My Healing Team

Thank you to each and everyone of you. Without you my recovery would not have been so swift & easy!

Dave Huff CBP Parama BodyTalk Practitioner and BodyTalk Access Instructor 647 – 235 – 3559


Savy Kalivoda RMT, Reiki Practitioner (705) 717-9329


Sue Neilson RMT, Bahi Intuitive“> 705-305-9055


Jane MacTinger RMT, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, & Shaman 705-730-5627


Dana Pharant RMT, Bars Facilitator, Reiki Master 705-730-5683


Jasmine Hayle RMT 705-733-2033


Trisha Cuthberson Master NLP Hypnosis Trainer    705-730-2093

How did they help me step out of my judgemental monkey mind? Yes I still have one –I am still a work in process – a human after all. I always thank my conscious mind for sharing and tune into my intuition for just a moment. Wisdom and change comes in baby steps, with a hand up fro others energy levels.  You don’t just jump off a cliff and expect to grow instant wings, fly, and land easily on the other side. You have to take into account the wind conditions, growing new muscles, maybe packing a parachute, and build the neurology to grow the strength and systems required.

You cannot use old beliefs to create a new reality. When you want a new reality you need new beliefs built into our cells. Until then we are living by chance not by choice.

Let me explain ; we cannot become a doctor right after you have gone to kindergarten, we have to keep learning, keep building new neurology, you have to go to high school… university… internship and practice, practice, practice. So why would you expect to attain your goals instantly by Jan 31st? and then decide you are a failure and should never make goals or resolutions again. Whose thought is that anyway?

There is no instant fix, it takes time, tasking, practicing using our body in new ways. You didn’t get your affliction or limiting decisions overnight, it took time. They gave me the crash course and time to move into the new vibration I need to help you achieve your goals too.  Welcome to 2013! Its going to be a phenomenal year.


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