Ever feel like half of you is missing?


 Diannah’s story: “Growing up, I always felt out of place, that I didn’t belong. I was always in a constant state of anxiety. Through BodyTalk I found my “anxiety” had something to do with my womb journey.  Through one of the treatment sessions I was receiving, I was made aware that I was not alone in the womb!  There is something called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome! This is my story to recovery …”   



I’d like to tell you a bit about my life’s journey, in my own words, because I feel that it may help others become aware of an explanation of their outlook on life – from the beginning…


Through various modalities I have had a glimpse into my beginnings, and other information I obtained from the Children’s Aid Society, or from my family that raised me. Apparently, as a 6 day old fetus, I decided the womb I was in was not a healthy place to be. I believe my mother was in a car accident at the 4th month because the accident came up in a session.


When I was born – I had what they called ‘two convulsive seizures’ and had hammer toes.  My natural mother had to keep me for 3 months – to make sure no further seizures occurred.  This must have been very hard on her, I’m sure, because she  had to avoid bonding with me – knowing she had to let me go, and give me up for adoption.


I was adopted at 3 months and apparently became a fiend – I have been told that I pinched whoever got near me.  When I was three years old and the final adoption papers were to be signed off, my parents had the lady from Children’s Aid come to the house, because I still didn’t talk – at all.

(Now, what I recognize is – I was punishing ‘these people’ for taking me away from my mother.  I was still waiting for her to come and bond with me). 


Growing up, I always felt out of place, that I didn’t belong. 

I felt abandoned, left out and excluded. I had low self-esteem, and lack of self love and I didn’t feel deserving of all the good this world has to offer.

 I also didn’t like being in any competitive sports, and even now I find it hard to play timed games on the computer.  This last bit is very significant, as it surfaced a more intense anxiety in the last few years.  I was in a constant state of anxiety to some degree all my life, and kept looking for understanding and the causes of the tension.


I have never married, and often sabotaged relationships.My childhood didn’t explain my feelings. Growing up I didn’t have a particularily traumatic upbringing, the worst thing that happened to me was a verbally abusive and alcoholic parent.  These admittedly were challenges, and did affect some of my development, but still didn’t explain my way of seeing the world.


I ended up with migraine headaches at 16, and later in life had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Both these started me on the holistic health journey.  I became a Registered Nutritionist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, and learned a host of other modalities.


Through BodyTalk I found my “anxiety” had something to do with my womb journey.  Through one of the treatment sessions I was receiving, I was made aware that I was not alone in the womb!  There is something called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome!  Bells starting going off in my awareness and opened the door to my understanding!

This is what I believe to be true.  There were two sacks in my mother’s womb.  One sack contained triplets, but that one of them was not doing well.  In the other sack was ‘me’. 


It appears I started the ‘abandonment’ issues right from the start!  Around the fourth month (whether it was because of the suspected ‘accident’ or the triplets were not strong enough to go the distance) I was suddenly alone in the womb.


Apparently up to one in eight births can be Twins that vanish for various reasons, and this has been confirmed nowadays with Ultrasounds.  

–  Do you feel like your have gone through life  surviving an experience – but you don’t know what that is? 

–  Do you find you get hung up on things being perfect? 

–  Do you feel a hole deep inside where no one can reach – even yourself, and it makes you want to weep when you are aware of it – usually around not feeling loved enough? 

–  Do you sabotage relationships? Are you sensitive, feel vulnerable and tend to be an introvert – liking or needing to spend time by yourself? 

–  Do you have a low opinion of yourself, or have a lack of self-love or feel deep grief – about something or someone – but you don’t know why or who? 

–  Do you think that you must go it alone, and do it all yourself, and block yourself from feelings? 


You could be part of the Vanishing Twin Syndrome.  Seeking control, and perfection, or unrequited and unconditional love could be reflecting a remembrance of a happy time in the beginning womb journey, and when you were suddenly alone, you wished for those feelings to return.  You’re spending your  life looking for your womb mates to appear again! 


Now, after many Body Talk sessions to heal the womb experience, for the first time in my life I really have no more anxiety, I feel like a different person, a person with potential, I feel content and actually feel entitlement. I finally feel whole.



Need more info? Answer the questionaire below and see if you may be a Surviving Twin, and have some of the psychological repercussions of Vanishing Twin Syndrom.


Do you have: YES NO
A need to over-manage or be in-control    
Unexplainable Guilt    
Overwhelming Grief or despair      
Experiencing a feeling of loss    
Apathy, you do not care if you live or die    
Occasionally have thoughts of suicide    
Often think “what’s the point” or “what’s the use”    
Dislike competitive sports unless you are competing against yourself    
Are a mediator? Want everyone to get along and work together    
Victimized by your own Procrastination    
Feeling emotionally paralyzed, unable to get into action    
Sabotage your good Relationships    
Feel Undeserving    
Are a major giver, but not a very accepting taker    
Overly sympathetic, or too compassionate    
Have Money issues, refuse to own your money     
Put everyone else’s needs before yourself    
Attracted to or fascinated by twin energy    
Feel abandoned, left out, or excluded    
Don’t make friends easily, a Loner    
Feel like others can’t relate to what you are going through    
Constantly searching for close relationships but can’t seem to find them    
Prefer to spend time with older people than those your own age    
Low self-esteem, lack of self-love    
Trust issues    

What is your score? ________


These are issues no amount of psychoanalysis can help. You cannot uncover the unconscious cell memory consciously. If any of this sounds like you, and you want to resolve these issues gently and easily, or you feel compelled to know more, let me help.  Book your appointment now.


Using BodyTalk, we can often detect whether someone is a Surviving Twin with Vanishing Twin Syndrome symptoms.


Using emotional clearing techniques to prioritize which “symptom” your body wishes to unblock first we can free you from being locked in that which is still holding you back. Call Jess to relieve your stress!

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