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 I am away at my Master Practitioner Training in NLP Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy but there is still lots going on in Barrie.

My friend and collegue Linda Babulic has put these seminars together

For women who want more ZEST,   Zero-in… Excite… Soar…Transcend!

ZEST your Life! is for women like you, who are ready to move forward with the small actions that will change your life. Now is the time to take your life up a notch or two, from what it is now to what it could be – so much more.

The last ZEST your Life! sessions were a huge success – even surpassing our wildest expectations! We sold out!  But don’t just take my word for it….


Here’s what women who attended the ZEST your Life! sessions had to say!

ZEST Your Life! was awesome!  Linda has created a fabulous program for women that is very tangible and provides simple tools for bringing ZEST! into your everyday life… I was very impressed with the richness of content and the great research that went into the program design. Thank-you Linda for such gift and I would encourage all women from all over to participate in ZEST Your Life!, it will make a difference!  
Jennifer Vandermeer, P.Eng.
Jewellery Designer, Swan Light Designs

The need for a fresh new way to look at life attracted me to Linda Babulic’s ZEST your Life! sessions. I would recommend ZEST your Life! to all women that are searching for something more. I now have a plan customized for my life that I can work on with confidence because all I need to do is take little steps and practice to improve and live my everyday life with ZEST!. Wow! 
Suzanne Rose

Go to to register now for any or all of these ZEST your Life! sessions. Each 4 hour session is complete and comprehensive in itself but taking all sessions will provide a more positive, cumulative effect for fast, proven results.

Sundays, 1pm at the Barrie Country Club

  • Awaken ZEST!  – Oct 28, 2012  
  • Emotional ZESTEmotional ZEST! – Nov 25, 2012
  • Mind/Body ZESTMind/Body ZEST! – Jan 6, 2013
  • Spiritual/Sexual ZESTSpiritual/Sexual ZEST! – Feb 3, 2013
  • Live your ZEST! – Mar 3, 2013
  • Create a ZEST! vision board Mar 31, 2013
  • ONLY $57/session 

    ONLY $47/session when you bring a friend.
    Save – attend multiple sessions, discounts apply.

    Register NOW for any or all of these ZEST! sessions.

    Email –” href=”“>  Visit 


    Linda Babulic is energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about
    helping women find a vibrant, satisfying life filled with joy, fun and laughter.

    Creator of ZEST your Life!, founder of eadership Centre Canada and 
    25 years of consulting, coaching and facilitating experience.
    Please, forward to a friend, they’ll be glad you did!

    If you are determined to stay healthy, or regain your health Jessy and her friends and collegues will open doors to a new understanding of how our body operates and improve your effectiveness in looking after your own wellbeing. Book your BodyTalk sessions now for Jessy’s return in Novemeber.

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