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Have you ever been so angry steam was coming out of your ears?  I have. Anger is often the last emotion to come to the surface in a big boiling pot of overflowing emotions. Anger is a mask hiding underlying fear, sadness, disappointment and/or pain.


Buried under anger is usually a seething pot of helplessness, hopelessness, and frustration. When left unchecked it can lead to depression (anger turned inwards), or rage (anger deflected outwards). This is not an excuse for poor behaviour, it is simply an awareness that needs to be recognized. Because feelings buried alive never die!!! They fester they boil and become toxic causing dis-ease. “Anger is meant to be acted upon. It is not meant to be acted out.” 

When we can identify which emotion is driving the anger then...

mannersCan good manners cure dis-ease? Manners may seem a funny topic for a holistic practitioner to write about but bare with me, it has relevance to relieving pain and stress.


Practicing good manners helps us to slow life down, to savor living, to let you live in the moment, to make life more pleasant and more agreeable (for everyone).

Let me give you an example...

saltFor the last 40 years or so, salt has been getting a really bad reputation. Many people are terrified of salting their food, and actually think salt is UNHEALTHY for you.


Time for MYTH BUSTING!! The body needs salt and the electrolytes it provides. (This article first appeared in FHA - Family Health Advocacy in January 2017)


FHA behind pain1 1068x724During my 20 years of practicing Energy Healing I have found one Universal Truth: PAIN means “Pay Attention Inwards Now”

Did you know that PAIN stems from unresolved and unacknowledged repression of emotions.


E-motions mean energy in motion. If energy is repressed then dis-ease and pain results. We label these pains Arthritis, Allergies, Anxiety, Angina, Headaches, Migraines, Frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel… the list is endless.


Now, breathe deeply, and just for a moment consider that Pain is just information. Pain is not the problem, it is just the mesenger, but it can also be a great distraction.

Want to know more?  (This article first appeared in the FHA- Family Health Advocacy - April 2017)

coconut oil 1068x712What if you discovered swooshing could keep cavities and plaque away, clean out bacterial infections, as well as reduce fungal overgrowth too….and may even improve their memory, and overall health… ?


Would you let them swoosh now?  (This article first appeared in FHA-Family Health Advocacy May 2017)

FHA memories cause pain 1068x712


Memories are stored in every cell in your body, not just in your brain. Actively or Passively, you choose.

So why does it matter on how memories are stored? What does that mean for you or your loved ones? read more here (this article was first published by FHA - Family Health Advocacy June 2017


                                                                                          Learn more about the New Way of doing business by  integrTT Heather and Jess cropating New Energy Conscious into your every day activities.

The first in the 12 month series hosted by Heather Wilson of Spark your Vitality and Jessy Morrison of Your Body Talks to integrate energy work to tap into your authenticity, replenish your energy, and other tools you may never have used before to release stress and enhance your success.

Are you a Soul-opreneur? Following yourpassion, looking for ways to reduce overwhelm, increase confidence, get out of your own way, stay on top of your game, increase your health...


Do you ever feel like you struggle to make decisions because your gut is saying one thing, but your mind is saying another …

and when you go with your mind, you wind up disappointed?

TT VC vision correction 2You know that Running a Business takes Brains & Heart!

It takes systems and follow-through!

It also needs You to be Healthy in every way, and that takes ENERGY!!!

Where are you running low? Start the New Year right by pulling in all your resources including Universal Life Force Energy. You can't transform your life running on empty. Come Fill Up.


Are your eyes feeling tired, blurry or wonky? Do you need those cheaters to read up close or focus far away? Feeling Stuck? Can't see your way beyond what you’ve already got?  Struggling to Be your Authentic Self and Profitable too?


What if you could change this? Let yourself see new possibilities.

Join us for the next Transformational Thursday’s Tune-ups “Energetic Vision Correction” Series for Healers1, Coaches, and Energy Workers beginning Feb 18th, 2016

superherosidekickEvery Body has a Story...Edyne Plancy - Starting a Sidekick Revolution At a recent eWomen networking event I was talking to a dynamic young woman over dinner and we found out that our corporate backgrounds were very similar, as was our experience of being everyone's caretaker. "The woman behind the throne, the one who picked up the balls others dropped". She called it being a "Sidekick". Like me she opened her own business and here is the result.Edyne has brought together 28 professionals (including me) to give you some tips and FREE resources. I am very excited to participate in The Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women telesummit--a free 14 day virtual summit hosted by the amazing Edyne Plancy (better known as the Queen of Raising the bar for women). My interview will be going live this week and can be heard when you register to: The summit has brought together 28 amazing leaders sharing their stories, proven ideas and strategies to help you

 Paul's Story  - The truth behind his Ragweed Allergy

30 years of taking antihistamines and poor Paul still suffered from hay fever, ragweed, and other pollens. In fact his allergies were worse now than in previous years.


Even with faithfully taking allergy shots every week he no longer dared go play golf for fear that his eyes, nose, sinuses would swell shut. Spring and summer no longer thrilled him.

As amatter of fact he now had allergic reactions and sinus problemsall year round.  On top of that  now he had developed fibromialgia,  arthritis was setting in, and he had to walk with a cane just to move around. At only 57,  and he was constantly in agony. His qualtity of living was rapidly going down the tubes, and if this is what he had to look forward to retirement was not enticing.


Body Talk to the rescue!!

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