Easy way to release stuck emotions at the root of your pain

pain hunched overA profound method I have found faster than EFT, and simpler than Body Talk is what I call the Release Technique. Quite literally inviting the body to release the sensations screaming for your attention, now that you are listening. Of course it is easier in a private one-to-one session  either in person or by skype to help lead you thru the process, but here is the gist of it, so add it to your tool box.

I used to think if I helped people eliminate their pain they would pursue enlightenment. But, I have found the opposite to be true, when we find enlightenment that is when our pain and drama disappears permanently.

PAIN means Pay Attention Inwards Now.

This technique is going to invite your body to release the energy you are holding on to, what are you hiding from yourself, where are you stuck in denial of your own magnificence. The cool thing is its almost instantaneous if the proper conditions have been met. When your body feels safe, in control, and loved it will let go of what no longer serves you, and take care of you, that’s what its job is. Afterall it locked up these energies to be worked on later when you were no longer in stress, so now’s the time. Let go of the stress, here’s how.

Your intellectual mind doesn’t know what the root cause is, it’s only job is to get as far away from pain as possible. Tylenol & other medications seemed to work for a short while, but medication does not address the hidden root.

The technique I will share with you today is about building rapport with your Unconscious mind and the 80 trillion sentient cells that make up your “meat suit” . Pain means you have been in Zombie mode, totally unaware, in denial of the issue.

Use the releasing on every sensation, pain, headache, stiff neck, sore shoulder, eye twitch, high blood pressure, angry trigger, momet of grief or sadness …

Reboot your confidence 2019So, lets begin. Take a deep breath, take a moment to feel your inhale & exhale, notice your body expand and contract, feel your rhythm … and now stretch and yawn. Let your body know you are going to pay attention inwards now!

Quite literally we are going to be inviting the body to release the sensations screaming for your attention. Of course it is easier in a relaxing private session but here is the gist of it, so add it to your tool box, use it daily, several times a day.

A great time to do this is when you are quiet, like when you are journaling. 

The important part is FEEL the answers, DO NOT THINK.

It is vitally important to get back in touch with the physical visceral sensations and follow the energy. That is where your truth lays hidden behind the “must/must not, should/have to’s”. The mind is your tool, it doesn’t rule!

Step 1: First pick your issue/ sensation/ feeling/ pain/ thought/ block/ resistance/ discomfort

Step 2: Scale it on intensity 0 – 10  like we do in EFT (10 = unbearable, 1=minimal, 0=nonexistent)

Step 3: Now get familiar with the feeling/sensations present in the body. Welcome it; taste it, notice the shape, colour texture, smell, it’s density, thickness …. focus on the feeling, not the issue or back-story

Step4: Ask 3 Questions:

3 questionsAsk Q1 – “COULD I let go of this?” Answer with ah-ha, or uh-ugh instead of words. Feel the body’s answer, it will give you a feeling of release or holding instead of words of yes and no. Yes/No means the brain is talking. We are not asking the brain.

Ask Q2 – “WOULD I let this go?”  You will feel either immediate RELIEF or RESISTANCE here! Notice what your body is saying, not what your head wants. (Either response is an awareness. We are not forcing, we are opening up energy flow, and consent). You are “letting go” of the WANTING energy that is preventing HAVING! The brain thinks the more we want the more we get but the opposite is true. Everybody wants, but they do not have.

HAVING energy vibrates at 350MHz – Acceptance. WANTING vibrates at only 10MHz just above death /solid/no animation/ no energy flow/really uncomfortable!!!

Ask Q3 – “WHEN?” Body may respond with NOW!! Or Later… (Either response is an acceptable awareness. If it’s “later”, be curious and in fun ask the body if it really wants to hold onto the resistance longer).

Relax let the body feel safe in its choice and ask again. Repeat asking until intensity reaches 0, or doesn’t lead to another Limiting Decision/Excuse.

Remember to this is an invitation, we are not forcing, let the body release as little or as much as it is willing to at this time. The body has had enough stress, allow for choice, your body has hidden and stored this for a reason, once it realizes it is now safe to let this go, it will.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically YOU!!

amygdala hijackI use this 24/7 releasing on ALL my  thoughts and physical sensations (pain, worry doubt, fear, anger, hurt, shame , blame, judgement, resentment, etc…) to stay out of zombie fear mode and stay in calm relaxed awareness.

Especially when my mind wants to know, or rule, over-think or control.

When ever I find myself on a hamster wheel of wanting to figure it out you have been hijacked by your primitive reptilian brain –  amygdala (fight/flight/freeze)  – and are no longer in creative flow. In fact you are in Resistance and self sabotage and blocking your flow.

Every thought that comes into your awareness “good or bad” “right or wrong” release the judgement on both sides of the coin. i.e “It’s ok that I want to eat a dried *cricket”, (health food stores say it’s the new protein!!), and “its ok that I want to NOT eat the dried *cricket snack”.

Once you neutralize the charge and resistance locking you in, you now have choice to choose without disgust, or fear! A great way of releasing phobias too. (*ask me why I chose crickets as the example for resistance.)

Again it is important that you think of this exercise as an invitation:

<Could you? > means – are you capable of dropping an object because gravity works, doesn’t it.

<Would you?> means – are you willing to let it go? or would you rather hold on to the pain and suffering? You have choice.

<When?> is an invitation to decide to do it NOW or LATER. Again you have choice. (Ask “If later why not now?” and feel the resistance slip away.)

If you don’t want to let go is usually because of three unmet conditions or fears.

(1)You “Want” Safety? (2)“Want” Control? or (3)“Want” Approval?

The idea here is to Let go of the Wanting energy on each objection that comes up using the 3 Q’s above.

Wanting vibrates very slowly, densely, at 10 Hz. Wanting physically hurts, and it prevents having what we want. Wanting means lack, and an absence of. Feel the energy … do not think about it… feel the wanting melt away.

When you are at neutral, imperturbable, without triggers you are USING and ORCHESTRATING THE FLOW OF ENERGY, instead of blocking it, projecting it, or leaking it. You get to use your flow and feel stronger, revitalized more energetic, satisfied, and HAPPY!

Remember my analogy of the Music Conductor bringing all the musicians together instead of just letting them make noise.

Being In Flow means gently bringing all aspects of you and your conclusions of your experiences together, in ease, so keep inhaling & exhaling, expanding and contracting, breathing in and breathing out … feel your rhythm.

Jessy's Rainbow Emotional Scale PosterLooking at the Rainbow of emotions there are five states of HAVING:

Courageousness 200Hz

Acceptance 350 Hz

Love 500 Hz

Peace 600Hz

Gratitude 700Hz

Wanting 10 Hz = NOT HAVING!

(NOTE: We need to clear on these positive states too, (Neutral means no atatchment and no aversion, in other words No Polarity, no charge), otherwise we are still in lack consciousness and fall into fear of not having i.e.150Hz and below = fear, resistance, distraction & self sabotage)


Need a hand learning how to use this system book your personal private appointment here, or gather some friends and we’ll do a group learning and healing.

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