The Fountain of Youth – illusive, or right at our fingertips

The Fountain of Youth is right at your fingertips, or rather mine, while I work on you, and your face and body.

One thing that is always amazing to me about the people who come regularly for Energy Healing (Reiki, BodyTalk, Access Consciousness, The Bars, EFT, etc) — and in 16 years of business I’ve worked on many of them  — is that they don’t get any older-looking as they get chronologically older. I may be three years away from 60 but I feel younger now than I did at 25, and I am so much healthier and energetic too. It’s certainly not because I pamper myself more – truly I pamper myself less, I’m raising two kids on my own and taking care of my elderly mother, “ very much a part of the sandwich generation” AND … I am selfemployed – 24/7 , but oh I am having so much fun!

I have so much more energy now than in my twenties. I am healthier and … well, nature is kind, I don’t see my own wrinkles and I do not yet have any grey hair. Ya I am bragging a bit – but only to make a point. Energy healing works! We all were born with energy; but we were not taught how to replenish that energy. I can show you how.

Who else can say they play with bodies all day long and get to witness miracles daily?    I love energy work, and so do my clients. Especially now that we realize energy work is a Fountain of Youthfulness, making the shift from cell degeneration to cell regeneration.

You see, the more we are willing to be who we really are, the more

the us that is comes-out in our body and our face. This youthful “Fountain of Youth” seems to be a side-effect of that. It’s a side-effect of you being you and getting clear of all your ideas, judgements, fears and limitations, and stressors. Last session my client Betty remarked that her husband of 30 years asked her what she does at my clinic because “you look so vibrant, so healthy … keep doing it”.

When you choose enlightened consciousness, bodies can heal, get better, look younger and everything starts to work differently, more efficiently.

Your point-of-view creates your reality. If you change your point of view about “old,” could something be different, with your body; with your face? Yes, it can be quick and easy. That’s what The Access Consciousness™ Energetic Facelift and Vision Correction’ is about – how do we make it that quick and that easy; and change our point-of -view to have greater possibilities?


This process includes over 32 different healing energies that flow through your neck, face and your entire body, creating a relaxing, rejuvenating space that permeates your body on a cellular level. You will see noticeable results after just one session, and continued sessions create an irreversible change that will amaze you! Reverses the aging, discoloration, scar tissue, and texture of the skin, and adds a luminous glow.To borrow a line from my favourite optometrist Dr. Chris Schell “Come see, we’re different”.

Come play, this is fun. These sessions are designed to unlock the places in which you have been creating yourself as ‘over the hill’, ‘on your way out’, ‘on the downhill slide’, or anything else that is killing the possibility of you generating your life and your body in a different way.

Curious? Book your private appointment now 705-241-8680

Your body talks, I listen.

P.S. If you love my services and want your friends to experience this also, and also  wish to give back to our community at the same time, then have them book into the Seasons Center Fundraiser on Aug 23rd, and “Energ-eyes Your Vision“.  For only $75 (1/2 the regular treatment price) you can experience your first ENERGETIC  VISION CORRECTION  and have Dr. Schell examine your eyes before and after the session so you too can feel what all the fuss is about! After 10 sessions the results are permanent. Share this refreshing, enlightening and transforming Health Care method. Register here to donate to Seasons Center.

What do you get? Dr. Schell will assess your vision before and after your Eye Vision Correction Treatment and see what else is possible for your eyesight. If you like you can book a full exam with him later.

This is a radically new treatment that improves your vision and also allows your body to get rid of the limiting beliefs that created them in the first place. What if everything you ever believed about your eyesight was not true? What if change is really possible?

At worst you will feel relaxed and calm and will have supported an amazing charity. At best you will be seeing the world through a new pair of eyes. “This is different, come see”.

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