Group Sessions are Back!!! Tune-Ups every week!

resized 640You asked for Group Sessions since we can’t do face to face group healings during this lockdown…

I thought about it and well … let’s do this!

52 Releases, Recodes & Tune-ups on Zoom!!

A release for every week of the year to help you through whatever is draining your energy at that moment. Only $49 per session!!

With just a few, easy minutes of releasing and tuning-up you will feel lighter, happier, clearer, more optimistic, less burdened, less frustrated and more capable.

Imagine having 52 unique releases at your fingertips, to reclaim your body, refresh your mind and Renew your spirit.

A different one every week of the year, and because there is a group the energy will be powerful yet economical.

We “At Home in Your Own Body” Tribe have tools, we are resilient. We know Reiki, The Bars, Access Consciousness, Psych-K, Soul Genesis, Metamorphosis,, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Time line Therapy,  Body Talk and more!! Yet sometimes when we are in the thick of transformation or stuck in old default or problem we can’t remember to use our tools.

Well each week I will guide you thru a “Choosing”. No having to remember the steps or thinking up how to phrase something… just following along to effortlessly stay on track with your life “choosing”  and your path to greater freedom and ease.

With these weekly Tune-Ups, you get to take some TLC time for you either by joining us on the zoom every Wednesday at 7PM EST, or by tapping in to the replay, any day, any time at your leisure, when you awaken, when you need a time out,  when you go to sleep or for a walk! The audio is yours to download.

Workingo n getting this available to you as a portal or membership site along with our “Secrets of the Empowered Empath” at home study … alas these things take time…

I cannot imagine anything easier or more convenient, short of putting a Release Me button on your forehead.


Now every week you can do a powerful releasing meditation designed to give you an immediate boost and long lasting results. Or you can do two or three or more releases. It’s all up to you!

Most will be between 30-60 minutes, and a few will be longer — up to a 90 min.

Each release will be a powerful invitation for you to dive more deeply into the core of your own being and bask in your most radiant inner light.

Imagine how this can make each day better for you. Imagine how it will become easier to achieve your goals, accomplish what you want, and celebrate every moment.

Some of you have wondered whether I have a crystal ball working just for you

Some will be spot on, because you set your goals your vision, we are stepping out of 3D Polarity and problem fixing,  and shifting you into 5D Choice & Creation energy.

Other times you will feel thatthe group healing was a gentle nudge in the right direction.

The advantage of working with these weekly Body Talk tune-ups  is that each session builds on the last, each creates momentum, a release is a release. No matter the topic… no matter how it relates to your life (or doesn’t)… it releases stress and patterns, often times in way that will surprise you.

Here is a comment from Tabitha in Dubai. I think she sums up the benefit really well… “Listening to Jessy’s releases helps me to shift on topics that I didn’t even think of! Sometimes I read the subject and the description of a release and think “well, this isn’t really for me” and then I listen anyway and in the end I realize that it really was very useful to me! The mind is a master disguiser, and this program is a wonderful tool to shine a light on every dark corner the mind has found to hide.”

Your 52 Releases come from several sources

I am beginning with 52 weeks in the year, but am planning to build this into 365 days a year of recorded sessions!! Grow with me! If you are familiar with Lynn Mctaggart you know the power of 8, the more people on the calls, and the more often you listen to the calls the more power and entrainment they will have. Let’s do this!!

Rest assured, these weekly group sessions are advanced enough for seasoned vetrans and inviting enough for novices and others new to this 5D awakening.

I am carefully choosing each and every one session to help you to stay on target and motivated in having, being and doing all that you hold dear.

When we Tune-Up regularly nothing can stop us, everything is possible!

I’ve been saying this for years, and I would miss my own weekly tune-ups if I didn’t have them! Thank goodness I know and have experienced firsthand the power of remote and distance sessions, but I realize by limiting remote healings  to private sessions I am not reaching enough people for critical mass, and frankly not everyone can afford private personal sessions right now so I know this offering is the best way to bringing our true purpose into action.

Choose for yourself. Let’s grow together and pool our energy to shift the world. The world will still be crazy but out of the chaos we can create endless possibility. It’s time we harnessed our energy and remembered the powerful creation ability we have.
Lets fine tune it and choose a life we love to live.

I have purposely kept the price to $49(+tax) so everyone can partake.

Everyone who works with me has a golden intention to put it into action, but sometimes life gets in the way and you simply do not remember your energetic hygiene tools, and just need a little extra support to get you on your way.

Now with 52 weeks ahead of us all you have to do is turn-up, tune-in and tune-up, the ideal harmonizer to whatever is going on in our world.

Click here to register  right now. You’ll receive a zoom link to our first group Tune-up for 2021.

Hugs Jessy

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