Full moon eclipse -what changes did October bring?

Halloween and Lunar Eclipses – Ripe for Change


October always brings change, the leaves are jumping off the trees, the air crackles with chill, but this year we knew that this October with its two full moons, blue moon and lunar eclipse particularly promised to be a time of powerful transformation, encouraging us to grow in a new direction. But how did that show up for you?

Every full moon always allows us to “let go”, but Lunar Eclipses are powerful full moons that help to shine a light on areas of your life that is ripe for a change.  It can be a time to let go of outmoded ways of being, and open yourself to new thoughts and ideas.

It is also time to identify what you do not want and prepare yourself to release whatever that is on the material, mental and emotional plane. Even the Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to transform our thoughts and perceptions and change our life, willingly or reluctantly.


  • Letting go of old resentments, anger and frustration and bringing in love and ease.
  • Releasing judgment and embracing acceptance.
  • Freeing sadness to make room for joy.
  • Liberating limitation and restriction and allowing your life to flow.
  • De-cluttering your home or office and allowing energy to circulate.


I expected that, but little did realize how


I expected that, but little did realize how many alterations would occur for me personally and  for the Finding Health Clinic during this one month! 

I should have had an inclining when a lady at my church asked if she could share something with me. She said she saw me dripping with butterscotch and caramel and candies and sweets. She confided that her guides told her I “should not fret, all will be taken care of by January”. I didn’t get it at first, I wasn’t fretting … (and I don’t like candy, but I do LOVE butterscotch) but hmmm … ok I am willing to follow the energy.

And then it began to make sense … my dear colleague Dave has decided to concentrate his BodyTalk practice in Toronto and Newmarket, Sue is still commuting between Barrie and Sault Saint Marie – that’s a tough commute, and Eleanor will be working from home as her little ones still demand a lot of her attention. Huh?

And now we have a new neighbour at Vic Village whose otherwise beautiful deep baritone voice echoes across the ceiling tiles shattering the serenity of the healing room sessions here. Oh my… so as such I have decided to not renew my lease, and momentarily as of this coming Monday Nov 4, I am relocating the clinic from 72 Ross St to my home, until a more suitable location (preferably with a window) is procured.

There will be no interruption of service or sessions, and you will still get the same amount of care and attention. This will give me time to help my family settle into its new routines too, and regroup and decide in which direction I want my healing business to grow. Hopefully this will give me a few extra hours to complete my book too. We shall see.

As for you, what changes did October bring?  


You too may have noticed that during this month there were several planetary forces (delivering the message with a megaphone) encouraging you to…

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