How did you get thru the Christmas Rush?

How do the Reiki precepts tie in with Christmas and prepare us for managing the New Year?

For many the ritual of Christmas and New Years is frantic, rushed, exhausting, and not really so much fun. When there are small children in the family it is “funner” keeping the magic in the season. But as we all grow up it is difficult to keep the commercialism from tarnishing the reason behind the ritual. How did you do with keeping the thrilling heart of enchantment in Christmas? For me it’s easy I celebrate with Reiki!


When I was first married my father in law would bless our evening meal with a quickly spoken yet somber “… for these and all thy mercies Lord we give thee thanks, Amen…” under his breath. I was puzzled because in my family we held hands and sang a translated version of an Austrian child’s prayer “Thank you lord for giving us food…”(repeated in a round) “… right where we are Amen”. Ours was tradition, spirited, loving, and fun. Ours inspired gratefulness and love in my heart, his always left me looking at the people around the table feeling empty, wondering where was the love, the reverence, the respect?

After my divorce 20 years later when Reiki found me, I Reiki’d everything, our food, our cooking, our evening prayers, my plants, my job, my kids, my bath, my bank account, my court case … it brought me back to joy, to faith, to feeling loved and safe. It gave me back my connection to spirit, to source, and my belief in God as light and loving, safe and protecting, joyful and filled with gratitude. A sense that “everything really is all right all the time”.

Part of that confidence came from the Reiki Precepts or rather my interpretation and use of them. Read more…

Just for today – do not worry

Release and lay your worries aside and focus on the present moment, here, now, just in this split second. All is good, and remember to breathe or release a sigh. I like to say “YESsss” and feel the tension melt away from my shoulders. Remember Worry is FEAR; and fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Rarely do worries manifest, they are fiction. Merely a drama that our mind spins and weaves to entertain us. Usually its not all that entertaining so let go. Problems do not exist except inour mind.When we let go of theproblem it ceases to be a problem. Observe. If you are in fear you are not trusting the Divine nor yourself.

Be love, be trust. Those split seconds are cumulative, so keep adding them, like beads on a beautiful pearl necklace, and soon those moments will stretch into hours of calm, and that will become the “norm”.

Just for today – let go of anger

Release anger with love. How? Give love to the situation that has your ego in a knot. Breathe into it and add sunlight to the recipe, add warmth and then you can use the anger as a catalyst for change, let it feed you energy with passion, spirit and joy. Anger is not a bad emotion, it is a way of seeing where your boundaries have been trespassed, where your needs are not being met … use that energy in a loving way and be the change you wish to see in the world. Anger usually begins with being disappointed or frustrated in a certain outcome or behaviour. What emotion is really underneath the anger? Is it a need to control, be accepted or because you don’t feel safe? Notice (and take time to breathe.) Get out of the revengeful reptilian brain, the dinosaur is not chasing you and go into a state of calm, using the calming energy of Reiki to bring in the power. Again do not judge the reason as right or wrong … good or bad, just observe in neutral. Anger stored is detrimental to our health, causes us to not think clearly, makes us less resourceful, and makes happiness impossible. So breathe, detach from it, do not repress it, feel it as an energy and give it permission to be used with love to create change. Don’t label it, use the energy gently.

Just for today honour your parents, ancestors and yourself.

I add friends, teachers, relatives, children and all living beings to the list of those to be honoured. Just because you don’t like the way a gift is wrapped (or cloaked) doesn’t mean it is not a gift. Every person, every situation in our life past/present/future is a GIFT, part of our cellular memory, a catalyst, look upon it and observe without anger or worry, without the judgments of it being good/bad right/wrong . Observe and just be in integrity. This is where the Ho’oponopono prayer comes in handy “I love you. I am sorry. Please Forgive me. I Forgive you. Thank you” Clean up the energy and all is good. When you feel love you are energized.

Just for today feel gratitude.

Yes be thankful for all those gifts – even our “helpful” in-laws comments (wink). Relating back to honoring – see/ feel/ love the gift that everything is/was and will be. When I say “Thank you” I show my trust in the unconditional loving energy that flows through everything; my definition of God. We went to the candlelight service on Christmas Eve partially because it has been tradition in my family for 56 years, and also because it is magical and full of reverence, and allows me to sing, reflect and feel stillness and gratitude amidst the crazy bustle of Christmas time. It allows me to feel Love in everything.

Just for today – do your work honestly.

I always add “and honestly and with integrity work on yourself”.

After all if there are triggers look in the mirror and clean it up. It is never the other person doing something to us, they are merely mirrors doing/reflecting it for us … for us to heal and close a wound that needs tending to. Work on yourself clean, clean, clean our cellular memories / fears/ etc. When we are integral with our body/mind/spirit we are in a place of calm, bliss and joy. Centered and balanced. The Reiki energy can flow unimpeded in our life.

THANK YOU! I’ve come along way from that first winter taking the leap of faith and opening my little Reiki practice and not knowing if I’d have a turkey to put on the table for my kids or a pair of snow boots for my sons quickly growing feet. (A neighbour gifted us with a turkey that year – they still do every year! Thank you God!)

Now I have my own FINNDING HEALTH (BodyTalk/Reiki) Clinic where the most amazing people (YOU) come and allow me to play Nancy Drew detective and witness and share in your healing miracles, and your journey back to health. Thank you I am blessed. I waken ever morning asking God who do I get to help today.

THANK YOU for “daring to be different”. You are pioneers in the new paradigm to healthiness and personal growth. You are troubadours and I thank you for spreading the word. You are angels because you are helping yourself and your families by clearing away unhelpful and limiting beliefs that cause dis-ease. You are helping the entire population expand and rediscover our true essence and potential.

On a material plane You are also helping me to clothe, house and feed my kids. Thank you for your trust, your support, your referrals, your cards and Xmas gifts, the flowers, and the cartoons!?…

Cartoons? Yes, have a look at Paul’s lighthearted interpretation of Jessy’s Reiki Practice below. May it bring you chuckles too. Add comments or captions if you like, maybe I can use them on my website or as postcards or something? Ideas are welcome.

Belated Seasons Greetings and many blessings for the coming New Year .

I am around if you need a tune-up, with love in my heart and joy in my hands and my “RAKE” see Paul’s cartoons!






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