I am Back!! Can’t wait to share. Happy New Year!


I am Back! Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and the Best of Health and Happiness in the New Year 2013!

I am back!
The last 7 weeks of training have been a whirl wind, I can’t wait to see you again to bring you up to speed and share!

It was exhausting, yet enriching and so enlightening; it filled me with so much enthusiasm to bring you. Can’t wait till I work with you again. I thought Body Talk was amazing, but now it will be even more so…deeper, faster, more extraordinary.

 Catch up on some of what I learned here…

 I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas with your families. Remember to keep tapping your “cortices” and breathe to help you through those stressful moments, and try to  remember –   our loved ones bring out the best & worst in us. Ho ho!

Watch cortices 5 min video here as a memory jogger if you need it


Another year ahead (yes, we moved thru the Mayan calendar shift into our new era) and so much to look forward to, and to be grateful for. Thank you all: my clients, my colleagues, my associates, and dear friends & family who have journeyed with me and allowed me to witness your miracles, as you support me in mine throughout this past year.


A  Great Big Thank You for  your  friendships,  inspiration, smiles, business, and your continued growth and enlightenment.  I have witnessed some wonderful healings and transformations this past year with so many of you. I have been honoured to observe personal growth in many of you, and major makeovers and tune-ups in your health challenges, relationships, attitudes and sabotages to finances –  some that just disappear after just one BodyTalk session.

You know who you are. You know I think you are amazing!


YES, I do believe in “Miracles” how can I not?  I see them each and every time someone leaves my clinic.  Wow, a big hurray for BodyTalk, it is truly an amazing health care system. I am truly inspired each day with your moving stories of recovery.  I am so blessed to work with all of  you, as you all have brought so much to me and I too learn so much more as I continue to work with you.  The Human Body, Mind and Spirit always amazes me! 

I look forward to bringing more awareness of this Holistic Health Care System and how it can aid our health, our moods, our living to as many people as possible.  As everyone we know is continually facing some sort of challenge or conflict.  

If you need help with that book your appointment here


Stay tuned for Jessy’s January Jumpstart series of workshops and individual sessions to help you achieve your New Years Resolutions!  Realize your goals – health related and otherwise!

Health Relationships and finances are not mutually exclusive they are totally interrelated.

Here’s a link to more on the topics the workshops will help you move through. Including Reiki Workshops, Self Hypnosis, Timeline for past Present and Future,  new Transformational Packages, Make-Overs, and so much  more!


If the holidays stressed you out then book your de-stressing appointment here

Call Jess to eliminate your stress! 705-241-8680

But really it is so much more effective if you call Jess BEFORE you are in stress! You do know that don’t you. Make time for you.(need I say it? Book here!)


The one wish I have for YOU over this Christmas period and in the New Year is – please don’t judge!  Don’t judge You; don’t get into the trap of judging what you have not created…. Instead BE GRATEFUL for what you have accomplished and created… (Whose thoughts are they anyways? Are they really yours???)

Just for fun, what if you wrote down 5 things that you created this year that changed your life? 

(I know you are busy but give it some contemplation time)

5 things that changed the world?  You have been an inspiration to the world – I know you have!  Do you?

New tool for 2013 – Ask a question when making a choice. Asking questions moves energy, and creates possibility. So ask “If I choose this, what will it create in 50 years?  100 years?  500 years?”  And choose from that.  Some things wont matter in 50 years, so don’t stress it!

But if it is important, does it match the target of what you’d like to see the world looking like in 500 years?  You are a contribution.  I’ll prove it to you – look at the world and ask if you were not in the world (and in the world) where would the planet be in 50 years?  100 years? And 500 years?
See, you are a contribution. 
BE THE GIFT YOU Truly BE – AND together we can CHANGE THE WORLD! You are the gift you have been waiting for.


 I look forward to working with you again in January.  2013 is a year to look forward to … new learning’s, new beginnings, and continued BodyTalk  Success Stories.!!   Please let all your family and friends know about this remarkable healthcare system, or me and my part in it.  

Many many blessings to you and your families.  A Very Merry Christmas and continued Health and Success in the New Year! 

With Gratitude and Love,  


P.S. Just for fun: New lyrics for Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer as sung by myself and my colleagues at a morning BNI gathering of 100 people. Sorry no embarrassing photos. Ho Ho!

Chris Schell (Optometrist extraordinaire – “He’s Different come see”), Deborah Alton (Relationship Counsellor – “She’s not a shrink, she’s an expander”), Rob Dalcourt (Multi-menu Pet Foods – “your pet loves it, he delivers”) and Susan Ramsey from the Seasons Center for Grieving Children “Because every child deserves to grieve in a supportive & understanding environment”) one of my favourite charities. Merry Christmas everyone! See you in 2013 the New Year

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