hot air balooningLike most people there have always been some goals I wanted to achieve, or places to visit before I kick this planet. But rather than a list of what I might regret not doing before I depart, (that feels heavy to me), I look at my list  as a record of things that ignited my passions and encouraged me to step away from the “mediocrity” of the roles others wanted me to play. (That energy feels light and authentic to me.)

So I ask you, “Do you have a Bucket List?  Is it static or always changing?”

My bucket list is very active and helps me to follow my dreams and take steps towards my latest aspirations.

The word “Bucket list”  seems filled with the energy of sidestepping possible regrets or remorse, a maybe-never kind of unlikelihood. I could be wrong here, it might be different for you?  My bucket list has always been about looking for possibilities, for aiming at more immediate targets.

When I became a Flight Attendant so I could travel and experience the world as I saved money to go to med school ( everyone said I couldn’t) ✓ BUt I did...I accomplished part one – Stewardess & travel. However part two ...

changeThe coming of Spring, like the coming of September stirs my inner juices and gets me fired up, even more than the January New Year.

The coming of the warm weather stirs my creativity, the longer days fortify me and allow me to be more active outdoors, while gardening relaxes my mind and inspration takes hold. I write articles, ebooks, paint, draw, and play more.

Client sessions in August  are relatively quiet compared to other months so I have time to work on my business. I plan, I forecast, I see the changes I wish to make and I take action.

I enjoy the change in direction and re-balancing.

Change is inevitable...Change is unavoidable...change is GOOD, change means GROWTH, otherwise how can anything change for the better if nothing changes? So why do people fear change...

imageWe often hear Image is everything. But is it really who you are or only a very small sliver of who you truly BE?

Is the image people have of you authentically expanding you, or contracting and binding you?

How can you clean up the energy around that?


My mother was a Couturier Designer and Master Tailor. She gave birth to me, an ultra conservative dresser – I could care less about fashion.

My daughter inherited my mother’s flair. Even at ninety-one, my mother still wears her beautiful hats, gloves, and dress pumps to church. She is dubbed “the queen mother” by all our friends. At her petite hight of  4’8″, she has a regal commanding presence. She doesn’t put on airs; it’s just her style, quality of clothes, and her charisma.

However, those who see her in the garden, see a different Ernestine. She trades in her fashionable outfits for a straw hat, shorts, halter tops, and sandals, while not being afraid to get her hands get covered in dirt.

She is at home in both images; however they are but a small breadcrumb of who she truly is. She was an "independent parent", a single mom, on her own, no relatives in the country to help, and no child support. She worked 2 jobs and proud of it too, but no one ever suspected (neither world collided with the other...

stop light characters croppedAs a Holistic healer I have many modalities under my belt to clean up people's unconscious issues. I put all these techniques under the umbrella of 'Your Body Talks with Jessy Morrison', because most often PAIN is the issue that brings people through my door. Unfortunately too often pain becomes the distraction instead of the messenger it is designed to be.

Today I witnessed a powerful breakthrough with a client who has been fighting a self sabotaging issue for over 40 years. This issue keeps resurrecting itself year, after year, after year. Today her body led us to deal with it differently than she has before. I asked her "Are you a GO Light a go light,a STOP Light a stop light, or are you a Change Light ?    Her answer told me a lot!  

jessy wakeup resized


OMG! What a productive night!!! Haven't had one of those Divinely Guided Inspirations in a long time. Up ALL night editing my ebook, updating the website, compiling and editing articles ... when did it become Saturday noon? Time to stop typing and get some sunshine! WHOOHOO!!!


jessy voxxed resized

 Hmmmm... I suspect my 'Transform PROCRASTINATION into PRODUCTIVITY' Workshop has alot to do with it subconsciously, or maybe...

perhaps this insane excess productivity is because  I'm wearing my bright orange #VOXXSOXX. Orange is the chakra of creativity is it not? And VOXXSOXX are pretty incredible technology aren't they!

But what if a NEW SIDE EFFECT of wearing this technology is being ... "clear focused and uber-motivated". And on top of that... no eye strain from working hours on the computer!! Holy Unicorns, If this is the result, I may never take these soxx off ever !!


Why am I so enamored with a pair of socks?

angry resized

Have you ever been so angry steam was coming out of your ears?  I have. Anger is often the last emotion to come to the surface in a big boiling pot of overflowing emotions. Anger is a mask hiding underlying fear, sadness, disappointment and/or pain.


Buried under anger is usually a seething pot of helplessness, hopelessness, and frustration. When left unchecked it can lead to depression (anger turned inwards), or rage (anger deflected outwards). This is not an excuse for poor behaviour, it is simply an awareness that needs to be recognized. Because feelings buried alive never die!!! They fester they boil and become toxic causing dis-ease. “Anger is meant to be acted upon. It is not meant to be acted out.” 

When we can identify which emotion is driving the anger then...

mannersCan good manners cure dis-ease? Manners may seem a funny topic for a holistic practitioner to write about but bare with me, it has relevance to relieving pain and stress.


Practicing good manners helps us to slow life down, to savor living, to let you live in the moment, to make life more pleasant and more agreeable (for everyone).

Let me give you an example...

saltFor the last 40 years or so, salt has been getting a really bad reputation. Many people are terrified of salting their food, and actually think salt is UNHEALTHY for you.


Time for MYTH BUSTING!! The body needs salt and the electrolytes it provides. (This article first appeared in FHA - Family Health Advocacy in January 2017)


FHA behind pain1 1068x724During my 20 years of practicing Energy Healing I have found one Universal Truth: PAIN means “Pay Attention Inwards Now”

Did you know that PAIN stems from unresolved and unacknowledged repression of emotions.


E-motions mean energy in motion. If energy is repressed then dis-ease and pain results. We label these pains Arthritis, Allergies, Anxiety, Angina, Headaches, Migraines, Frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel… the list is endless.


Now, breathe deeply, and just for a moment consider that Pain is just information. Pain is not the problem, it is just the mesenger, but it can also be a great distraction.

Want to know more?  (This article first appeared in the FHA- Family Health Advocacy - April 2017)

coconut oil 1068x712What if you discovered swooshing could keep cavities and plaque away, clean out bacterial infections, as well as reduce fungal overgrowth too….and may even improve their memory, and overall health… ?


Would you let them swoosh now?  (This article first appeared in FHA-Family Health Advocacy May 2017)

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