Can Reiki help Entrepreneurs move to the next level?

entrepreneurs workingReiki is traditionally viewed as an energy healing modality used with health-conscious client’s, however its use also translates well into the world of business.  

Reiki builds on the awareness of your energy, BE-ing in a mindful state in all relationships, interactions, & encounters with life; including those in your business.  

Reiki is a fine-tuning of your neurology for health and stress relief.

Reiki is a practice of channeling Alpha brain waves and mindful attentiveness consistently in everything that you do 24/7 – on yourself, your family, pets, plants, and your creativity. It’s about being authentic and in tune with your higher self, free of worry, fear & doubt, which contribute to dis-ease. I think it as the Great Fullness of SOUL TO CELL.

2nd Level Reiki is where we blow all your paradigms and …

opinions on the limitations of time, & distance. We learn that distance doesn’t impede the ability to send love and healing to anyone anywhere; a relief that can be sent to your loved ones when they are in hospital or living abroad.

We will also learn to begin healing the emotional past that has such destructive impact on the present when left unresolved, and learn to send energy into the future potentially challenging events.

So why would an entrepreneur or Soul-opreneur want to learn Reiki ? Because your business is an extension of YOUR energy. Whatever negative energy is blocking you or leaving you tired and feeling burned out, it is also blocking your business! In order to get yourself out of the business mental slump, you need to fine-tune your energy frequency regularly.

The conscious mind loves Reiki Level 2 because we use some tangible techniques, like mantras and symbols to enhance & blend intellect with intuition, so your conscious and unconscious minds work together to bring positive results instead of your mind sabotaging you!

Imagine speaking to your business as if you were speaking to another human being and having it tell you what it needs! Yes, YOUR BUSINESS SPEAKING TO YOU. This is entirely possible with reiki Level 2, because as we all know business is a separate entity and as such it also has its own energy.

What blocks and obstacles could you overcome by keeping your and your business’ energy authentic & in tune by applying Reiki ?

Consider learning Reiki to Refresh yourself and your Business!

Guaranteed to change your life, if you use it daily!

Find a Reiki practitioner you resonate with or hire a coach who also has Reiki certification. When your soul and mind are on the same page you will improve your career, relationships, and acquire a more balanced lifestyle.

For more information on my upcoming Reiki workshops, certifications and other energy healing modalities, please contact me at” . 

Aside from teaching, I am a Reiki Master and BodyTalk Practitioner practicing nearly 30 different healing modalities. I love working directly with clients to bring them physical and emotional relief. Relief felt often immediately after first session!

What are you waiting for? Check out the next Level 2 Workshop on Saturday September 16th Noon – 7PM (Prerequisite Level 1 necessary)

Level 1 Attunement scheduled for Saturday October 14th, 2017 Noon – 7PM

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