FEAR is the ONLY Obstacle in Life – colour “GRAY”

In a recent session with a client we discovered the ONLY OBSTACLE in life is FEAR.

I know this, yet it still gives me a moment to pause and reflect back on the last 25 years of working with clients (and myself).

Fear takes on so many different shapes, costumes, flavors, circumstances, we often don’t recognize it as fear, we think it’s a fact and it isn’t. Fear can be the underlying cause of depression, allergies, aches and pains. Let me explain…

obstacles peel away grey filterWHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? WHY? (Make a list, and list out all your because’s too…)

Seems that quarantine has made it difficult for some of us to want to be social again. We are so used to being at home, not inundated by others emotions, energy or complications.

Are you noticing a resistance in go back to the office, worried about your kids going back to school? Are your kid nervous at being around vaccinated or not vaccinated people? Has the pandemic created a new phobia?

If so I have created a Family Special just for you. 5 one hour sessions at a savings of $25/session. That’s one hour for each member and followup when necessary.

pen inkNow just for fun grab a pen and paper and make that list – all the things you are afraid of. Realy WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

Now list all the reasons WHY for each of those fears. (Write until you run out of any excuses & reasons, any because or but’s)

Now notice if FEAR were a colour what colour would you give it? Would you identify it as gray? What happens if you add some green or orange to it? Does the grey disolve?

Now for each of those fears and its reasons, write the opposite with “What if …”

FEAR lives mostly in our heads, so in a way it’s an internal obstacle which clouds our thinking, puts a shadow or filter on our experiences that is then projected onto all our life circumstances, events, and the people around us.

Would you say Life in itself is colourful? or would you say it’s us, the human being who colours our life depending on our perspective. We usually describe living as “gray and bleak” when our perspective is grim.

Life can rapidly change colours when we go through emotional extremes. The broader the perspective, the greater the range of colours we feel or see.

What I have found with BodyTalk is we actually can control our perspective and our mindset, and we can control the colour of our individual life. We can wash away or peel away the gray. We can see Sunny, multicoloured rainbows, or let our life be clouded by grey. What do you see? What would you like to see?

FEAR takes so many shapes and forms. Depending on where yolive some are PHYSICAL like man eating tigers, war, earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, floods etc. Many are non-physical and yet ALL create a physical response.
Listening to the Body Talk I have found all can be relieved, gently removed so you can have joy and ease back in your life.

Non-physical FEARs:

A good example is someone who is afraid of darkness, they will avoid dark rooms at all costs, (yet darkness on its own isn’t unsafe nor scary).

Someone afraid of heights or bridges will relive the memory of their fear in anticipation of coming across the height or bridge (we call this worry).

Someone else whose parents did speak their love language might live with a constant fear of rejection…(Their low self-esteem will be reflected towards their partner or others, even though  the partner or friend could be the most loyal and true person in the world. Whereas someone with a higher self-esteem would trust and feel they could perfectly rely on that partner or friends without any doubt.)

PTSD is a memory of trauma replaying and retriggered, like a loop in the memory banks never resolving or finding relief.

Someone else may be afraid of taking risks or of fear not being safe (even the ones it’d be useful to take to get out of your comfort zone and grow).

We call it peer pressure, the fear of going against ‘the crowd’ (yet that’s the only way to develop greater independence of thought).

Others fear not being good enough, of not being up to a certain imaginary standard

Some people fear loss (This could be a loss of health, life, love, family, friendship, job, money, self-worth, or something else).

Fear of being rejected by others is a common one (Feeling unloved, unappreciated, unapproved of.)

Fear of not having control (misinterpreting control or of limiting choice as being safe)

Fear of making the wrong choice, decision, conclusion (these are all illusions, there is no right choice except what is right in the moment)

Fear of not having enough money, fear of having money, fear of having money stolen … ( this one even causes allergies)


Physical FEARs:

FEAR of being hurt, injured, maimed, wounded, accidents, poisoned, bitten by dogs/horses/cats/spiders/ insects.

Fear of dying

FEAR of the dark, confines spaces

FEAR of collapsing bridges, apartment buildings, fires, earthquakes. Landslides…

FEAR of strangers

and so on and so forth with the multitude of phobias out there.

It is astounding how many FEARs my clients have brought me to help them relieve. And each one of them is unreal, the mind projecting a danger in their heads.  And because they are stories created in our thoughts, they all can be undone using the same power that created them – the power of our thoughts.


If you are constantly living in FEAR, and are tired of it…

If you are ready for some peace …

then I invite you to join me for a session to Clear your FEARs.

Set yourself FREE FROM FEAR and let your body talk so you can finally feel At Home In Your Own Body. (And on Planet Earth).

Quarantine has isolated many of us. We’ve been working from home and it may take some acclimatizing to get “physically social again” .
If this is you, or you are worried about your kids going back to school, or they are nervous … Body Talk can relieve your mind.

I have put together a Back to School Family Special to Refresh Your Mind – 5 x 60 minute sessions (on Zoom if you are far from Barrie or in-person if you are local) for $1125 +HST. Saves you 25$ per session). PM me to register.

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