Suffering from Allergies? How do you spell RELIEF?

Suffering from Allergies? How do you spell RELIEF?
Who do you know that is suffering from Allergies?
Give them a New Spelling for RELIEF: it’s spelled “J E S S Y”.

Seriously, I am not kidding. If the methods you’ve used for years are not working to give you relief, then why are you still using them? It’s time to use something new and proven to work! Have you considered asking your body? Use BODYTALK for that.


kitten resizedTestimonial by KH: Jessy eliminated Larisa’s allergy to her new kitten, and identified the mold that was a toxin to her system. My 6 year old is feeling much better now. And we were able to keep the kitten!

Celebration of FB: I came to you for a fall tune-up! Once again, you astounded me with your discoveries. Most of all, I have been suffering from what I felt was environmental allergies for the past 10 years of my life. I was a regular user of daily antihistamines and decongestant sprays that my doctor advised me to take. After our last BodyTalk session I am happy to report I have not been using either. I never thought the day would come but welcome it with open arms.

Going back to school is such a new adventure for many, but for some it is just one more aggravation. Have you or your child been feeling moody, lethargic, a couch potato, napping too much, exhausted all the time? It may be an “allergic” reaction, your body’s signal that something is off balance and it requires your attention. 

Summer has been a time to naturally renew and regenerate our body and soul, cleans away the winter storage of fat and toxins, and revitalize and store up fresh nourishment from our bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables and sunshine! But for many people, they did not seem to get healthier this summer! Their bodies do not feel refreshed and full of vitality … Who do you know like this? I can help them get in tune and ready for a healthy winter ahead.

A sign of a struggling body is itchy …runny…congested…swollen…  eyes,  nose,  mouth,  ears, skin –  but did you know allergies also affect the brain, your digestion, your thyroid and heart? An inflamed brain can cause headaches, violence, depression, sickness, malnutrition, dehydration. An inflamed thyroid causes metabolism dysfunction, that lead to fatigue and autoimmune dis-eases and cancer, and ANXIETY when not healed.

nail in foot cartoonAn Allergy is like having a Nail in your foot, but the solution is not to get a bigger bandaidyou have to get the nail out.

Antihistamines are a bandaid, they are not the cure, infact they are not even a temporary answer. These pills actually depress our immune system even more – hiding the problem – complicating our health further. You are not suffering from a Tylenol deficiency either! And those decongestants if used for more thatn 3 days set up  a dependency that have serious side effects of their own –  like palpitations, nervous jitters, and rebound of even more severe allergy symptoms when you try to quit using them! Really that’s enough to drive your poor body insane.

So HOW can you spell TRUE RELIEF? Try “J E S S Y”  and “B o d y T a l k”, yes really, I am not kidding! You have nothing to lose except your discomfort. Go from feeling awful to feeling healthy. I prefer feeling healthy! When I finally cleared up my allergies (at age 34) it felt like I had been reborn. I finally knew what it felt like to feel truly ALIVE! Hurray I was ready and willing to LIVE, no more mood swings, no more PMS, no more eye drops, nose drops, edema, tummy aches, heartburn, colitis, sore throats, headaches, joint pain, etc. Amazing.

Would you like to be amazed too? Come in for at least one BodyTalk session to not only to identify your main triggers but to eliminate and correct them the way your body wants to.  5 sessions are better, but at least start with one so your body can begin the correction process it craves. Your Body TALKS to YOU … are you LISTENING?

This is not difficult, it is just different than what we have been accustomed to.                           

Try it, you will like the relief!

You and your kids too can live allergy-free. No shots, no hiding in air-conditioned buildings, no more elimination diets, no more drugs! Using BodyTalk your body becomes desensitized to the substance while restoring your immune response and overall health.

How can you now spell RELIEF? Call Jess. Once you are symptom free you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Ask about our September Back to School Special: (to give your pocket book relief too)

Relief of ER: I was going through a tough time; changing careers, relationship break up, selling my home, exhausted … STRESSED. My sinuses were driving me nuts, I couldn’t breath and antihistamines weren’t helping either. Surprisingly Jess picked out the emotional stuff before even testing for pollens and food additives, and my sinuses cleared within miutes. By that evening I was breathing freely, came back again because it felt so good. Now I’m relaxed and ready to begin my new life.

Liberation of GD: After the very first session my diverticulitis subsided, after 3 and I am free to enjoy wine again! Funny it wasn’t wine that was causing my pain, but “He” is gone now too, the body is wiser and more honest than the mind. Thank you, Jessy

Call Jess to reduce your stress. Give me your body and I will give you back your mind. 705-241-8680 Barrie, ON.

Do you really think the poor Ragweed plant is making your eyes itchy? If your immune system was healthy, ragweed wouldn’t bother you. Have your allergy shots really helped you over the years? If so, then why do you still need antihistamines?

An Allergy is like having a Nail in your foot, but the solution is not to get a bigger antihistamine or bandaidyou have to get the nail out. Of all the treatment modalities, BodyTalk is the safest and most effective for treating allergies that I know of. This is due to its fundamental purpose of bringing balance and harmony to the body.  We cannot change the world; however, we can come into harmony with it.  BodyTalk uses this premise in the treatment of allergies in order to bring about lasting, permanent change. Then with some EFT Homework you can help optimize the healing of the body between sessions!

Jessy desensitizes the body without elimination diets or reactions. Using BodyTalk, NLP and EFT your body can learn to integrate these substances it reacts to, rather than having to fight against them. Actually Jessy has found that food additives and dehydration are the biggest culprits, not the foods or pollens themselves. (FYI in 6 years of curing peoples sinus and allergy issues not once has Ragweed been the culprit.)

It is unique to the BodyTalk System that you can learn to balance your body again to live with a reactive substance, integrating it into your lifestyle, rather than avoiding it.

Unlike some other allergy treatment programs, BodyTalk involves a short series of sessions (usually between 3 to 10, depending on the severity of the client’s illness), with a follow-up a few months later. Sometimes allergies are the body’s overreaction from digestive imbalances, an overwhelmed immune system, or subconscious emotional reactions, fear and worry, dehydration, even malnutrition – all this is addressed during each of the BodyTalk sessions.  Once you are symptom free you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

In BodyTalk, allergies are just a small part of the overall balancing necessary to bring about improved health.  As a holistic modality, BodyTalk does not just treat the specific allergy; rather, BodyTalk treats the whole person who happens to experience an imbalance in their body chemistry resulting in allergies.  This distinction is critical in understanding how surprising and seemingly magical results can be achieved through a few simple techniques without drugs, difficult avoidance diets, and painful treatments.

In BodyTalk, allergies and intolerances are categorized according to type.  Typical categories of allergies include, but are not limited to: ingested, infectious agents, topical or contacted, injected, inhaled, fundamental substances, and internal substances.  The categories are simply a GPS into the clients immune system blueprint so that the practitioner can quickly and easily determine which imbalance causing allergies are of priority to the body to cleans and balance first.  Thus the categories are a tool and are not meant to be used diagnostically. For most BodyTalk treatments, allergies are addressed directly through body chemistry, which balances a particular substance that the body has determined is unsafe. Sometimes other links (like emotions or trauma, specific organs, endocrine glands or lymph nodes, or even specific locations or even childhood memories) are called for in order to further balance the patient to that substance. You didn’t realize a trauma or incident from the past can hinder your healthy response did you?

Why does it take more thatn one session? You did not get the symptoms overnight, in many cases you have suffered for years, therefore the body must be prepared, and the immune system normalized before the specific allergies are treated.  In the same way that you would not wake up one morning and run a marathon without training for weeks and months, you would also not treat severe allergies on the initial treatment without first preparing the body, lymphatic system, organs, endocrines, digestion and more to work together like a symphony orchestra. Healing crisis’ are avoided with BodyTalk.  Often the body will guide the practitioner to several links at the beginning of a session before allowing a body chemistry treatment of allergies.  This occurs because the first links involve basic body communication that has broken down and must be repaired before the allergies can be treated.

Book your single session on line if you too want relief.  Or email to order your package of sessions.

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If you haven’t yet used my services and have only heard your friends rave about me, book yourself in for the 1/2 hour Sway Test Consultation and see what all the fuss is about! You will find this refreshing health care method enlightening and transforming. For convenience you can book your appointment online at No more waiting for me to call you back!

If you are determined to stay healthy, or regain your health Jessy will open doors to a new understanding of how our body operates and improve your effectiveness in looking after your own wellbeing. Email or phone me with questions. Looking forward to helping you REDISCOVER your HEALTH and TRUE POTENTIAL.

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