Do you feel stuck? Your back chakras are all about receiving …

chakras back of neckI know a lot of Reiki practitioners who are having the following issues in this new energy of 2021:

  • Unable to manifest their own goals, (but can help others manifest their goals)
  • Feel less or low energy flow (compared to previous years)
  • Feel tired or drained after a healing (used to feel recharged)
  • Feel less spiritually empowered (disconnected even)
  • Others demand too much of their time, energy, or money (oops boundaries being challenged)
  • Not feeling joy or satisfaction after healing others (hmm this is temporary)
  • Not doing professionally as well as they’d like (feeling stuck)
  • Stiff neck, aching back, shoulder spasms…

If anything from the above list resonates, you could probably benefit from doing a bit of work on your Back Chakras.
(And if your having trouble shifting this on your own, well … you know who to call)


The last 2 years my sessions on clients are emphasizing and connecting the area behind the neck and occiput to our energy system, I always thought that was just the back of the throat chakra but it seems to be a separate chakra (new?) to realms of other dimensions and bringing in our dreams.
The energy of 5D is requiring a different energy than 3D did. 5D is no longer a push or strive energy and that can feel unfamiliar. 5D is more about being present, allowing and receiving. As a culture we haven’t had much practice in that.

Your back chakras are your ability to receive, so lets take a look at that ….

You all know what the chakra system is like. They are energy discs situated in a line in the center of the body. The front part of the chakras is in the front side of the body. And the back of the chakras face the back of our body.

Simplified you could say :

The FRONT chakras give us the ability to GIVE. (this is what we give to the world and how we perceive the world).

The BACK chakra points is our ability to RECEIVE. (This is what we receive from the world, how the world perceives us).


jessy reiki position 11The heart chakra is the area of energy in your body that is related to love, care, and compassion – both for yourself and others. The throat chakra is the area of energy in your body related to feeling heard, communicating with others, and honestly vocalizing your needs.

The back is about feeling flexible and supported.

When these centers of energy are out of balance, encumbered by stress or other emotional factors, you can actually carry those feelings of imbalance as tension in your body, and therefore blockage in your energy field. 

This naturally can contribute to aches and pains in your neck and shoulders, right where those energy centers are found. And then the negative thinking cycle begins and exacerbates the spiral down the dark well into victim-hood …

which blocks & perpetuates this cycle even more. Lets be proactive and nip this right now.

How do you unblock your back chakras?

Breathe deeply, open your arms wide to receive

say YES! YES! YES! YES! until you feel your aura expand

and then say it some more.

Say “I LOVE YOU” to no one in particular …the sky, the earth, your inner child, God, our family,  …

Feel gratitude and curiosity (open up your chakras and aura)

and Move, be flowy, stretch  (the body loves to move and play),







and of course Self Reiki!!


teddy bear reikiYou don’t have to reach your back to receive Reiki, however I like to put one hand behind the nape of my neck and one on my heart, other times one on my occiput and one on my sacrum (run the Honshazeshonen symbol front and back and ask your chakras to open). Say “I allow my chakras to open, I no longer resist my past experiences or fears” and breathe in the relief. Your body enjoys being relaxed, let go.


Or if it is easier use a “teddy bear” surrogate to be “you” and again using your symbols and hand positions GIVE yourself a treatment to open and align the chakras, and ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE.


Now here comes the tricky part: Be open to receive all energy not just what you have decided is good or bad. Do not block yourself from any, allow it all to come and you have choice with what you engage in or receive at the time it comes to you. Do not say I only want good energy that is mind dominating, limiting, and controlling; rather than allowing the universe to bring you opportunities for growth and enrichment.

We have to drop the polarity of good/bad, right/wrong and choose what is right for us in the moment. Open yourself to receive and see what amazing un-imagined surprises come.

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