Change vs Transformation

changeThe coming of Spring, like the coming of September stirs my inner juices and gets me fired up, even more than the January New Year.

The coming of the warm weather stirs my creativity, the longer days fortify me and allow me to be more active outdoors, while gardening relaxes my mind and inspration takes hold. I write articles, ebooks, paint, draw, and play more.

Client sessions in August  are relatively quiet compared to other months so I have time to work on my business. I plan, I forecast, I see the changes I wish to make and I take action.

I enjoy the change in direction and re-balancing.

Change is inevitableChange is unavoidablechange is GOOD, change means GROWTH, otherwise how can anything change for the better if nothing changes? So why do people fear change…


Change is inevitable… the seasons,  weather,  our children, jobs, careers, business, loves, relationships, health, clothes, hairstyles, phone numbers, addresses … We trade in tricycles for bicycles, and upgrade from bikes to cars, from cars to private jets, to ..?

Change is unavoidable; it is the only constant in our universe and therefore to be expected, not feared. Changes are transformative. They are all milestones, rites of passage, growth! Celebrate them.

Besides, how can anything change for the better if nothing changes? If you want to change anything in your life, you have to change something in your life! Even choosing not to choose is a choice, change will happen, so choose the flavor that change will be.

Sadly many people fear change, they expend a lot of energy trying to keep thingsthe same‘. They get stuck. They see change as bad, destructive, as a loss.When we resist change we make life hard, traumatic.

It’s going to happen anyway, resistance is futile! At least be in the drivers seat, and choose the roads you can travel to influence the change and enjoy the ride.

changing landscape

OK, I admit it,  change can be downright scary, bumpy, risky and sometimes painful! But that is only because we have stepped into a new unknown territory, which means we no longer have a familiar map to show us the way. We probably have to redesign our known map. But that is ok. We are who we are because of what we have experienced.

Think back to when you were deciding to go to university, or getting a new job; do you remember the anticipation and trepidation you felt when you were moving away from home; or you when made yourself vulnerable and open to a new relationship. In choosing to create and embrace change we find life exhilarating, exciting, stimulating, and alive.


We use the words transition, transformation and change interchangeably these days, but they are NOT the same. People often only change long enough to achieve a goal and then go back to what they used to do. Like dieting to loose weight, or starting an exercise program … Change is temporary.

Transition is the route to transformation. This is the journey where you feel the newness, some fear, some doubt, it can become a roller coaster of resistance, uncertainty and a loss of confidence as you let go of who you were,  then finally relief as you step through the gateway of who you are going to be.

Transformation is MORE than change. It is more than a make-over. It happens inside you– in your body, in your mind, and throughout your soul. Transformation is living the change and you can never go back. You wouldn’t even think of going back, because now you truly think differently, you feel different, you know things in a deeper way with a whole new awareness and understanding.

metaorphosisI liken it to a metamorphosis. Imagine the tiny caterpillar crawling into its chrysalis or cocoon to emerge and completely transform into another being. Transformation is permanent.

Look at your life in hindsight; it will give you insight to every time change was a gift for you. Life is not predictable, it is wild, uncontrollable, unplanned, unexpected. follow the energy. You are energy, and energy is constantly moving, vibrating, resonating, changing, transforming evolving, just like music.

Honor your changes with loving attention, an attitude of gratitude, with new found curiosity and awareness, and you too will transform with ease and grace. You are an infinite being; it is your choice to look at change as a victim – that life is happening TO you; or ride the wave and realize that this journey is happening FOR you.

Celebrate the changes, those transitions that propel you beyond your previous comfort zones, and live your transformation. Because you have transformed, you are the change, but it doesn’t stop here. BE YOU!

You are a Diamond, how seasoned or polished you decide to be is up to you. How fun and easy it is, is also up to you. Be extraordinary!

change coal to diamond

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