Eliminate Pain and Fear

 Just came back with my Board Certification of NLP / Hypnosis & TimeLine Therapy. First time ever that I spent 9 days away from my family! Huge step for this single mom. And I must say one of the most powerful and transformational weeks I have ever spent.

I know, I say that after every training, because I experience so much self growth, but its true we must work on ourselves and remove our baggage so we can change our neurology so we can be better parents, practitioners, people! And boy have I picked up some profound new tools to help you in your transformation too!

As soon as I came back I had to speak at the Body Mind Soul of Women in Business Conference. When my turn came to take the stage I detoured and walked thru the crowd with big stuffed garbage bags tied on my ankles and one slung over my shoulder to signify hidden emotional baggage (I love drama!).  muttering all the way about how afraid , angry, pressed for time, inconvenienced I was, then when I got to the stage I feigned fear of heights and fear of crowds and one by one I took members of the audience up onto stage who wanted to play and dissolve their own fears! So much fun, thank you ladies for playing.

But surprisingly I used my new tools not just Body Talk, EFT, or Access Consciousness as I had previously planned.

That took me completely by surprise. Why?

Because I thought it was too new. I believed that I required more time to integrate all that new knowledge, that I couldn’t possibly be prepared enough with the new tools and didn’t “get yet it” adequately. Silly me, maybe consciously I didn’t – but after all I came in third highest in the class – but I guess my subconscious got it even though my 6 year old ho is still judging me thought I didn’t. That’s a revelation, even with 93% among the top in the class, I still thought I wasn’t good enough. Get real! Time for more work on my programming, eh.


One of the easiest tools we were taught at our NLP course was one I had years ago when I trained in Ho’oponopono; but have been using it subconsciously instead of consciously. “The Learning State” which is also called Active Peripheral Vision, and Hakalau.

May I please introduce this easiest tool ever to you now – yes easier than Reiki, easier than Cortices – but not a replacement for these, rather a compliment to everything I have previously introduced you to. This will be a new addition to your tool kit to remove stress/fear & pain, easy enough to teach your children and help them to improve their grades and study skills.

The Learning State is a resourceful state for bringing you into awareness – you widen the use of your senses in order to increase your ability to take in, utilize, and store more information calmly, easily and effortlessly.

On the very first day of the NLP / Hypnosis Practitioner course , we were guided through this technique so as to allow our mind to open up and take in all the new and powerful information that was  presented to us.

So why would you want to learn how to use this technique?

One reason, as mentioned above, is to optimize your own learning abilities and take in more information from your surroundings. It will also give you a tool to use for yourself for:  

  • getting rid of stress
  • neutralizes anxiety
  • desensitizes feelings of not being in control
  • sensation not feeling safe
  • nor being accepted or supported
  • In essence it empowers you, as it busts that feeling of being all alone, and feeling overwhelmed and like you have no choices and you realize that we truly have all the resources we need to take charge of our own mind and body..

REALLY! It is an excellent technique for controlling your state, as no negative emotions can be experienced. People with stage fright for example have found it to be very helpful as it defuses any anxiety and allows them to extend their focus to the periphery so that they can see the whole audience.

Peripheral vision is also an excellent relaxation tool and an easy way to get yourself into a calm and meditative state. (Or should I say out of the trance society has us locked into –FEAR … FEAR and more uncertainty, out of Doubt and Apprehension. The Hawaiian Huna’s have used this technique as a part of a deep meditative healing trance for many decades. Also, people who perform Martial Arts make use of this technique so as to stay in a state of relaxed alertness. It actually helps you to empty your mind of any ‘monkey chatter’. The more often you do it the easier it gets.

The best way to learn how to get into this state is to experience it yourself. It is so easy, that I will take you through the process right now.

  • The first thing you want to do is to BREATHE.
  •  Then, facing straight ahead, find a spot on the wall near the ceiling above eye level to direct your attention to. Ideally the spot will be above eye level so that your field of vision seems to rest up against your eyebrows, leaving you with full vision. Roll your eyes up not your head.
  • As you stare at this spot just let your thoughts come and go, and focus all your attention on this spot for 5-10 seconds before allowing your eyes to relax and notice you are allowing your centre of attention to expand to the periphery whilst keeping your eyes still looking at your spot.
  • You will feel the tension in your eyes relax as you continue to breathe deep exaggerated breaths, almost as if your eyes soften or gently sink into your head but your vision will continue to expand as you keep breathing.
  • Loosen the back of your jaw (or yawn) this tends to rid you of any self talk that might be trying to get your attention.
  • You begin to see more in your peripheral than you do in the central part of your vision. Now, pay attention to the peripheral. Pay more attention to the peripheral than to the central part of your vision.
  • While you are looking at a wall, begin to notice that you can see the corners of the room, the ceiling and the floor, all without moving your eyes.  In fact, you can even begin to pay attention to things that are going on behind you if you notice carefully.
  • Continue to allow yourself to continue to expand your awareness. As you stay in this state, notice how you feel, notice what you can see.
  • Notice any movement that is going on in your peripheral vision. Become aware of the different sounds and sensations around you. You might feel the back of your chair against your back or your feet resting on the ground. Stretch your hands out to each side of you and wiggle your fingers. Can you notice them moving? Good. See how far back you can move your hands whilst still being aware of the wiggling of your fingers. Become aware of the relaxation in your body and the stillness of your mind.

With practice you can even “see” and be aware of everything behind you! This is The Learning State/The Hakalau/ A State of Awareness.

Watch here for a video about The Learning State (Hakalau) http://www.nlpworld.co.uk/rid-presenting-fears-nlp/

The Learning State is absolutely sure to help you in a learning environment to concentrate on learning.  It is sure to help the knowledge go straight in and to stay there.  We teach it to children, and it never fails to help them improve their grades.

So, did you try it? How did it feel? What did you notice??  Most people feel a sense of relaxation and heightened awareness, they become aware of things that they hadn’t noticed before.

Did your internal chatter silence?  It is impossible to keep running those internal though patterns when you are in this “Learning State” because the technique switches all of your attention to what is going on outside of you.

By switching your attention from part internal thoughts, part external awareness to 100% attention in the external environment you are able to take in far more of what is going on.  This means that you relax into your environment and you are able to improve your retention of any learning that you may be doing. Hence we call it “The Learning State.”

So, when you want to relax, when you want to learn, when you want to turn off that internal chatter, you now know what you can do. If you have difficulty then its time to book an appointment with me. Wink wink nudge nudge….

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