March: Exam stress, depression and feeling out of sorts

March Break Feature:

Caitlin’s story: Caitlin couldn’t eat anymore, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t concentrate on school, and she was having huge issues at home with her mom. She had been put on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds that were just zonking her out, she couldn’t keep food down and all she had energy for was wandering the halls at school and feeling like a failure.

” After 5 sessions with Jessy I feel like a new woman, I was leery but she was my friends mom and I knew she had helped some of my college friends. I thought it was the long winter blues, but … The very first  session she asked me about my piercing  – no one even knew I had it!

She said my body told her – it was blocking my esophagus, on a vital meridian junction, (something Chinese medicine) making me throw up my food, causing all these side effects. I told her I wouldn’t get rid of my piercing – she said no problem and reprogrammed my body to accept the metal and re-balance communication between all body parts. So cool, I can eat now without feeling sick!

She gave me some exercises called Cortices to clear brain fog, and school is fun and easy again. But most surprising of all is mom and I don’t fight anymore. Don’t know how she did it, but I feel like I got my life back. I’m going to keep coming back until school is over that’s for sure”

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