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YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Your concerns are important to me! Together we can change your life.

What do you want to know? What questions do you need answered? Where are you “stuck” or not stepping into the Completeness of you???

As an energy healer and consciousness practitioner I will work with you and your doctor to help you heal and Reclaim your body, Refresh your mind, and Reconnect with the essence of your soul. 

What is your most pressing issue right now? Let’s start there.

Choice is that moment when you decide if you are going to stay stuck in your story or move out of it. Please use these gifts to step into your beautiful expansive blesssed self.   You’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone else around you.    

One of the most interesting things I have discovered in 23 years of energy work is nothing starts off physical, it is energetic whether that is emotions, feelings, or past incarnations. And … we are all Empathic and probably Starseeds. What does that mean? Did that trigger some emotion or relief? Lets talk and see how you relate.

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My Soul’s Genesis or Realignment –  from Jessy

We don’t often think about it, but perhpas like you, I chose to be here on this planet, at this time, although I didn’t know it. I actually thought of it as an imprisonment a penal colony of sorts.

As a child there were many beautiful and amazing situations and events, but numerous others where I incredulously questioned “Are you kidding me! What the ***…??!” And more often than not I questioned why God had brought me here, and often declared “This is my last incarnation here. Next time I’m going to Venus.”

It was in those times, when living was at its most challenging that led me to the work I do now. And, it is at these times when my tools become even more valuable to me as they assist me in navigating through these challenges and catalysts in my own inner growth and expansion.

One of the biggest traps I fell into … and maybe you have too…

One thing that enlightened seekers fall into and really beat themselves up for, way too often, is this idea that we shouldn’t have any problems when we are enlightened and if we do we judge ourselves as having regressed.. or being weak… or of failing in some way. NONSENSE!

The truth is our ‘problems’ shape and sculpt us into discovering who we actually are. The more we choose and desire out of life, the more ‘challenges’ can be faced to show us what is required of us to deal with in order to step up.

Your life is the vehicle of possibility for you to know yourself. Not a vehicle to apply judgement or conclusions to. In all the thousands of clients I have worked with no one is broken! Some have blown fuses, are a little off balance, some need support, some need repair (after all we are organic matter and need proper nutrition, exercise and energetic cleaning) but we are not broken, not the way society identifies broken. We are just on a journey towards wholeness. Your body is an awareness meter guiding you, not meant to distract you.

Understanding this alone can be a huge relief and assist us in taking the next steps in our journey while knowing there is nothing wrong with us. We are not a wrongness.

If you have a lot of challenges happening, perhaps you are simply asking for more out of life? These challenges are setting you up to take the next step, not setting you back. What else is possible?! How can it get any better than that? Feel that in your bones, breathe that in.

I firmly believe that nothing is done TO us, it is always done FOR us. ​

Would you like to know why you are here? Why you have the challenges and obstacles you do?

Would you like to know which transitional gateway you are standing at, walking through, or have just passed through. There is so much your cellular memory can reveal to you, and so much more ease and joy for you to experience

Everything I have learned and use for myself to create change, I bring to the table when I work with my clients. Over the past 20 years of intensive studies in ‘the healing arts’ I have discovered that there is not just one tool or modality that can be effective for everyone or anyone in all situations and stages of growth.

You don’t only eat apples, we need buffet with a variety of meats, vegetables, grains, and other fruits. It is the same when healing our Body, our Mind, and listening to our Soul. We may need a dentist, a doctor, a chiropractor, an osteopath, a hairdresser, a Reiki practitioner, a coach, a Soul Profile, or other modalities at different times in our life.

We are multi-dimensional beings and I use a multi-faceted approach to offer the greatest scope for clearing blocks and catalysing joy and growth. I ask the “Expert” questions! Your body of 80 trillion cells is the expert! Your body is the GPS between your Soul and Mind, it knows Your Story and your Answers!

Your body talks and it aches to tell you the answers. It knows ALL your little secrets, dramas, traumas, limiting beliefs, conclusions, illusion, fantasies, and insanities. Your body’s 80 Trillion cells even know your ancestors neurological hand-me-downs that you want to get rid of so you can move forward.

What an astounding miracle. How can it be any better than that? What else is possible? And the best thing is – now we can do something about it – all! Right now!

Compare yourself for a moment, to a space shuttle. It uses a lot of fuel and power to get launched, to soar high, and keep reaching for the moon and beyond. However, (and this is important), when it gets to the gravity barrier beyond our earth it starts to shake, it seems to fall apart, it has to let go of the empty fuel tanks, solar panels fall off, it ejects what is weighing it down and no longer needs! It shakes, it rattles, it struggles to hold itself together as it keeps moving forward …until it is through the barrier. (This is often where we get frightened and turn back).

ONCE through the barrier it floats, everything is calm and peaceful… and it carries on in its journey towards its goal… until it meets the next energetic barrier, where the process begins again. These barriers are not there to stop you; rather they are there to mark a milestone; a gateway into something new, uncharted, and transformation. Be encouraged, take stock, see how far you have come, and celebrate your victories. But wait…there’s still more …ok so now carry on at your new level of vibration.

Or if you prefer, consider this. Our Soul loves to expand, grow, and unfold, to experience NEW! It is not here to be comfortable and stagnate. Think of it this way …

A lobster is a soft mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand, so, how can the lobster grow?

Well, a lobster grows until that shell becomes very confining, and the lobster feels itself under pressure and uncomfortable. It hides under some rock formation to protect itself from predatory fish and casts off its shell and produces a new one.

Eventually the shell becomes very uncomfortable as it grows and it goes back to the rocks and repeats this process numerous times.

The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable. Now, if the lobster had doctors they would never grow because as soon as it feels uncomfortable he goes to the doctor and gets a Tylenol, Valium, or Percocet and feels “fine” again, or numb … so never casts off its shell and doesn’t continue to grow.

It is good to realize that times of stress are also times that signal growth! If we use adversity properly we can GROW THROUGH and BEYOND adversity into more of who we can BE and ARE!

Doing something NEW is challenging, like going thru a doorway are you standing in front of in, in the middle of it or through it already? Someone once asked me how many gateways are there? How often do you walk into or out of your front door? Your back door, your garage door? Sometimes you come in with groceries sometimes you take out garbage, sometimes you invite in guests, sometimes you escort them out. The answer is infinite, and sometimes we go thru them again and again at a different resonance and learning each time. Sometimes we run up t o them and change our mind and run back, sometimes we leap, limp, or limbo dance. Our journey, our way, but we get to ask for help when we need it too.

It is during difficult times though that we realize we need new tools, new supporters to give us a hand up, medicine, or a change in nutrition, more or less exercise, a new mentor to guide us. It is not that our tools are failing us – we just outgrow their usefulness and ability. Like us, our tools may need to adapt and evolve.

It is OK to outgrow your previous mentors and go where no one has gone before, to evolve as you grow into your strengths. Nothing stays stagnant or regresses. We are in constant forward motion. If you feel stuck, you may just be floating like the space shuttle, and it’s time to reassess or upgrade to a new shuttle.

Sometimes we feel or think life is too chaotic, but realize chaos means INFINITE Possibilities!

This is your journey, I am still on mine. Together we can change the world.

Oh in case you are wondering, as for the declaration I made as a child that “I ain’t coming back here because reincarnation is a bad habit” I take it back. I rescind, revoke, recant, denounce, renounce, and un-create that entirely. I now love it here, life is magical and encouraging, full of wonder watching the evolution of this planet; witnessing people awaken into their giftedness, reclaiming their health, their potency power and wealth.

I have lots more work to do, and people to help, and adventure to be had. I hope you will join me. I have much to share to make this journey easier, more joyous, and glorious.

Curious? Here is a List of my certifications and learnings that come out as we let your “body” talk to refresh your mind, renew your spirit and reclaim your body. Join me in going from your state of “I can’t …” to the beingness of “I AM!”

With deep respect and joy in this your journey to transformation,


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