February’s Feature

February is one of my favorite months. I turned 60 this year, there’s Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, and my eldest’s birthday too. Plus I received a letter saying I had made a huge difference in someone’s life. Now that is rewarding!

Read this testimonial from a local mom. She credits me with “saving” both her boys.

” One day my middle child told me he would be ‘better off dead’ and I saw the first sign of a teenage suicide and it scared me. I knew what was available to me through the health system and also knew that if I could get him feeling healthy before prescriptions were an option then that is what I wanted to try first. I already knew the amazing healing powers of Jessy Morrison so I booked a consultation with her.

We came often at first, but almost immediately the despair he was feeling went away. We stayed for 3 months and he transformed. That was when my oldest son told me there was no point to living and without hesitation I called Jessy. Within the first 2 visits is depression and self-loathing emotions were lessened. Within a month he was smiling and interacting with people, something he had not done in several years.

Both boys are doing well now. The younger one has been researching juicing benefits and is interested in yoga. He is such a surprising soul. The older one has been extremely happy and interactive. Angry times are very short lived and often I have found him saying he is not angry even when he looks it, so he is moving through his emotions. This is more than anyone can hope to give their teenage children, a way to cope with the hormones and potential depression of a very trying time.

Thank you Jessy for being the incredible person you are. I truly believe you saved my boys and helped put them on a path to aspire to be and do something greater.”

Jessy’s daily prayer of gratitude: Thank you God for blessing me with the gifts you have given me, the skill and knowledge to help others as you ask, and the honour of observing & celebrating their triumphs, victories, and growth with them. Amen