What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Most clients feel very relaxed after a session (some fall asleep during). Your results will vary depending on the issues you want to address. Some results are immediate, and others are apparent over a period of time, as the body initiates the priorities of healing.

On occasions, it can be something powerful—tingling energy coursing throughout the body—emotional energy discharges—even facial releases that loosen in the hip to increase its weight-bearing efficiency or in the torso to allow for a more full breath and deeper relaxation.

Sometimes, the shifts are only slight. They’re little signs, like a gurgle in the abdomen or changes in your breathing capacity and respiration that give us a clue that the body is unraveling its story. Then, hours or even days later, we notice that how we interact with our environment (situations that normally would have triggered some response) has changed and no longer affects us.

“That’s one of the marvels of consciousness-based healthcare. It gives us a chance to look beyond the boundaries of being sick and dis-eased. We look deeper into the situation beyond the pain symptoms, discomforts and drug side effects, and find understanding in how our personal beliefs and attitudes, lifestyle and environment are playing a part in our health and well-being.”

What is a BodyTalk/Reiki Session Like?

A BodyTalk session is usually done with you lying on a massage table, fully clothed, so you can relax. It can also be done seated or standing. I communicate with your innate wisdom by using a simple neuromuscular feedback technique which utilizes your arm or hand. Using a very extensive Protocol, I find the areas that are out of balance, then gently tap on your head to stimulate the brain to begin the re-linking process. Your heart is then tapped gently to store this new balance and communicate it to the rest of your body. It’s extremely relaxing and soothing.

Should I Do BodyTalk/Reiki Instead of Seeing My Doctor?

BodyTalk is not an either/or decision. BodyTalk is a complementary system of health care that blends well with all medical treatments. It can help your body heal from the negative side effects of medications and facilitate ease of recovery with surgical procedures and rehabilitation programs.

How Many Sessions Will I Need? How Long Will They Last?

A typical treatment is usually 5 – 7 sessions, but your innate wisdom will indicate how many sessions are needed and how much time is needed in between sessions for processing the shifts. A session usually lasts 45 – 60 minutes, with the initial intake up to 90 minutes. I ask your body each time when it is necessary to return to optimize the healing and build upon each session. It did not take you one day to be injured or ill—It probably took years—so give us a percentage of that time to heal you too.

Can I Learn to Do Basic BodyTalk for Self-Help?

Anyone can learn to do BodyTalk Access! BodyTalk Access is a one-day Fast Aid health care system that I recommend all my clients learn, as it can be taught to anyone who wishes to improve their own health and well being. Fabulous shifts and balancing happen at this 6-hour class – you are not who you were when you came into the course. Ask Jessy about dates, locations and our fabulous certified instructors.

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