Ever Witness a Miracle? or partake in one?

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I did!

Testimonial: “When I took the course 7 years ago I had pneumonia, and drove for 4 hours to Walkerton because I just felt that this day would be life altering. I came out a totally different person and without my cough or fever. I witnessed a lot of miracles that day. Since then my entire family has learned BodyTalk Access™ and we use it daily” Jessy M


David Huff CBP has consented to teach the one day BodyTalk Access™ Workshop here at the Finding Health Clinic. BodyTalk Access™ ISMiraculous FAST AID”.In fact we used it for 6 hours straight this August as we ambulated my mother to hospital. But that is another story…


You will learn and USE 5 profound techniques that improve brain function – improve posture – are stress busters – pain chasers – heal viruses faster –  improve immunity – and your enhance your mood.


Reserve this date: Saturday Nov 2, 2013 ~ From 9:15AM to 4:30PM Bring a friend
For only $175 you learn how to put more fun and vitality back into your life. Just in time for the winter season!

Register here http://www.bodytalksystem.com/seminars/details.cfm?id=19932

P.S. Still accepting reservations for Reiki 1& 2 in October  Register here for Reiki workshops or call 705-241-8680

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