Health tips – energy and the “flu”

Okay so the flu season is around, but it doesn’t mean we have to let it in.

To keep it bay, first and foremost eat healthy; seasonal veggies and fruits, hearty soups, remember green, green and more green. As we go into hibernation for the winter, be like a bear; gather your foods mindfully – only ingest healthy “live” foods to keep you alive and healthy.


Cut back on refined sugars and processed foods, if your grandmother couldn’t eat it you shouldn’t either. Find alternatives to dairy, it creates enormous amounts of mucus in the body, which slows down our immune system response.

Start, or continue to exercise. The best exercise is right outside your home or offices… talk a walk every day and remember to breathe! It’s not the destination you are rushing to, but rather being mindful of the journey in the moment, enjoy the roses or in this case the snowflakes.

Getting sick with the flu or a cold comes when our immune system is low and depleted. Fear, stress and worry compound this. Take a break from all the flu media and watch a comedy it’s so much healthier for our souls.

You can strengthen your immune system.

Rose Wienberg a Reiki Master friend and Nutritionist suggests:

  • Oregano oil; 1 drop in a glass of water once a day, for three weeks.
  • Ginger, eat it, juice it, soup it, steep it! Ginger builds the immune system.

Your body is a miracle, it is designed to fight as long as we feed and fuel our ‘fight system’ (immune system) with healthy nutrition, light exercise, laughing, smiling and drinking plenty of water!

Need a boost? Book an appointment for an energy building Reiki treatment. Allow this “tune-up” to bring balance to your everyday life. One day at a time!

In case the flu does knock on your door…

Health food stores and even many main stream pharmacies carry homeopathic flu remedy “Oscillococcinum” and don’t forget to do your BodyTalk Access Cortices several times a day and Reiki yourself as you are resting too!

Being Healthy means having ENERGY!

It’s EASY follow the above, and your energy will increase.

When your energy increases your immune system builds. A healthy body creates a happy you which creates a happy healthy body, mind and soul which…. (you get it)!

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