“Are you a green GO light, a red STOP light, or are you a yellow CHANGE light? What is Sabotaging you? How can you change that?

stop light characters croppedAs a Holistic healer I have many modalities under my belt to clean up people’s unconscious issues. I put all these techniques under the umbrella of ‘Your Body Talks with Jessy Morrison’, because most often PAIN is the issue that brings people through my door. Unfortunately too often pain becomes the distraction instead of the messenger it is designed to be.

Today I witnessed a powerful breakthrough with a client who has been fighting a self sabotaging issue for over 40 years. This issue keeps resurrecting itself year, after year, after year. Today her body led us to deal with it differently than she has before. I asked her “Are you a GO Light a go light,a STOP Light a stop light, or are you a Change Light ?    Her answer told me a lot!  

  1.            Starting things is associated with BE-ing.
  •                 Changing things is associated with DO-ing.
  •                 Stopping things is associated with HAVE-ing

Her type of sabotage is actually what we in NLP terms call a ‘Prime Concern’.

I know there does not seem to be any correlation on the surface, but that’s why it seems so “miraculous” when we work through it!  Here’s how we break through that.

A Prime Concern describes our deepest identity level belief about our self. It often includes a semantically packed word or words, (with lots of possible convoluted meanings), that has become a maze or brillo-pad of distorted beliefs. We all have concerns in our life, but a prime concern is one that spans all areas of living, although the person cannot put their finger on the cause – at least not consciously.

The most common and easily recognized deep level limiting belief in self is “I’m not good enough” or “I am not enough.”


Then I let her know that repeating patterns are not ‘a bad habit’ . She could just stop the judging and blaming herself now. When your brain thinks it knows what the problem is, sorry that is not it!! The body/mind complex is always trying to protect you and keep you safe. Unfortunately what kept you safe at 12 years old only limits you at 40, 50 or 60 years of age.


This is how we work through a Prime Concern: 3 seemingly simple questions…

1.     Ask  yourself, what are you best at: Starting things/ Changing things/ or Stopping things

2.     Then ask them what they are worst at: Starting things/ Changing things/ or Stopping things

3.     Depending on the above answers the third question we ask a variation of one of the following:

  •                                        “Who or what is it that you are not BE-ing that you want to BE? “
  •                                        “What is it that you are not DO-ing that you want to DO?”
  •                                        “What is it that you are not HAVE-ing that you want to HAVE?”

(That really doesn’t seem too complicated, but trust me this process goes deep. For example, when the client says they are best at ‘changing things’ that means they are best at doing. If this client says they are worst at stopping things, this is associated with having. So, we ask that client what is it that you do not have that you want to have? This is a guide post to something that is of high importance to the client on an unconscious level, and probably a constant area of frustration or self sabotage – A “Prime Concern.”


It is important to take note of the exact words the person uses. By utilizing their own specific language semantics, it is more effective in assisting them to help them break through the impasse and the create the change they are looking for in life.


If they have problems starting things, they most likely will have issues with not being who they want to be. This relates to many areas in life including relationships, career, or a certain roles in life.


If they are challenged with changing things, they will most likely have something in their life that they want to be doing, and yet they are not. – a dentist but they want to be a dancer, or an entrepreneur who cannot make phone calls to build their business.


You get the idea. When someone struggles with stopping things, they may find themselves not having something that is very important to them.


What did you just notice about yourself? Although it is easier when you have an objective party to listen to you, because it is difficult to change your unconscious mind with our own conscious mind.

Use it with your friends or clients, and notice how their responses relate to what you already know about them.


I used it with a client today and we were both blown away with the results. In fact she made her own defrag rhyme to blow the issue to smithereens which had us both fall down laughing as she shifted and recited. “How much ‘NOT’ should a ‘not’ not ‘NOT’, if a not not could not NOT.

Trust me you had to be there.


Do you need some help with an issue? Call Jess to reduce your stress for in-person sessions; or join us at Transformational Tuesdays in Barrie to learn new tips to break through some unconscious self sabotages holding you back from excelling in your business. Here’s the fb link.https://www.facebook.com/events/1007986992665449/

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