What’s causing your headaches? It’s not what you think…

Today’s Feature … Headaches

Ron’s Story

Ron had a continuous problem with headaches at work. They started about 30 minutes after arriving at work, and he would only get relief with pain killers or when he went home.

Using BodyTalk, it was apparent that there was a wall hanging near his desk affecting his environment.Further exploration with Body Talk uncovered it as something his boss had brought back from a trip to New Guinea.

The boss thought it was a clever replica of a shrunken head. In the session, it was  established that it had a lot of bad energy around it, and once it was removed from Ron’s space, the headaches stopped.

Although this was an unusual case – because it’s not every day most of us encounter “shrunken heads”, it shows that it is also not always what we think it is causing us PAIN or an imbalance in our energy fields.



Take Susan story for instance…


  Susan, kept getting stabbing pains behind her eyes, constant frustrating tears flowing  and visits with the optometrist and family doctor could find nothing wrong. Her doctor diagnosed this as a possible precursor to migraines.

She loved her job, her coworkers were good friends but lately since she couldn’t find relief, she wondered if she had suddenly developed an allergy to carnations.

In the session it turned out to be the flowers on her colleague’s desk! The issue wasn’t the flowers, but rather what they represented. They were a gift from the colleague’s boyfriend, (however the problem arose because Susan knew the colleagues husband and this strained her values, integrity and loyalty issues and created this huge unconscious stress reaction).

Once we diffused the anger and resentment spears from the flowers her issue resolved itself. Interestingly enough the universe recently gave her a lateral promotion to a different department and she no longer has to lose energy to this intolerable secret she previously felt forced to keep.

If you’ve been doing everything right, seeing your doctor, your specialist, your chiropracter, a naturopath, an osteopath and something keeps reimplanting the pain. Let your body talk, it has the answers you are aching to know. Call Jess, give me your body and I’ll give you back your mind. You deserve Relief.

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