Time for a Tune-Up with Jessy May 19, 2021 07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

Every body has a story, several actually, and when we hang on to it we create our personal reality and self conscious. In order to shift we get to disengage from trauma and drama and let our authentic selves release the emotional static causing stuckness of flow.

That is why regular maintenance of our Energetic hygeine, and mindset is so important. Since quarantine has made it currently impossible to have in person visits, we can as a group meet on zoom.

Group sessions are so poweful when we all hold intention to create the Life we Love as opposed to solving problems or dis-ease. What we focus on expands, so let's empower ourselfves to Choose Health & Vitality, Choose A Life we Love, Resiliancy, Choose to Live our True Nature & Purpose, and BE the Predominant Creator in our Life, no matter what is happening on this planet at the moment. I truley believe we chose to be on Earth at this time to make a difference, and for that we need to clear the lenses of our Visision, keep it clear and continually rest our attention there.

Together we can do this.

See you each week, same time, different topic, a personal clearing everytime.