Laurel Zoe and the mosquito

Summer is finally here, although it’s a wet one. My roses are loving all this precipitation, and climbing right into my Mulberry tree!! Insane but loving it. My garden is so lush, have never had a year like it.


mosquitoWhat I am not loving is the MOSQUITOES that are also thriving this year!

If you are like me then you do not want deet or other pesticides on your skin,  on your kids or grandchildren’s either. My family has used Lavender or Citronella essential oil for years, safe on our skin and bugs ignore us.

Well, ahem, we also speak to the mosquitoes…i.e around a campfire we have learned to go into a Reiki Meditation and let them know that only one is allowed to bite us, the rest have to find squirrels and raccoons, or we will kill them. We expand our aura and voila they seem to leave us alone. Works for us. Just in case we also take extra B12 – apparently they don’t like that either.


Amazing Body Talk Summer Testimonial:

Laurel is Asian, and her body was reacting violently to Canadian mosquitoes. The swelling of her arm is so tremendous the doctors prescribed Benedryl and Prednezone to reduce inflammation, but now she was reacting to that and unable to sleep, and the itching is so unbearable. Her arm had swollen to twice its size, feverish red and hot.


(I wish I had taken a photo of her swollen limbs, but my mind doesn’t work that way, I go right into healer mode, instead of marketing mode – wonder if I can tap in marketer first? )

Her boyfriend brought her in for a Body Talk session and immediately we got her lymphatic system out of shock with repeated cortices, and body chemistry procedure to recognize the toxins needed to flush the fluids out.

On top of the venom, the mosquito had injected her with a parasite that we needed to neutralize and flush out. That was so interesting. Using Body Talk we tapped away at the links and formulas her body set up for healing.
Surprisingly her session then went into other irritants, fabric softeners, hand sanitizers, parents, her homeland, college, and together we watched the swelling, itch, and fever go down.

Then to top it off her body asked to be balanced out to some essential oils, and ingest Quercetin and Bromaline to boost her immune system while reducing inflammation. The final capper came with a request for mosi-q. Mosi-what?

I thought my intuition had gone wonky until she mentioned she had come across a new product on Dragons Den invented by a Canadian naturopath . An all natural insect repellent you eat! (Read more here. buy it online and keep those pesky critters away.)

Laurel recently sent me this message: “That body talk session actually amazed me cuz how much info we went through, I would never thought about some of them could be reasons that effect my body for so long. Surprised how baking soda works well on me compare with some expensive cream from hospital. And yes, since then, I’ve had less reaction from bites. Thanks so much Jessy!!!”

If mosquitoes, insects, wasp stings are ruining your summer fun. Call Jess to reduce your stress. – Bring the dead mosquito with you. Together we can make a healthy difference in your quality of living!!

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