Paul's Story  - The truth behind his Ragweed Allergy

30 years of taking antihistamines and poor Paul still suffered from hay fever, ragweed, and other pollens. In fact his allergies were worse now than in previous years.


Even with faithfully taking allergy shots every week he no longer dared go play golf for fear that his eyes, nose, sinuses would swell shut. Spring and summer no longer thrilled him.

As amatter of fact he now had allergic reactions and sinus problemsall year round.  On top of that  now he had developed fibromialgia,  arthritis was setting in, and he had to walk with a cane just to move around. At only 57,  and he was constantly in agony. His qualtity of living was rapidly going down the tubes, and if this is what he had to look forward to retirement was not enticing.


Body Talk to the rescue!!


 Diannah's story: "Growing up, I always felt out of place, that I didn’t belong. I was always in a constant state of anxiety. Through BodyTalk I found my “anxiety” had something to do with my womb journey.  Through one of the treatment sessions I was receiving, I was made aware that I was not alone in the womb!  There is something called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome! This is my story to recovery ..."   


Through sharing snippets these of information, I hope to provide you with a greater understanding of the breadth and depth of what you can experience through BodyTalk, Reiki and the other energy consciousness tools in my arsenal. My intention is to be an instrument in expanding your awareness to Refresh your Mind, Reclaim your  Body and Renew your Spirit and enjoy your living.


Reclaim your Body, your Mind, & your Enthusiasm! Since 1996, I have worked with people of all ages and levels of health, people from a range of backgrounds. Many of my clients are happy and healthy, and smart enough to do what they can to stay that way. Others want to develop themselves spiritually and discover greater meaning in life. And of course many have sought Reiki treatment or training realizing that balancing their systems can help them to cope better with a wide range of  health conditions


“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Let me help you intensify your light to shine brighter. Join us for...


I went to a "Celebration of Life" on Saturday. (Inhonour of Mare, previous client of mine). When I got there her husband and sister asked me to speak. I was surprised, but the family said that by working with me she had changed so much, the sadness, regret and bitterness she had her entire life left, and she had found a profound peace. They said her aura was so big she brought comfort to the people at hospice, and her family. She was content to go.

When Frank introduced me to the assembly he started with "Sometimes a healing isn't physical, it is spiritual and we evidenced that first hand when Marie worked with Jessy Morrison who does BodyTallk. Every family member noticed it and we were all awed by the change in her. "


Our last session together...

Spring is here!  Just the idea of warm weather is enough to put a smile on our faces. Were you outside in this glorious rejuvenating weather thawing out? The energy has finally shifted and  we were in the yard cleaning up.

Maybe you too feel its time for a fresh start and a clean up (and I don't just mean your house)!

Here is Oma and Laura unwrapping the silk and string from the Easter eggs we made.

A great metaphor for unwrapping our baggage to uncover the hidden beauty within, isn't it.

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Who do you know that is suffering with a fear or phobia?  Fear of heights... mountains... trains... bridges... flying ... spiders ... snakes ... dogs ...cats ... needles ..? The list is endless...


It's not amusing for the person suffering, and it's not something they can rationally figure out either. BUT THERE IS HELP!


Often, our phobias are installed when we are children. At a very young age, when we are unable to express our feelings, we often redress an indefinable insecurity - like mum and dad fighting - divorce - injury - shock - in an effort to make it more tangible, and explainable to the adults in our lives.  However, because we haven't or couldn't articulate it, we actually repress the energy, and it grows and the discomfort builds into a phobia we cannot get rid of  - unless we use BodyTalk, EFT or hypnosis to gently and safely get to the real root cause and unwind it. Think of it like a blown fuse or breaker in your home's electrical panel.



Spring is here! Just the idea of warm weather is enough to put a smile on our faces.
Goodbye, snow! It's time for you to go, so we can start to thaw out. The energy has shifted and  it's time to start fresh and clean up (and I don't just mean your house)!

Maybe it's time to polish off your professional life, or refresh some distorted old relationship memories, re-evaluate priorities, add your latest accomplishments to your resume, or update your closet . The new moon on Friday helped us move forward into our dreams and wishes.

Just like your body needs refreshing so does your energy. If the spring equinox and eclipse didn't infuse you with enough energy, or you are needing some clarity, or  motivation,

"I hated phones, land lines, cell phones, answering calls, or making them. I would avoid calling friends or family (and it was exhausting when I tried), but now that I was in business for myself it was affecting my bottom line. I had to get over it!"

I put it down to a year of working in a call center, and feelings of hating that job. For me the phone weighed 2,000 lbs, I couldn't force myself make it a priority. I wasn't able to follow up, I procrastinated on calling even when I knew clients wanted me to call them. Ironic when you think everyone else my age is hooked on their phone, and afraid of loosing it.

But nope, I had the root of my problem all wrong, it went deeper than that. In our Body Talk session Jessy traced the core to an incident when I was 13 years old ...

Is this you?


Are you just beginning to peak out from under the melting snow? Need to recharge and gather your energy to jump into spring?

Come in for a relaxing Reiki session to detox from the hibernation of winter and re-infuse your cells with vibrant energy!  March Break Tune-up for that little something extra.

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Or if you are feeling called, take matters in your own hands ... you too can learn to use Reiki for yourself

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