No it’s not Allergy Season! Reclaim your health! Answers you are Aching to know.

Allergies and Intolerances. They are not seasonal. Who do you know that has been taking antihistamines for years ? Has it helped? Why do we tolerate taking a pill for the remainder of our life when we can realize real RELIEF? True health!

You do not have a deficiency of “anti-histamine” on the contrary your body creates histamines to tell you there is a problem that requires your attention.  PAIN means Pay Attention Inward Now! Allergy symptoms say “CLEAN ME! I need your help NOW!” Listen to your body! It has all the answers you are aching to know! So do we, here at the Finding Health Clinic –  we use BodyTalk to find, reclaim and optimize your health.


Wish you could drink a glass of wine without a headache?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have ice cream without mucus, phlegm, or diarrhea.

Enjoy spring  or autumn without worrying about pollen.



It is possible! BodyTalk used with Glass Vials of Substance in Allergy Testing brings relief! 

Is Non-invasive, and uses No Needles, or painful scratch tests! REALLY!!!


Usually the Specific Food you believe you are allergic to isn’t even the culprit!  Food additives, which include MSG, aspartame, phenol compounds and more accumulate in the body and cause an overload of toxins that compromise the body’s immune response! That and a lack of proper hydration (water, not juice pop or coffee) and exercise (movement to create circulation) need to  be attended to so the body can start cleaning itself again. I compare it to having Molly Maid coming in and washing down the dust-bunnies (toxins) we’ve accumulated over the winter in our bodies.

Often food additive vials are used in addressing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), sinus problems, headaches, digestive problems, sleep issues or nightmares.

Now is the time, before the hundreds of samples of pollen, grasses, and weeds flourish to come in and detox with BodyTalk. So that you have the best Spring ever! I have over 200 vials of essences  to balance a client for hay fever and seasonal allergies.

The other thing BodyTalk takes into consideration when balancing you for allergies is stress levels, active or repressed memories and limiting beliefs. Your emotions have a huge influence on your body’s allergic response. 

 You can experience Relief, with BodyTalk. Your body’s own GPS to health.

 Your Body has the Answers You are Aching to know!

 Stop the endless cycle of Antihistamines, they are not the answer.

Come in for a BodyTalk session not only to identify your triggers but to bring your body back into balance and finally eliminate your symptoms by correcting your body’s responses the way your body wants to. Your Body TALKS to YOU … are you Listening? I do.

Book your first Allergy Balancing here.

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