FAVORITE BODYTALKTM TOOL: Cortices (You can do this at home, at work, at school, anywhere …)

Balancing the cortices is one of the most important techniques in BodyTalk. It works to  harmonize and balance the brain, and shift the body and mind out of the energy and chemistry of ‘fear or fight/flight’ and into a more relaxed state of ‘growth and healing’. Restoring  areas of communication in the body that have become compromised.

Balancing the cortices also balanced the right/left brain which is fundamental for a healthy body and mind. It blends our intellect with our intuition and allows for heightened intuition! It then allows us to expand our awareness and rise above our “problems & worries” to see the bigger picture, and resolve the incurable! Wouldn’t you rather use 100% of your capacity and improve the communication systems within the body so that you can be more efficient and heal yourself more effectively?

We often get stuck in overwhelm which blows our fuses and this causes even more stress to the body, and breaks down those communication systems in the body that help us digest food, eliminate toxins, utilize water, feed the brain, restore cells, and more. We get stuck in a stressful state, and from this place, everything is more difficult: can’t think clearly, mix up our left & right, can’t sleep, pain intensifies, we growl at everyone … Can anyone relate? The reptilian brain takes over and we only use 10% of our mind.

Balancing the cortices daily starts to bring the body and brain back to a state of health where we can naturally move between different events without getting stuck in fight or flight and start to live using our whole brain. Especilaly valuable in an emergency, after an accident, to relieve a headache, accelerate healing a cut or wound, including anytime you are stressed out, receive some bad news…  Just take 60 seconds and tap out your cortices and watch how you relax and return to a place where the body steps out of shock, and starts healing!

Try it, and let me know how you get on!

It’s easy to stimulate the body’s self healing and only takes 60 seconds a couple of times a day. You are worth each minute! In case you have forgotten the cortices routine here is a reminder.

 1.    2.  3.

1 & 2. Start at base of neck, holding the position behind your head building a bridge between your left and right hemisphere of the brain, as you tap the top of your head and then your chest. For two deep breaths.

 Move hand to next position and continue around head (width of one hand) uniting left & right side of brain and repeat tapping on top of the head and breathing and tapping on the chest and breathing, for two deep breaths or more.

3. Continue around head to forehead, this Prefrontal cortex is our  “thinking” brain, so holding here really calms the mind. Repeat tapping and breathing.

4. 5. 6.

4. Hold the limbic center on both sides of your head. 5. Remove one hand to do the tapping, keep breathing for two breaths or more. This allows you to change the neural pathways s in your memory banks and de-stress. 6. When you are finished one side hold the other limbic center and tap again.

By now you should be calmer and possibly even laughing, just like I obviously am in the last photograph. Now you can go and Enjoy your Day again, without overwhelm or shock.


Learning Cortices is only one single yet powerful step you can accomplish to improve your health daily.

High blood pressure, headaches, fibromialgia, sleep issues and more are all addressed because once the body heals anything it heals everything. BodyTalk causes an avalanche of healthy side-effects if used daily! Like improved  mood, feeling better and without aches or pains – warning you might smile too much !


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