How is your body like an electrical panel, or blown fuse?

Who do you know that is suffering with a fear or phobia?  Fear of heights… mountains… trains… bridges… flying … spiders … snakes … dogs …cats … needles ..? The list is endless…


It’s not amusing for the person suffering, and it’s not something they can rationally figure out either. BUT THERE IS HELP!


Often, our phobias are installed when we are children. At a very young age, when we are unable to express our feelings, we often redress an indefinable insecurity – like mum and dad fighting – divorce – injury – shock – in an effort to make it more tangible, and explainable to the adults in our lives.  However, because we haven’t or couldn’t articulate it, we actually repress the energy, and it grows and the discomfort builds into a phobia we cannot get rid of  – unless we use BodyTalk, EFT or hypnosis to gently and safely get to the real root cause and unwind it. Think of it like a blown fuse or breaker in your home’s electrical panel.




Just like the electrical outlet on the wall cannot figure out the breaker panel or fuse box, neither can our conscious mind take a look at the unconscious programming.


Your unconscious mind is the hard wiring of your entire neurological system – it runs your breathing, digesting, production of blood, lymph etc. All the programs are wired here. It runs the outlets on all the walls but the outlets cannot figure out the panel.

That’s where I come in. Having a skilled practitioner to help us go deeper,  allows you to go to these uncharted areas and find relief.

A few BodyTalk sessions can help your family and friends get in touch with their energy, clear it up,  and help them enjoy a better quality of living.


Call Jess to Relieve the Stress, and together we can  RECLAIM YOUR LIFE, Refresh your Mind, and Renew your Spirit

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