’t experience it. Reiki is a regenerating process to me. We all get caught up in the every day hustle and bustle of our so important routines and lives. How long can we go on without regeneration or refreshment?

We only have so much energy before we run out or break down. I now believe Reiki is an important part that is missing in many peoples lives, and after a while we wonder what could have possibly went wrong, when we aren’t feeling so well.

One day I hope to learn Reiki, so I can regenerate on my own. Thanks for making a difference Jessy!

  Joanne Whitaker Cleaning Services

I saw Jessy for a session of Body Talk and it was a wonderful self- discovery! Without even realizing it, Jessy used Body Talk to bring out the heart of issues I had been putting off, or certain relationships that were bothering me, but I didn’t know why… until now. Body Talk helped to hold these thoughts up and show them for what they were, thoughts and beliefs that I had the power to change, if I was ready to change them. Followed by Reiki this was a re-energizing and re-focusing session. I immediately felt lighter on the drive home, and the thoughts towards others I once had, seemed to disappear into something meaningless. This session with Jessy reminded me that we choose what to believe in, even when it comes to our own thoughts. If we listen to ourselves long enough, we may start to believe some truly negative things, which can get in the way of our hopes and dreams. Thank you Jessy for introducing me (body, mind and spirit) to Body Talk.

Krista Dicks, BA, RMT, CIMI

Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor

I have had a few Reiki sessions with Jessy & I totally swear by it. It helped me feel more grounded, more at peace, & emotionally a lot lighter!! At the time of my first session I had been holding onto a great deal of anger in regards to a personal situation I had experienced. I also had been experiencing a lot of pain in my knees for a very long time. At my first session, even though I didn’t tell her of my knee problems Jessy spent a good deal of time on my knees & then asked me a thought provoking question,” who did I needed to forgive?” Apparently the knees pertain to anger & forgiveness and her hands were just glued to them. I felt a popping in my knees; like popcorn was being popped inside of them & I knew exactly who I needed to forgive. After having a few sessions with her, I feel that Reiki has absolutely helped me to release the anger & I no longer have any pain in my knees.

I had also started my own business months prior, and 3 months later was so miserable, I shut it down. I truly believe that the Reiki helped me to be true to myself and gave me the courage to quit my business before it exhausted my spirit, and venture into a field closer to my heart.

I sent my brother to Jessy for his birthday and he raved how well he slept afterwards, he’d had insomnia for years.

I now practice Reiki on my boyfriend and within 5 minutes he is so relaxed he falls asleep!!

I also practice it on my cat and he just turns on his back and loves it!!

Reiki has really been something I’ve gotten very interested in and I live by it and it’s positive philosophies! I took level 1 with Jessy and I plan on continuing with it and always making it apart of my life!!!

Thank you so very much Jessy. What you are trying to do is AMAZING!!! The world needs people like you to bring this to everyone so they no longer feel depleted.

Lots of love

Laura Screnci, Woodbridge Ontario

The purpose of this note is to recommend Jessica Morrison as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. I have personally been treated by Jessica as a client at the Reflection Centre.

I enjoyed the session so much that I enrolled in her Reiki Level 1 course and have referred friends and family to her.  
When I first heard of Reiki, I didn’t clearly understand what it was.  Jessica explained it completely with hands on demonstration and theory.

Over the past several months I have discussed Reiki with several people and I have come to the realization that it is a practice that is widely being introduced and accepted into our community.  I believe very strongly that this is a vital service as the baby boomers look to taking care of their whole self.

I believe her business is very important for our community to take responsibility of their own well being.  She is a great teacher and I am sure her business will be a booming success.


We have had the pleasure and privilege of sitting in Jessy’s Reiki talks and experiencing this pure form of Reiki ourselves, and can say that she is one of the most inspiring and warm hearted people we know. She speaks with authority and understanding of life. Not as a theorist, but one who has experienced hardship herself and yet transformed her awareness through the power of Reiki and its loving healing energy.

We often recommend her Reiki to clients of ours who need to de-stress or who massage on its own doesn’t seem to help enough.

Yours in Wellness,

M.Tenaglia, E.Neves, N.Frolick & S.Borg

(Massage therapists at Nu Life Wellness Clinic in Woodbridge) 2006

Dear Jessy:

I write to thank you for taking the time to give me Reiki distance healing. My experience was very positive; you gave me a feeling of connection when I was feeling displaced. Our numerous phone conversations when I reached out in crisis always brought me to a state of equilibrium and calm. Talking me through EFT to calm my breathing and panic was more beneficial than all my years of counselling. Even my bulimia is under control, thank you.

My experience with you was positive and I hope that you are able to give to others the same therapy through touch and thought that you gave me. I appreciate that you gave to me, out of kindness and concern.

You are a positive person who can heal those who are willing to accept it. Your work is similar to that of a nurse who takes the time to give to others knowing that it will benefit us all.

Good luck in your new business venture, I hope that you get the tools you need to continue serving the population that is very in need of your service.

  Warm regards,  Nina C

I am a Registered Nutritionist with a practice in Aurora, specializing in infants, children and women.  Many of my clients are stressed mothers that have children with diagnosed issues, such as ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, eczema, etc.  It has been my experience that traditional methods combined with holistic methods of health care provide a great balance for helping both the mothers and children improve their issues/conditions.  As a mother, I too become stressed and lack balance, and have experienced Jessy’s Reiki sessions.  Combining Jessy’s treatments with the proven traditional methods, it leaves me feeling revived, de-stressed and balanced once again.

Jessy is a fantastic practitioner in her field.  I believe that this thousand year old method of health care is a great asset to health care today.

Yours in Good Health,
Carol Fazari
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Hi Jessy:

I have been meaning to send this to you for over a week now and am finally getting around to letting you know how much I enjoyed my Body Talk session.

I know you spent double the amount of time that is usually allotted for a session and I want you to know that not only did I notice that, I really appreciate it.  I think we were on such a roll it just didn’t seem right to cut it off when we weren’t really done yet.

You are amazing.  I can now read for more than a page at a time and not fall asleep!  That is a big deal for me.  It was a huge challenge.

I think I have come to terms with a few things regarding my health and have you to thank for it.

It was great meeting you and hopefully we can work together on some level.  I will be sure to get some magazines to you as the issues come out so I will definitely be back up to see you.

I just wanted to let you know how much I felt a connection to you and wanted to let you know that I really think the passion you have for what you do really shows.  I thought it was so funny that during our time together you mentioned a lady’s name, Fern Wolf who lives near me and is the aunt of 2 of my chocolate distributors.  On my way home, I dropped off magazines at a place in Alliston called the Reiki Centre and mentioned to the lady there that I had been up to Barrie for a Body Talk session and she immediately asks, “was that with Jessy?”.  When I said yes, she said that she had taught you reiki many years ago.  What a small world isn’t it?  I am really starting to realize my path here and need to start following my gut more. I know I could learn a lot from you.

Thank you so much and just really wanted to make you aware the difference you have made in my life.

Kelly Farris

Hi Jessy.

I’m right in the middle of my busiest season –tax season – and hey ‘no stress’ but I will have to touch base with you in May.

I am now a “Non-smoker”; just wanted you to know my last cigarette was 29 Nov 08 – my Mom’s 89th birthday.

Thanks for clearing those “active memories” that were holding me back. Wouldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you Lori Graham -Huntsville

Access Workshop

We’ve been really good and doing cortices, switching, hydration and body chem on a daily (almost) basis. The itchy spot on my daughters hand is gone – will have a look at the rest of her body later today. She even asks me to ‘switch’ her on – sometimes she gets confused as we all do when we are tired – and she asks me to switch her on…cool, eh.

Monday night when Korol was at Sparks she was getting confused with my name and her playmate at daycare (she called me Owen) and she asked me to switch her on. The maneuver is so quick that I did it and the Guide Leader sort of looked at me sideways and asked if Korol was okay – I said yes and just continued on. 

I even did cortices and switching on a new colleague who just disclosed to me she had MS. She was sounding confused, so I showed her cortices and suggested that she do it on a regular basis. When I saw her yesterday she told me after we met she felt more ‘logical’. I said the technique helps to lessen confusion and she agreed. Cool – I also used it on Janice yesterday who felt a headache coming on. I asked her later, and of course, she forgot about the headache…because it was gone! Gee this is fun. 

Ruby Young BERN Center

Mark Adams,  2005.

There might very well have been no “Eureka” moments while I was on the table, but I thought you should know…
A funny thing did happen while I was on my walk; it might just be psychosomatic though…but I really had this feeling of wellness and connectedness. Oh, also there is absolutely no pain in my back although it was paining me the whole time before I came over… this definitely is an “aha”. I must pursue this further.


Tanya Cleary-Desantis,  2003

I have MS.  1 hour with Jessy is better than a year on medication from my doctor. The peace and freedom from pain lasts for days after a treatment and gives me more of myself to share with my children. Thank you for coming into my life Jessy.

June Marie Haron.2003

After hip replacement surgery my niece, Tanya, recommended Jessy. I was ready to try anything. Reiki has helped me get off heavy meds faster than the other patients here at Hillcrest Rehabilitation Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital. My doctors and nurses are surprised and curious. Jessy’s diligence in hands on and distance healing have been a God-send in pain relief and comfort. I truly felt the energy flow. Thank you and thank you for not charging me as I’m sure others would have. When you are on disability it can be difficult to make ends meet.

Phyllis Monitz. 2003

Thank you for giving me myself back. My family thanks you too. I am recommending you to everyone I know.

Sheila Starett.2004

Peaceful, bliss how can I describe the way I feel after a Reiki treatment. It helped me get rid of anxiety before an operation. Remarkable.

Angela Canale.2004

I was terrified of having a kidney operation for cancer. Jessy helped me prior to and after surgery. I’ve healed and have my life back. I’m very grateful

 Pat Beacock

Symptoms Just tired , really worn out, grandson comeing over and just need to recharge

Surprised by how relaxing it is. Felt good, calm & Supported. Thank you

Your greatest wealth is your health.

I met Jessy in January 2008. That was the beginning of a journey that I could not have predicted.

In my first session Jessy took a health history and after reviewing it asked me what were my biggest priorities. That was an interesting question, one I had never been asked before by any health care provider. I immediately answered, the facial numbing on my left side that had been present for almost 2 years following a jaw reconstruction surgery. Next was persistent middle aged acne, as well as elbow and knee pain from a skiing accident. Those were the top three but did not even cover the list of other symptoms that Jessy touched on during the session, we set a follow up and when I returned she asked how things were. I told her the numbing was still there, the acne was better, but I had totally forgotten that the elbow and knee had ever been bothering me. This was enough for me to continue with tune-up sessions and bringing in my family. During another session my jaw issue was addressed. This was a miracle; I could feel my face for the first time in almost two years!

– Donna D

For 4 years , I have lived my life WITHOUT the many  symptoms that I used to experience daily. In 2010 Jessy suggested that I take a Body Talk Access class with a colleague of hers, Cherie Carpenter (“Family Fast Aid” she called it). What I noticed after that class was how much better my family and I have been in-between tune-up sessions and how much more their sessions address. Jessy says it is cumulative, the more you do the better you feel because it unstresses the brain and therefore the body too!

 – Anna T

This February I had the task of doing our income taxes… this was the ‘aha’ moment that so supported the truth that there is no doubt that Body Talk has changed my family’s lives, for the better. I wanted to know just how much money we spent on health care in 2011. Well guess what we didn’t have enough out of pocket health expenses to itemize… hmm… seems we had fewer health issues in 2011. I came up with less than $1,500.00 which included a crown (not covered) for my husband and two annual visits for check ups. I wondered how this compared to 2010, the year before I started seeing Jessy for Reiki & BodyTalk. I pulled our 2010 tax return and almost fell over…

Our out of pocket expenses that year included general medical, allergies, asthma, migraine headaches, a couple wrist fractures, sleep issues, too many prescriptions to list and a few other therapies including chiropractic and massage, the total we could deduct was a staggering $10,200.00. I was in shock! I know that tapping out Cortices daily and getting regular Body Talk sessions is the key. We didn’t change anything else, but clearly everything changed. We no longer have a list of “diagnosis” and no longer fill our linen closert wih prescriptions than we can count on two hands. We may have an occasional cold or bump here or there, but we stop and tap and remind the body that it can heal itself effortlessly! I am enthusiastic about every session I receive.

What does health cost? I don’t know for sure, but here in 2012 it is much cheaper than before Body Talk came into our lives! It is wonderful to be able to  spend that money traveling and doing things that we weren’t healthy enough to do before. Our health is priceless, and for my family so is Body Talk!

My sincere appreciation to Jessy for every time you have tapped on my head and heart since 2010, you are teaching me to live my best life! Body Talk may seem goofy but the results speak for themselves. I enjoy you sharing all the latest research, your enthusiasm for science and energy medicine is catching. I look forward to my next session soon!!!

– Cynthia Milne

Another great evening!! Very informative. I could listen to Jessy for hours – what a wealth of knowledge and wonderful sense of humour. Thanks for sharing Jessy! Thanks you Lori for organizing this and also to Cindy for your help with the evening.


 Jessy’s talk was very enlightening and informative and certainly something to think about. I was very intrigued by what she shared and look forward to learning more.

– Heide Smith

The body, is a miraculously ingenious organism, that can heal itself and always strives to be in balance. A session with Jessy’s energy healing not only balances mind and emotions, but many physical symptoms at the same time as well.
Why is it that when we go to the doctor with a multitude of symptoms we get farmed out to different specialists, yet sometimes only one or perhaps two energy healing sessions is all it takes to eliminate all or most of the symptoms in one fell swoop. Coincidence? Hardly. Jessy says your body is talking to you in many different ways; and she teaches you how to listen.

Have you ever had chronic elbow pain that medication, physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage didn’t relieve? Jessy will find out  what else was going on in your life at that time; depression, repressed turmoil, too many changes, fighting your destiny, ear ache, stomach pain, irritable bowel, headaches … these seemingly isolated symptoms are related. Try a session you’ll be glad you did.

– Eleanor P.

Ha Ha this was my testimonial to Dave Huff when I first discoverd BodyTalk, never in a million years did I imagine I would follow in his footsteps!

“I have been a Reiki Master and Energy healer for 6 years now, I was extremely curious to know what BodyTalk was all about so I could logically pigeon hole it or compare it to other energy healing modalities that I was familiar with.

 It was with great surprise and awe that I realized it was unlike anything I have ever encountered. My shoulder pain was entirely gone. Surprisingly I was able to finally tackle the attic and basement full of stuff and memories that I was previously unable to release. I spent the next 3 days cleaning & discarding. This is extremely significant as I also do Clutter busting workshops for people who hoard or cannot let go. I’m extremely sentimental as are my children. Dave’s session gave me the stamina to face old memories that previously exhausted me, and keep only those things that will move us forward into our future.

I have been recommending BodyTalk to everyone I meet. I have set up an appointment for my 79 year old mother, and had my son treated when he dislocated his shoulder while horsing around, and will be buying gift certificates for my friends.

I have seen for myself that BodyTalk is an amazing modality that removes energy blockages that cause pain. It works painlessly, quickly and unobtrusively. I can’t wait till the entire world knows about it.

Jessy Morrison,  (Reiki Master, EFT practitioner)”  And now the whole world does know! How cool is it that there are nearly 2000 BodyTalk Practitioners world-wide and 80 instructors teaching BodyTalk in 35 countries with translations in 8 languages. Currently these include: English, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Hebrew. What else is possible?

“Jessy, I’m back home and at work but want you to know that you have a convert. My shoulder is much improved! I normally don’t believe in things that I can’t understand, but I believe that you know how to deal with the energy fields which affect many things about our lives. I believe in you.”                                                               

  – James Whitely

“Unburdened! That is the best way to describe how I have felt since my energy session with you. I’m still not sure how it works, but I feel great! Thank you.”  

– Perry B

I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know how much different I feel after our session two weeks ago. I feel overall so much better and instead of having occasional vague feelings of peace I now have huge chunks of time in my day or week where I feel like I ’get it’ when it comes to my life. I have less fear, more peace, more confidence and more enthusiasm/optimism. I’ve also totally changed my eating habits and I’m losing weight. THANKYOU!                                                                                 

 – April P     

Jessy, I want to let you know that I stood up and gave my speech at my meeting last night with confidence! My whole life I have been so afraid to do things like that. I can’t believe how quickly your work kicked in! Thanks so much!

 – Carol A

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the incredible healing experience. There is something so completely safe about you, and I have experienced a different sort of peace in many ways since my brief session with you after your talk and also the full session. The energy work helped to remind me that healing does not all have to be rigorous and painful. Thank you!

 – Victoria W

I always get so nervous in front of people; I had never given a good speech. I was sure my wedding would be no different. At the time you did the remote session I was getting my hair done and suddenly I just felt the stress float away. Thanks Jessy. I remained calm all day and gave my best speech ever.

– Sandra S

Dear Jessy

Thank you for  the BodyTalk & Reiki sessions for my daughter  and I. What a wonderful gift, thank you also for all the support you gave me thru out my pregnancy. Love Jen, Hope, Eve & Nigel

I met Jessy at my friend Rose’s wedding. As we were talking I found out she was a Reiki and BodyTalk Practitioner. In the past Rose (a lawyer) had mentioned how much Reiki treatments helped her stress levels and her ailing pet cat, so I was intrigued.

My daughter Melissa has suffered terribly with severe allergy symptoms. She has had no relief from over the counter or prescription medications. Jessy explained to me how the body works and the incredible results she’d experienced with respect to her own children’s health improvements. Since I live in Richmondhill she offered to refer me to a practitioner closer to my home.

After only3 months of treatment I have seen noticable improvement not only in my daughters allergy symptoms but also in her overal energy and alertness.(Mydaughterhas anautism spectrum disorder and ADD). To see these changes in her is astonishing. If not for Jessy taking the time to explain the benefits of BodyTalk to me and her selflessness inreferring me to a local practitioner there would not be such a marked inprovemt in our lives.

I am verygreatful to you. Many thanks



I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of the people I refer to you! Here is a comment that I just received from someone who has gone to see you a coupleof times and is now taking her daughter to see you as well. She recently referred a work collegue to you and this is what she had to say. “I recommended Jessy to a friend of mine in the IT Department here at work and she went to see her yesterday at lunch time. She was so excited about the session she emailed as soon as she got back to work and wanted to tell me about it. She now wants to bring her daughter too. Jessy is amazing. I am so glad you  recommended her to me!”

With feedback like that  it makes it easy for me to talk about and refer you as a reliable alternative healthcare provider. Your methods are non intrusive,safe and provide positive results.

Jessy you make a difference . Keep up the goodwork.

Susanne H

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