Is sinus pain plaguing you?The real cause may not be what you’ve been told….

Are stuffy sinuses plaguing you? And all you want to do is lie down and not deal with anything?

sinus compress2Food intolerances, allergies are insidious… but may not be the only cause.
The real reason your sinuses are inflamed may not be not what you think.
Over the past 20 years working with hundreds of women to free themselves of sinus issues I’ve discovered that Sinusitis could have something to do with other aspects in your life…

for instance:

~frustration with your kids,

~repressed anger with your boss, spouse, friend

~being overwhelmed by divorce, your life

~inability to face your parents,

~ a forgotten concussion or a bump on your head at the side of the car,

~ birth of a big baby – ouch!

Hey I’ve struggled with each one of these … and all at once.
Feeling overwhelmed can make your face want to explode, but there is relief.

By using “BodyTalk” and listening to your body we can tune-in and find All the Answers you’re Aching to Know and finally feel At Home in Your Own Body again!

PM me for more information, or book in your Discovery Session now

In the mean time get out a vaporizer to humidify the air in the room, and use some essential oils like YL RC or Purification, or Do Terra Geranium, Frankincense, citrus blends to reduce inflammation. (All essential oils help relieve emotional imbalances too). More on that later.

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