BodyTalk listed among top 9 therapies in Radical Remission

radical remission bookWhoo hoo sooo exciting!! Everyday I am delighted at how my life’s passion is being accepted and validated around the world. I was once a trailblazer, am I now mainstream? (If Body Talk and energy work are mainstream then I have completed my mission?!)
The latest evidence is that recently, I had several new clients contact me. They had all heard about BodyTalk from the same book by researcher and psychotherapist Kelly A. Turner. 
“Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds”

Turner specializes in integrative oncology. She holds a BA from Harvard Medical School and a PhD from UC Berkeley. Her PhD research focused on over 1,000 cases of radical remission worldwide that defied serious or terminal cancer and where the disease was completely reversed.

Unexpectedly the chapter titled “Following Your Intuition” mentions BodyTalk, as does the chapter called “Releasing Suppressed Emotions” which suggests BodyTalk as one of the 9 possible “Action Steps” people took to survive cancer.

Many of us who practice BodyTalk or my clients who have experienced sessions know that each body has the innate wisdom to know what it needs to heal. I always say Bodytalk is Healthcare Designed by Your Body from Soul to Cell. 
2 of Turner’s 9 chapters – each of which reflects the top nine actions people took to survive cancer – cover changes in nutrition and dietary supplements. The other 7 chapters of her book address mental, emotional and spiritual changes, so important to patients recovery!!
She investigated the unique therapies and treatments the people underwent and found a common theme: Each person bravely took responsibility for their own healing process and made radical life changes. They quit demanding jobs, reserved time to consciously laugh with their children, started to love their cancer, regularly listened to morning bird song, and the list goes on.
While in Hawaii, Dr. Turner met Karen “Maya” Sorensen, a local BodyTalk practitioner who shared BodyTalk at an outdoor market. The two spent an afternoon together talking about the BodyTalk System. During her research, other people had mentioned BodyTalk as well.

My clients often have Active Memories come up in sessions that go all the way back to childhood and even fetal life. Commonly, the emotions are energetically “held” in the part of the body where the cancer is diagnosed.

Dr. Turner suggests BodyTalk is particularly adept at addressing many of the “triggers” that may be responsible for causing healthy cells to become cancerous; this includes bacteria, viruses and toxins.
Turner also makes an important connection between stress and cancer, and she mentions water as a “master healer”.
Which immediately brings to mind the great resource we have with our BodyTalk Access techniques, which includes Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry and the Reciprocals. (If you are a client of mine I have probably taught you these during our sessions together. If you want to learn them you can learn on line thru the IBA (International BodyTalk Association)
Between daily self-practice of BodyTalk Access to mitigate the causes of illness and disease, and regular BodyTalk sessions with Certified Practitioners, the population has the tools for their own radical remissions right at their disposal.
If you know someone living with cancer, this book could open new perspectives for them. It is definitely an ode to the preciousness of life.
For more information about the book and personal stories about radical remissions using all types of healing strategies, visit
For more information on how BodyTalk has both supported and helped to heal those working through a cancer diagnosis, view our BodyTalk testimonials page.

If I have helped you or your loved ones overcome cancer or another distressing disease please leave a comment or testimonial on my google page. or have them contact me to see how I can help.


It used to be I was considered a Trailblazer, now it seems mainstream has caught up with me. What a beautiful world, so excited to witness the transformations.

Welcome to my world! You’ve nothing to lose but your ordinary life.

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