You have to be there!This Thursday night


I just found out that the author of “Meals That Heal Inflammation”, Julie Daniluk is coming to Barrie this Thursday night!


I am so excited … Julie shows you how to enhance and alter our immune response through diet.


Why do I promote this? If you are coming to me for BodyTalk or energy healing you already understand why. If you haven’t been in to see me recently you may not know that my entire family has been gluten free for over 16 years, that and energy work is how we cleared conditions like allergies, skin disorders, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, ADD, fatigue and more! But gluten isn’t the only culprit to inflammation and pain. Some of you saw me speak at the Monsanto rally at city hall this year, I said we have to help ourselves, and can only change a system from the inside. Educate ourselves, eat the right foods…attend Julies lecture …


Inflammation is on the rise. – All conditions ending in “itis” have inflammatory components. People need to drink more water and hydrate their cells, they need to eat foods good for them (and that varies for each of us), Body Talk helps our body balance reactions to GMO foods and other inflammation causing substances, but it works faster better and deeper if you are already helping yourself by eating foods that help heal your body. Julie’s lecture is a step in that direction to understanding and helping yourself.


Embrace healthy living and eliminate pain one meal at a time! Thursday Nov 14 at 7 pm Barrie Southshore Community Center only $5.00 per person. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Southshore Community Center or at Nutrition Plus Health Food Store on Maple St. (All proceeds go to YMCA Strong Kids Campaign).


See you there!!


By the way, you know this Christmas Season is going to put your needs on the back burner, but dont burn yourself out! Book in now for  a tune up to help you avoid inflaming those allergies, skin disorders, asthma attacks, heart issues, arthritis pain, ADD moments, and fatigue or any other conditions ending in “itis”. I’m here to help.

Tell your friends, they’ll be glad you did.

(P.S.  I rely on your referrals).



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