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“At Home in Your Own Body” Energy Tune-Up With Jessy

Join us each week for a 90 minute session: (1/2 hour training, and up to 45 min energy clearings) to keep your focus on Choosing A Life You Love, Choosing Health & Vitality, Choosing to Live your True Nature & Purpose, and Choosing to be the Predominant Creator in your life!!!

You cannot choose to create when you are viewing yourself or life as a problem that needs fixing. That energy does not motivate it holds the problem stuck in place. are you ready to release the old world paradigm thinking that you are “not enough” or “broken”

You are more than enough so together let’s step into your expanding Energy Flow and Ease now. Meet us every week for Energetic Hygiene, and as a group resting our focus on what is possible we have collective power, and yes can let go of dis-ease, pain, allergies, anxiety and more! 

“That was so good! I had no idea I’d be able to work on my health issues during a Tune-Up session. I was surprised that what I’ve been carrying for so long isn’t even mine. Thank you, Jessy, for opening up the possibilities for me.” S.J.

If you are ready to open to new possibilities and
let the old self-conscious go,
join us.


Monthly: 4 Tuesday evenings for $250 + HST

Annually: Tuesday evenings for 2022 for $2212 + HST (save 13%)


2022 December 1st


Tuesday Evenings
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm