Aww Shucks, I am blushing….

AWWW  shucks, I am blushing. From all these THANK YOU’s…
Jessy blushing2
It never ceases to amaze me how powerful Group Sessions are for raising the vibration of those on the call, and those listening later.
Even though everyone brings their own “issues” to the table we work on holding intention towards the end goal not on fixing. We cannot create from the energy of wanting to fix. Wanting vibrates at 10 Mhz. Creation begins at 500 + above.
Which means coming from a space above problem, being in the energy of LOVE for, and ACCEPTING of (350MHz+++)  where we are now. Not about wanting to get “Better” which means we are in resistance of what we have created up until now.
Even though no one knows what the other persons perceived issues are, we can by weekly tuning-in Tune-Up lear up our major concerns whether they are health related, financia! or relationship. When we shift anything everything shifts! We let the old “I CAN’T” stories go, and shift into the energy of “What Else Is Possible?”
Each session builds on the last, because they create creative momentum. That doesnt mean you cannot begin at any time, what it does mean is the more we rest our attention on creative energy – daily or weekly  – the more we enhance our healing energy. Like brushing our teeth Energetic and Emotional Hygeine is the key to being At Home In Our own Body, At Home in our Fianacial House and At Home in our Relationships with ourself and our loved ones, At Home on our Earth.
Continue reading to see attendees comments:
LP: “Thank you. This was the most transformative hour I’ve ever had. You get it. You understand what I need to change. It was so overwhelming I kept breaking down so I will have to listen to over & over. I see the possibility of happiness I’ve never been able to get to as not just a mirage anymore. We tapped into it. That possibility is insane to me that we can do that and make it happen. I hope u understand what I mean.”
JMc: “I LOVED it!! The writing of “I love you Jennifer” with my non-dominant hand was so fun – I felt so at peace. It took me a little to yawn but eventually it came out.
Do you have that meditation in writing? I would love a copy if you don’t mind sharing .. I really, really enjoyed it.”
Jessy: Sorry Jen, , it’s not really a meditation just a tuning in and up. I have to listen back to hear what I said. I had pointers written down to get consent from the superconscious, unconscious, and self-conscious. I’m sort of developing a checklist but it changes with the group”
JMc: “Well that is even more impressive. I was already planning on listening back to it so I can just listen a few times and let it sink in. Thanks again I really enjoyed it”
DM: “Jessy, as usual, you are amazing. Ironically, I was given this message the other day. But this was amazing and I have had many revelations and the messages are coming. I’ve recognized what are limitations and what I must change. However, I did learn something as always, and I love your meditations, and your words – they are so magical – that it is hard to take it all in. Thank you for this. Don’t know what I would do without you. God Bless you. ??
JM: Yes Lori I understand what you mean. When we come from problem we cannot FIX said problem because the problem becomes the motivator for growth, so when you grow enough it has a boomerang effect of snapping you back to problem so you can grow some more. That is why so much “healing” doesn’t work. We need to raise to creation energy in order to create.
Join us every week for your “Time for a Tune-up with Jessy” to keep the momentum on your 5D ascension going so you too can be at Home in Your Own Body in ever dimension of your living.

Stop looking behind you let the past stay in the past, it got you to where you are now, but its time for new tools. Listen to our body talk. ? Hugs J

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