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Taking Registrations NOW for the 2012 BodyTalk Access Fast Aid Workshops taught by David Huff CBP


Many of you know how very  very excited I get with the benefits of the BodyTalk system. One of the reasons it excites me is that BodyTalk Access works to balance the body’s response to Life (meaning diet, exposure to toxins, quality and quantity of sleep, reduced engagement with stress, anger management, etc.). This means that instead of all of our focus being on trying to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle, we can adjust our body to the lifestyle we have.

This doesn’t mean that healthy choices are not important, just that they are not the only factor.

My favourite part of the BodyTalk  Access system is“FAST AID” a set of treatments that YOU can learn to do on yourself and members of your family, daily. Access includes an immune specific technique which works beautifully to both prevent illness and speed healing when illness occurs.

  • Its like having Molly Maid at your service cleaning up your body
  • As well as an electrician in there checking the fuse boxes and electrical panel in your entire living house
  • While the plumber makes sure all the pipes are in perfect working order to keep up with the demands of hydration and elimination
  • It‘s like having a coach for the health and wellness of your family, not just on a physical level but also promotes personal and spiritual growth.

(People take better care of our cars than our bodies. We see the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and check up … why not tune up and clean your body too!?) BodyTalk Access helps you do just that, in about 10 minutes a day!

 Doing this entire technique which only takes 10 minutes once learned, and  harmonizes and balances your logical obsessive “monkey mind” with your intuitive creative happy mind and together this creates Balance and Insight! For some it enhances extrasensory perceptions. For me it keeps me energized enough to keep up with the demands of being a single parent, caring for my 85 year old mom, while running my business, giving speaking engagements, networking, and fwewf staying clear and in integrity with myself!

Do you need more energy? Better memory, concentration? Want to be more optimistic, more motivated?

What about having deeper, more restful sleep?

Access is a 6 hour one time course that has you working on yourself and fellow classmates for 6 hours. Yet it only costs $165.00, and you get to use it for life!!!

 I believe it is perhaps the best investment in your health that you can make (well besides learning Reiki). Access is great because once learned you can do the techniques right when you need them! Antime/Anywhere.

The best time to treat a cold is at first time of symptoms rather than several days or weeks into it.This also means that a great time to come in to the office for a BodyTalk session and have a tune-up so your body can be the best it can be and recover quickly is at first time of illness. I say this because I often hear from clients that they didn’t know if they should come in when sick. My response is Yes! Of course! Or at least let me do a remote session to optimize the physiology and cleaning power of your lymph , body chemistry, hydration and whatever else set this ill-ness in motion. (Unless you need an excuse to take a day off).

For your convenience you can call Jess 705241-8680 or register online at this link for either:


Saturday March 10, 2012 9:30 – 3:30 $165 

register at


Saturday May 5, 2012 9:30 – 3:30 $165.

Register at

Change your life! I like feeling HEALTHY!

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