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The first in the 12 month series hosted by Heather Wilson of Spark your Vitality and Jessy Morrison of Your Body Talks to integrate energy work to tap into your authenticity, replenish your energy, and other tools you may never have used before to release stress and enhance your success. Join us for the Launch, only  $25/session

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Do you ever feel like you struggle to make decisions because your gut is saying one thing, but your mind is saying another …

and when you go with your mind, you wind up disappointed?

When you ignore “that little voice” telling you to choose a certain way, do you suffer negative consequences and worse ...

you feel like you KNEW this was how the situation would turn out?

Let us show you how to change this.

As we grew up our decisions were always challenged, projecting into our unconscious mind the importance of making the “right decision” or the “safe choice,” which doesn’t always line up with the option or alternative  that is BEST for you?

Now you will learn to trust your gut when making business decisions and stay healthy doing so. Remove doubt and know you are making the right choice for you.

Join us *right here* at ESS Direct Suite Success on the first of 12 Transformational Tuesdays, Feb 9 2016 for your LIVE group healing to release doubt and activate a deeper connection to "Hearing, Trusting & Following Your Intuition"

Invite your friends to join us! Cost is only $25 per person per session from 9:30AM - 12 Noon

Whether you proceed through the full 12 workshops or not, the realizations that you'll gain from each session individually will change the way you view your world. Over the next 12 interactive Transformational Tuesdays we'll be sharing more about the new business elements of:

Transformational Thursdays for All Healers, Reiki Masters,

Reiki Students, and Friends


You know that Running a Business takes Brains & Heart!

It takes systems and follow-through!

It also needs You to be Healthy in every way, and that takes ENERGY!!!

Where are you running low? Start the New Year right by pulling in all your resources including Universal Life Force Energy. You can't transform your life running on empty. Come Fill Up.

Join us for the next Transformational Thursday’s Tune-ups

“Energetic Vision Correction” Series for Healers1, Coaches, and Energy Workers beginning Feb 18th, 2016

Every Body has a Story...Edyne Plancy - Starting a Sidekick Revolution At a recent eWomen networking event I was talking to a dynamic young woman over dinner and we found out that our corporate backgrounds were very similar, as was our experience of being everyone's caretaker. "The woman behind the throne, the one who picked up the balls others dropped". She called it being a "Sidekick". Like me she opened her own business and here is the result.Edyne has brought together 28 professionals (including me) to give you some tips and FREE resources. I am very excited to participate in The Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women telesummit--a free 14 day virtual summit hosted by the amazing Edyne Plancy (better known as the Queen of Raising the bar for women). My interview will be going live this week and can be heard when you register to: http://www.thesuccessfulsidekick.com The summit has brought together 28 amazing leaders sharing their stories, proven ideas and strategies to help you

Paul's Story

   - The truth behind his Allergies

 30 years of taking antihistamines and Paul still suffered from hay fever, ragweed, and other pollens. In fact his allergies were worse now than in previous years.

Even with faithfully taking allergy shots every week he no longer dared go play golf for fear his eyes, nose, sinuses would swell shut. Not only that but he had developed fibromialgia, and now arthritis was setting in; in fact he had to walk with a cane just to move around. Paul was 57 and in agony.


His massage therapist insisted he do something different. She had seen and heard me talk and do a demo at a wellness show and knew his lymphatic system was compromised and hyper-vigilant but lymphatic drainage and massage were not helping enough.


Surprisingly his body didn't want energy testing vials to desensitize him to ragweed, other pollens, molds, or dusts as he suspected.


Rather it went back to the memory of an on the job injury he suffered in his 20's, when working as a lines man for hydro. At that time when he was electrocuted and thrown down 50' he broke his spine and several vertebrae. His fiance ditched him, and he had a long road to recovery.


Long story short, every August his body remembers ... and even though he is happily married (to the nurse who cared for him by the way),  and he has grand children now... his body did not realize the threat of electrocution was no longer imminent!


We needed to repair the blown fuses in his Central Nervous System and rebuild proper communication in all his nerve endings. Took two sessions...


You should have seen him the day he came in strutting without his cane, and announced he just played 18 holes of golf, and won!!!


If "Allergies" are causing your eyes to swell, tear or itch, and your nose to run or get stuffed up, call Jess to relieve your stress. The causes may not be what you've been led to believe they are!!!

When did your allergies start? What was going on in your life then? Your body knows, come in and find out your story and how to heal it.

Next week I'll tell you about Laurel and her mosquito bites!

Diannah’s story: “Ever feel like half of you is missing?”

My name is Diannah. I’d like to tell you a bit about my life’s journey, in my own words, because I feel that it may help others become aware of an explanation of their outlook on life – from the beginning.

Through various modalities I have had a glimpse into my beginnings, and other information I obtained from the Children’s Aid Society, or from my family that raised me. Apparently, as a 6 day old fetus, I decided the womb I was in was not a healthy place to be. I believe my mother was in a car accident at the 4th month because the accident came up in a session.

When I was born – I had what they called ‘two convulsive seizures’ and had hammer toes.  My natural mother had to keep me for 3 months – to make sure no further seizures occurred.  This must have been very hard on her, I’m sure, because she  had to avoid bonding with me - knowing she had to let me go, and give me up for adoption.

I was adopted at 3 months and apparently became a fiend – I have been told that I pinched whoever got near me.  When I was three years old and the final adoption papers were to be signed off, my parents had the lady from Children’s Aid come to the house, because I still didn’t talk – at all.

(Now, what I recognize is – I was punishing ‘these people’ for taking me away from my mother.  I was still waiting for her to come and bond with me). 

Growing up, I always felt out of place, that I didn’t belong. 

I felt abandoned, left out and excluded. I had low self-esteem, and lack of self love and I didn’t feel deserving of all the good this world has to offer.

 I also didn’t like being in any competitive sports, and even now I find it hard to play timed games on the computer.  This last bit is very significant, as it surfaced a more intense anxiety in the last few years.  I was in a constant state of anxiety to some degree all my life, and kept looking for understanding and the causes of the tension.

I have never married, and often sabotaged relationships.My childhood didn't explain my feelings. Growing up I didn't have a particularily traumatic upbringing, the worst thing that happened to me was a verbally abusive and alcoholic parent.  These admittedly were challenges, and did affect some of my development, but still didn’t explain my way of seeing the world.

I ended up with migraine headaches at 16, and later in life had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Both these started me on the holistic health journey.  I became a Registered Nutritionist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, and learned a host of other modalities.

Through BodyTalk I found my “anxiety” had something to do with my womb journey.  Through one of the treatment sessions I was receiving, I was made aware that I was not alone in the womb!  There is something called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome!  Bells starting going off in my awareness and opened the door to my understanding!

This is what I believe to be true.  There were two sacks in my mother’s womb.  One sack contained triplets, but that one of them was not doing well.  In the other sack was ‘me’. 

Appears I started the ‘abandonment’ issues right from the start!  Around the fourth month (whether it was because of the suspected ‘accident’ or the triplets were not strong enough to go the distance) I was suddenly alone in the womb.

Apparently up to one in eight births can be Twins that vanish for various reasons, and this has been confirmed nowadays with Ultrasounds.  

-  Do you feel like your have gone through life  surviving an experience – but you don’t know what that is? 

-  Do you find you get hung up on things being perfect? 

-  Do you feel a hole deep inside where no one can reach – even yourself, and it makes you want to weep when you are aware of it – usually around not feeling loved enough? 

-  Do you sabotage relationships? Are you sensitive, feel vulnerable and tend to be an introvert – liking or needing to spend time by yourself? 

-  Do you have a low opinion of yourself, or have a lack of self-love or feel deep grief – about something or someone – but you don’t know why or who? 

-  Do you think that you must go it alone, and do it all yourself, and block yourself from feelings? 

You could be part of the Vanishing Twin Syndrome.  Seeking control, and perfection, or unrequited and unconditional love could be reflecting a remembrance of a happy time in the beginning womb journey, and when you were suddenly alone, you wished for those feelings to return.  You’re spending your  life looking for your womb mates to appear again! 

Now, after Body Talk sessions to heal the womb experience, for the first time in my life I really have no more anxiety, I feel like a different person, with potential, I feel content and actually feel entitlement. I finally feel whole.

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Through sharing snippets these of information, I hope to provide you with a greater understanding of the breadth and depth of what you can experience through BodyTalk, Reiki and the other energy consciousness tools in my arsenal. My intention is to be an instrument in expanding your awareness to Refresh your Mind, Reclaim your  Body and Renew your Spirit and enjoy your living.

Reclaim your Body, Mind & Enthusiasm! Since 1996, I have worked with people of all ages and levels of health, people from a range of backgrounds. Many of my clients are happy and healthy, and smart enough to do what they can to stay that way. Others want to develop themselves spiritually and discover greater meaning in life. And of course many have sought Reiki treatment or training realizing that balancing their systems can help them to cope better with a wide range of  health conditions

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Let me help you intensify your light to shine brighter. Join us for Reiki Level 1 on July 11, 2015

You are Invited!

To: Reiki 1 Training “Awaken to the awareness”

When: July 11, 2015

Where:  Jessy’s home (If it’s sunny, we can Reiki outside!)

Time: 10 AM -5PM

What you get  on training  day:

·         Reiki  energetic fine tuning alignment,

          called  “An Attunement”

·         receive a full session

·          give a full session                          

OMG!  That’s 2 sessions plus the Attunement  

            = 3 treatments YES!YES! YES!

And also...

But wait, there's more....! Contact me directly if you'd like to know more. 705-241-8680 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please RSVP if you would like to join us. Cost: $225    

P.S. Previous students and Apprentices are always welcome to join us and hold space  - like I said “3 sessions in one day”  Please RSVP to ensure we have a spot for you.



Marie's Story

I went to a "Celebration of Life" on Saturday. (For a previous client of mine). When I got there her husband and sister asked me to speak. I was surprised, but the family said that by working with me she had changed so much, the sadness, regret and bitterness she had her entire life left, and she had found a profound peace. They said her aura was so big she brought comfort to the people at hospice, and her family. She was content to go.

When Frank introduced me to the assembly he started with "Sometimes a healing isn't physical, it is spiritual and we evidenced that first hand when Marie worked with Jessy Morrison who does BodyTallk. Every family member noticed it and we were all awed by the change in her. "

In our last session together was a soul genesis and a Reiki Mastery attunement. In SG she found out what soul groups she was from, what she had been here to work on, her Transitional Gateway, and her Destiny of Bardo. (Bardo is a state of enlightenment and oneness with all that is. The state she has always tried to attain in meditation. The state she has achieved now in her transition. During the session we helped  her connect to her angels, gave her new guides of Love Light and Truth and helped her realize this journey continues. There were other private Akashic records we read for her and she found clarity and a new perspective.

This last re-attunement to Reiki 3 helped connect her to her own spirit in a big way. She gave me a parting gift, and said she knew what she would be doing next time around, writing stories for children. She said I had given her courage on our journey, to tell her loved ones and everyone who was ever important to her what they meant to her, even ex-husbands and others. All she would miss was the full sensuality of life, but a part of her had felt elusive to this anyway.


Everyone came up to me after wards, and thanked me for my "speech" and for sharing the intimacy and bonding she and I had, it made sense to them now somehow. I have no idea what I said, I talked about her zest for life, her sensuality with colour, her delectable love of cooking and eating, her love of all things energetic and spiritual, her unconventionality... and that if I had known her longer we would have been great mischief makers standing the conventionality of the world on its ear. She was a healer without the title - she loved homeopathy, crystals, Unity church,  children, and I imagine her like a wood-sprite running naked through the woods. That is how I remember Marie.


Thank you Marie, for allowing me to be a part of your life, and for helping me grow on your journey to your truth.

Thank you Lord for putting me on this path so many years ago and leading me to Judith to teach me Soul Genesis without which I could not have helped Marie in such a profound way. I can't wait to learn more.

Would you like to know more about Soul Genesis and Karmic learning?

 Hope you had a

Happy Easter


Spring is here!  Just the idea of warm weather is enough to put a smile on our faces. Were you outside in this glorious rejuvenating weather thawing out? The energy has finally shifted and  we were in the yard cleaning up.

Maybe you too feel its time for a fresh start and a clean up (and I don't just mean your house)!

Here is Oma and Laura unwrapping the silk and string from the Easter eggs we made.

A great metaphor for unwrapping our baggage to uncover the hidden beauty within, isn't it.


Here's Laura  admiring our handy- work. Too pretty to eat!

When is it the right time for you to polish off and refresh some old lingering baggage weighing you down? If you are struggling to release distorted old relationships, painful memories, out dated priorities then maybe it is time to dust off those winter cobwebs and renew your internal energy flow.

Just like your body needs refreshing so does your energy. Come in for a quick cleans with Body Talk,  Time-Line Therapy, or Chakra Balancing, or an accurate soul portrait and some karmic clearing. You'll be glad you did.

Feeling refreshed and unstuck is so much more fun than feeling heavy and stuck!

 ...there's an appointment waiting here for you.  Book here

Did you know that you can book appointments with Jessy through the MindBody Connect App? Download it at the App Store or Google Play! It makes booking way EASIER when booking from your phone. You can also view any other business that is setup with MindBody.
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Who do you know that is suffering with a fear or phobia?  Fear of heights... mountains... trains... bridges... flying ... spiders ... snakes ... dogs ...cats ... needles ..?  Call Jess to reduce that stress!

It's not amusing for the person suffering, and it's not something they can rationally figure out either.

BUT THERE IS HELP > Often, our phobias are installed when we are children. At a very young age, when we are unable to express our feelings, we often redress an indefinable insecurity - like mum and dad fighting - divorce - injury - shock,  - in an effort to make it tangible, and explainable to the adults in our lives. But because we haven't or could not articulate it, we repress the energy, and it grows and the discomfort builds into a phobia we cannot get rid of  - unless we use BodyTalk, EFT or hypnosis to gently and safely get to the real root cause and unwind it.


Think of it like a blown fuse.

Just like the electrical outlet on the wall cannot figure out the breaker panel or fuse box, neither can our conscious mind take a look at the unconscious programming.


Your unconscious mind is the hard wiring of your entire neurological system - it runs your breathing, digesting, production of blood, lymph etc. All the programs are wired here. It runs the outlets on all the walls but the outlets cannot figure out the panel.

That's where I come in. Having a skilled practitioner to help us go deeper,  allows you to go to these uncharted areas and find relief.

A few BodyTalk sessions can help your family and friends get in touch with their energy, clear it up,  and help them enjoy a better quality of living.


Call Jess to Relieve the Stress, and together we can  RECLAIM YOUR LIFE, Refresh your Mind, and Renew your Spirit

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