DARE to BE You!

You are invited a workshop this Saturday, July 6th called

“Dare to be You!”

This fun workshop  promises:


  • to heighten your intuition and inner communication with your divine BE-ingness.
  • to teach you how intuition works and can help you focus more clearly
  • to master how to listen to/see/and feel your intuition
  • to clear the chatter from your mind
  • to help you identify the source of dis-satisfaction and tackle it
  • to identify to distinguish between worry and intuition
  • to dis-connect you from the trance of non-supportive beliefs and implants
  • re-connect with someone you haven’t talked with in a while – yourself!
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In this one day (from 10 – 4-ish) we practice building the neurology that will make this dialogue with yourself second nature. We practice the 4 techniques that allow you to receive guidance from your inner wisdom, your higher self, your Soul and allow you to come out of the daze of your past programs that are blocking you, throw you into a loop of repetition, imbalance, stress and dis-ease, and keep you from living the life you desire.

This workshop is a fun and enlightening way to get to know your true self,

not who you ‘think’ you are, or who you ‘should’ be.

This is about: Connecting, Discerning, Uncovering and Discovering YOU    

                        1) Connecting with your soul, your body’s inner wisdom, your authentic self.

                           It will surprise you how easy and understandable this communication is!


                        2) Discerning how you receive your guidance and clarity.

                            You will learn to discern in which of the 4 “clairs” you receive your   

                           guidance: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Clair-cognizance.        


You will be able to  …

use 3 ways to perceive this “sensitivity” of yours and how to  strengthen this support tool the rest of your life. You will be able to discern  your thoughts from thoughts of others, your truth from the gremlin chatter of the collective unconscious mind.



                        3) Uncovering the untruths (disguised as truths) weighing you down.

                             During this class we will ‘try on’ and ‘identify’ which labels, habitual  

                             thoughts, limiting beliefs, dis-ease symptoms, sensations or identities

                            … we are wearing that resonate with our truth and discard those that don’t.


                           By the end of the day you will have uncluttered yourself and disposed  of the             

                           restrictive thought forms that have been in your way, allowing you  to become

                           cleaner/clearer and vibrating at a higher energy level in alignment with our true               

                           authentic self.


                        4) Discovering the light effervescent gift you truly BE! Discovering how

                            this feels so you can continue to recognize when you are /or are not in     

                            this vibration of authentic you.


This is a powerful and transformative workshop about becoming YOU!

Freeing yourself from the implants of untruth – become lighter and in the flow of your truth and joy

Are you feeling a call to be more? To serve more? To live life at a higher level?

Then let Jessy help you unleash your true, magnificent self!

Reserve your spot here

Cost for the day is $200 – light lunch is served

Participating in this day will amuse you, surprise you, and will be fun! 

It will also change your life. You will feel like it is playing; yet, it will be like taking out the garbage.

Join us you will never look yourself in the same way.

Only 10 seats availble, is one of them yours? Sign up now.

Come for the day, walk away with tools for a lifetime!

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