Exciting News! Events and New Additions

So much is happening at the Finding Health Clinic this April.

It’s very exciting to be bringing you more natural ways to …

Empower you to heal YOU.


Our BodyTalk Clinic is expanding yet again. Looks like we are adding another BodyTalk and Reiki Practitioner (that makes 3 of us now) and three types of massage to serve you better. This is soooo cooool!!! Still offering Clinical Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and more to help you reclaim your health naturally, swiftly and without side-effects!


We are also revamping our booking system and website to make it easier for you to find the answers you need and connect with us 24/7. You’ll recognize the new link soon!


To celebrate we are

offering NEW Clients the opportunity to experience Reiki and BodyTalk for $88 a session (saving you $25) or purchase a package of 5 session for the price of 4.Clear your allergies, phobias, moods, pains, and limiting beliefs. Written guarantee after 12 sessions! How cool is that – has your doctor ever given you a guarantee of improved health and no side-effects?! How well do you want to feel? Ready for your own Spring Tune-up or “pick-me-up”?

Book on  line here

NEW!!! Susan Cooper RMT  Massage therapist and dear friend is joining us 3 days a week for her blend of cranial and intuitive massage. You may remember her as one of the healers I sought out when I injured my hip in January! More info to come.

NEW!!! We are also considering having Eleanor Dunthorn CBP do Raindrop Therapy here twice a week. I love Raindrop for immune boosting and achy muscles, and the office will smell divine with all the essential oils she uses. Elle also does BodyTalk, Lymphatic drainage (ahhh thank you) and Reiki. You will love her, she’ll be offering some Info Sessions to bring you up to speed. Stay tuned, more info to come.

POPULAR!!! Trisha Cuthbertson will be joining us again to offer another free Hypnosis info session and a Self-Hypnosis Full Day Workshop on April 20, 2013 read more here

LIFE ENHANCING!!! I am conducting another Reiki Level 1 workshop to develop more intuitive hands-on healing “Apprentices” on April 27, 2013 (sorry sold out)  But if you feel left out register now for the Level 1 June workshop. Or Reiki 2 May 11 Workshop read more here

NEW!!! April 30, 2013 Our Health is our wealth! Information Series: Movie night.

Our health and well-being depends on making informed choices. There is so much misinformation presented to us that without knowing it, we are giving away our right to choose what to eat and how to take care of our body. If you are in the Barrie area, Dave Huff and I have decided to start making access to the truth easier, with a series of monthly movie nights. More info here  

We are starting with an excellent documentary created by our Chiropractic friends called “DOCTORED!” This film shook me to my core. Here is a sneak peak:http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=2AE89FC2DA09EFB872065E4A150B8E26

Did you know: that in Germany you now need a prescription to get vitamin C?

Did you know:  that if current international trade agreements were fully enforced the same would be required in Canada.

Did you know:  the number one cause of death in the North America is prescription medication.

Did you know:  These are only the tip of the iceberg…

Want to learn more? Register for movie night:  http://getinformed.eventbrite.ca

Keep tuned for more events in May & June: Just to tease you, more to come

May 11, 2013: Reiki 2 Through Distance and Time seats still available

May 25, 2013: Dave has consented to bringing us another transformational BodyTalk Access Class to Barrie, a few seats left register here

Reminder: Mothers Day is May 12! Get in Mom’s good books buy her a Gift Certificate for –  BodyTalk, Reiki, or Raindrop Massage with Jessy, Dave, Sue, or Eleanor respectively.

June 1 & 2, 2013: Surprise Guest NLP Instructor Damian Daguiar is holding a two day Design your Destiny Workshop. Design Your Destiny is what lured me into the amazing world of NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy. My teens will be here. How about you?  More info to come

Call 705-241-8680 to reserve your seat in a workshop or email relief@jessymorrison.ca

Oh yes and dont forget to book your “Tune-up” appointment or “Pick-me-up” package at the Spring Special Savings now, before the month is over.https://www.jessymorrison.ca



If you can’t change the world, Come change YOUR world and  Reclaim your health and vitality at the Finding Health Clinic

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