Are your ears itchy, congested or sore?

Are your ears itchy, congested, plugged or sore?

Are People complaining that you are not listening or hearing them correctly?

I received an email asking a simple question. Not realizing I stress so many new techniques that some of you do not know the simple things I still do, or how I can help. Here is the question…

“Hi Jessy,
How are you? Just wanted to say I am feeling much better after the treatment. I definitely need to do it every other month or so. Thanks.
I have a question for you, my youngest daughter keeps having ear blockages, I read on your website you do ear candling as well. Is that helpful? She has done it once before and it seemed to give her only temporary relief but the wax built up again pretty quick. Any help in this area would be helpful… Thanks for your help.,Corina P”

Hmm … Good question. Thanks for asking. If your daughter is having excessive wax build up there is an allergy to be addressed. Allergy meaning a response to something irritating and inflaming her immune system.

Our ears were made to self clean (hence the wax), if this is not happening then yes ear candling will help. 16 years ago my mother kept going back to the doctor to have her ears flushed, not only was it painful but it did not help her hearing loss. We used ear candling monthly for 4 months (until we finally found the clog – qtip cotton fibers had become embedded in the wax & pushed down and impacted, causing her supposed deafening! She thought she required hearing aids, at the age of 70 she didn’t). We then identified her allergies and alleviated the culprit (Cheese) using Body Talk and thus her body’s own healing  response was regulated. Then we tapered down to dong an ear candling once every season for a few years, and now we candle the ears only in the spring and again in the autumn, or if she has a problem – itching, congestion, pain, swelling…

I personally enjoy having my ears candled twice a year. I have some clients who do it monthly because they say it  clears their vision, their sinuses, and because it feels so very relaxing and soothing;  allowing the body to get out of stress mode and into a healing state.

I personally employ Reiki while performing ear candling for my clients, along with lymph drainage massage around the scalp and neck, as well as stimulating reflexology points (fingers and toes) to help motivate and inspire the body’s own cleaning mechanisms, and teach that to the patient so they can do this as daily practice also.

I will gladly teach you how to ear candle your children so you can buy the supplies at the health food store and do it on your daughter every month as part of her summer hygiene. Italians, Native Indians and other cultures routinely include this as family self care. But I also suggest we check her immune response and find out the cause of the inflammation and balance her body’s reaction.

Wheat and dairy seem to cause the body’s lymph to thicken and create mucous instead of allowing the fluids to freely flowing thru the body. The lymph is the immune system, it needs water (not juice) and a little help sometimes. Lymph causes swelling and then the body may find it difficult to clear the Eustachian tubes, so wax can get trapped. Question: does your daughter bite her nails? If so she is already instinctively trying to drain her sinuses using reflexology meridian points.

P.S. If people are complaining that you are not listening, call LISTENUP for a FREE hearing test and assessment 705-719-7009. That will give us a baseline and we can improve your hearing together from there.


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