Are you a Sidekick or a Super Hero?

superherosidekickEvery Body has a Story…Edyne Plancy – Starting a Sidekick Revolution At a recent eWomen networking event I was talking to a dynamic young woman over dinner and we found out that our corporate backgrounds were very similar, as was our experience of being everyone’s caretaker. “The woman behind the throne, the one who picked up the balls others dropped”. She called it being a “Sidekick”. Like me she opened her own business and here is the result.Edyne has brought together 28 professionals (including me) to give you some tips and FREE resources. I am very excited to participate in The Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women telesummit–a free 14 day virtual summit hosted by the amazing Edyne Plancy (better known as the Queen of Raising the bar for women). My interview will be going live this week and can be heard when you register to: The summit has brought together 28 amazing leaders sharing their stories, proven ideas and strategies to help you

be recognized in every way you deserve in your corporate roles, within your family, how to get promoted, and stop being an invisible sidekick, period. IF YOU ARE TIRED OF : Feeling like you are BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED, HAVING YOUR WORK UNDERVALUED, BEING INVISIBLE & UNRECOGNIZED, USED UP, PASSED OVER… WOULDN’T YOU JUST LOVE TO HAVE THE SECRET STEPS TO TAKE YOURSELF FROM BEING AN “INVISIBLE SIDEKICK” TO BECOMING A HIGHLY VALUED LEADER? YOU NEED TO REGISTER TODAY! There are 14 days of amazing interviews being released, and lots of free gifts. IT”S TIME TO LEVERAGE YOUR SKILLS, FIND CLARITY, KNOW YOUR WORTH, AND RAISE YOUR VALUE! Even if you enjoy being a Sidekick – I used to love being a part of a team, or you don’t fall into the sidekick category the interviews are worth watching, and the gifts and bonuses will be awesome.Get yours today. Look on my “Ask Jessy” page Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, satisfaction brought her back, so tune in and enjoy. My interview is like a healing session. The bonus was watching Edyne go thru an integration. Had so much fun.

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