GOT STRESS? IN PAIN? Learn this Quick Technique to get your body “Out Of Overwhelm”

 GOT STRESS? IN PAIN?   Why would you want to learn to use BodyTalk yourself, quick or not?? Isn’t it easier just to grab a Tylenol?   Yes, perhaps … but Tylenol is not nearly as effective in curing the cause of your stress and pain, (nor does it help your liver!)

Watch Karen Atkin’s 4 minute video on how and why to do Cortices tapping daily and you will understand why. My own experience – using this technique for one minute every day continues to profoundly improve my health and intuition … and my family’s too. I’m healthier now at 57 than I was at 27!

Learning Cortices is only one single yet powerful step you can do to improve your health daily. At the Access workshop on Saturday March 10, you will master 4 other techniques to balance the body/mind and improve your mood, help you smile too much, feel livelier, improve memory, reduce aches and pains, and actually enhance your overall health.


 In her post, Balancing the Brain with BodyTalk, Karen Atkins mentions the BodyTalk technique of  ‘balancing the cortices’ as the most powerful technique besides Reiki that she has found to instantly calm the fight/flight/freeze response, get us out of overwhelm, and speed up the healing process in recovery from trauma/illness or injury, reducing blood pressure, and eliminating headaches … and more. 

Karen has been teaching the cortices balancing technique for over 10 years in California, and has seen more miracles with this technique than any other single tool she has used.

If each individual feels more peaceful inside then, one by one, the world becomes more peaceful too.   That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

If you want to live in this kind of world too then register now for our Family Fast Aid BodyTalk Access course here in Barrie, on Saturday March 10 taught by David Huff, BodyTalk Parama Practitioner .

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