Are you Allergic to $$Money$$? How would it feel to be …rolling in the $$doh$$ ?

JanetcroppedWhat were you doing this Valentine’s Day? Romancing a partner, or improving your relationship with money?

 As an energy healer I usually deal with clients wanting relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and dis-ease. When we can relax the body the mind relaxes too and healing can begin.

You can imagine my surprise when the issue of toxic beliefs around money first raised its head. I had a client who came in grumbling he hates money, money was the root of all his business problems, money this … money that, if it wasn’t for money… grumble … grumble. 

It would have been funny except as a solopreneur he needed to bring in the money so he could expand, do more R&D, and service the world with his product. In truth, money wasn’t the problem, rather his attitude was. It just so happened…

that during that particular week every one of my clients had paid me in cash, a rare occurance. I had nearly $1500 of cash in hand. I do not know what made me do it, but after soliciting some of his limiting beliefs around money I used my allergy testing protocol on him and things got interesting.

Needless to say the cure was to have him literally roll in the $$Doh$$, be showered in money, stuff it in his shirt, behind his back, in his hair, and let the bills rain down all over him.

How would it make you feel to be bathed in money?

TT1 resizedAt first he squirmed, then he got red, started to bluster, got really hot and uncomfortable, and then finally … he began to laugh and truly enjoy himself. When the session was over he had a whole new relationship with money!

It has now become a tradition to use this technique as part of every February’s Transformational Tuesday Workshoptoimprove our relationship with money.

The body doesn’t lie, and watching people realize their energetic resistance to receiving or earning more is so individual, and utterly fascinating. Our limiting beliefs were adopted in childhood, they are unconscious and deeply ingraned and hidden.Often this programing is picked up from parents or family, the media, from teachers, and even from a child’s misinterpretation or misunderstandings.

My own personal relationship with money used to manifest as “I can only earn as much as I need”. I had an uncanny capacity for coming in just under the wire within a couple of cents! It showed up as “if I met my monthly quota early, then I wouldn’t earn anything the remainder of the month”; or if I did, an emergency would occur to use up the extra earned! Good grief, seriously self sabotaging? Our UCM is very powerful.

In our Transformational Tuesday workshop we use Body Talk and a meditative hypnosis to uncover a person’s unconscious self imposed ceiling and transform it so they can go on to having a fantastic year. We even supply them with a recording of their meditation so they can continue to do it monthly and keep erasing more limiting blocks as they arise.

Janet, the entrepreneur in the photo above, said this Transformational Tuesday session of “rolling in the $$Doh$$” shifted her paradigm, and really opened her up to receive instead of continue to struggle. She had a great 2016, but still she is coming back on Valentine’s Day 2017 to continue to shift more.

You are welcome to come join us in shifting your money relationship too, privately in a one-on-one session, or invite us to having this paradigm shifting workshop in your place of employment.

Let every day be a Happy Valentine’s Day as you improve your relationship with receiving money!


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